1. kah22

    AirPods Pro Creating Tunnel Sound

    I received my AirPods Pro at the weekend, my first in ear speakers, and have been experiment to find the correct fit for my ears, and I’m not to sure whether I’m there or not. At the moment it seems to be one medium and one large. The fit guide might indicate a good fit but if I’m answering a...
  2. Garrett

    The Time Tunnel

    Starting on the Horror Channel tonight in under 30 min at 8pm and each week nights. Each week/episode they more or less go to a perilous point in history although later on included aliens often using stock footage for the more grand scenes. It only ran for one season
  3. I

    Where do you lead too....

    Getting in early this month, as still in the throws of moving, and will then be away on holiday the 2nd half of the month. Thought this had a nice lead in line(s), where does it go...... Tunnel by iWanders, on Flickr This is the Greenwich foot tunnel that goes under the Thames between...
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