1. J

    Tuning CNBC HD on 28.2E on Samsung Smart TV

    Hi all, I am trying to receive CNBC HD via 28.2E on my Samsung Smart TV. It is not pre-loaded in the EPG, but I believe it can be manually found. I understand it's on 12168 V according to TP 12168 V Satellite Astra 2F 28.2° East However, when I go to channel list, add channel, transponder...
  2. S

    LG C1 Picture tuning?

    Hi all. Today I've fitted an aerial and booster in my loft, I've tried tuning the tv in and can't get to search for any channels? Does this tv have freeview built in? I understand it has a app called freeview play, I don't mean this. Thanks
  3. belgarion

    LG Freesat tuning using existing satellite cables - programmes but no picture?

    Hi. Just bought a Lg 55 Nano866PA. The previous owners of the house had Sky. I connected one of the cables into the input port and scanned for channels. It found all of the freesat channels (Edit: tried both cables - same thing 150 channels). I can see them in the guide. But when I try to...
  4. B

    help with tuning an LG TV please.

    I have an LG 26LX2R TV that I am checking for a local charity. I have tried auto tuning and it goes through the process but all that I end up with is a box that shows C69. Whilst it is scanning it seems as though it has picked up some channels (the screen seems to go momentarily dark) but in...
  5. H

    Manhattan T3R tuning problems

    Hi, I am hoping someone may be able to help me with something I can't seem to find an answer to on Google or I just don't know what I'm looking for. My dad had a BT youview box for quite a few years which worked perfectly before the hard drive had enough. I searched around for a replacement...
  6. T

    Issue tuning radio with Beolink 7000

    Hello, I recently inherited a lovely beosystem 7000 from my father in law, including two nice penta speakers. I installed everything at home but I run in to some trouble trying to search for radiostations. On the display of the beolink 7000 I get a screen that doesn't look like the one I'm...
  7. B

    Panasonic DMR-EX97-EBK tuning problem

    New here, so hopefully asking this right. Panasonic FS350 TV and DMR-EX97 freeview hdd/dvd recorder. Both 4 years old and worked out of the box until now. 3 days ago, I lost all the HD channels on the recorder and suspected the communal aerial at first, however neighbours have no problems...
  8. A

    LG tv tuning

    I have a LG 28TN515S-PZ tv directly connected to my Freesat dish. I also have a Samsung start tv connected via a Freesat box. Problem: On BBCiPlayer and Channel 200 the Samsung tv operates as normal with clear, unpixilated or unbroken reception; However AT THE SAME TIME ON THE SAME CHANNEL the...
  9. W

    Tuning FTA UK channels & Saorview channels via satellite tuner

    My parents currently have Sky TV but they are getting older now and they are struggling with switching the TV on, and trying to access the Sky channels as they sometimes press random buttons and inadvertently switch the Sky box off, or the TV and then don't know what to do. Sometimes the Sky box...
  10. river123

    Tuning subs

    Just had a new top of the range amp fitted to replace an old one so will my two professionally set up subs need re tuning?
  11. FinTGM09

    LOGIK 21.6 HD 1080p “Services Setup” Menu?

    This TV is a 10 year old LOGIK 21.6 HD Ready 1080p Digital LCD TV with Integrated DVD Player. The model number of this TV is L22DVDW10U. Shortly after Auto-Tuning the television, I was greeted with a message stating that I had to select the SERVICES SETUP menu to add new services. So I...
  12. Kaszeba

    Auto tuning does not work

    Auto tuning does not work: Hi All, I've recently purchased hi-fi separates, not knowing much about it, I've managed to get cables, speakers and connect it all. However, my tuner, Denon tu 260l will not find any stations on auto tuning. Manually, yes, I found radio stations. Any ideas why? Many...
  13. I

    Odd Astra 28.2 blind tuning problem

    Just tried a blind scan tuning of a Zgemma H9S receiver, and it's not finding all the transponders. All ok on Hotbird and Astra 19.2, but on Astra 28.2 the scan halts after 37 vertical transponders, then adds a few horizontal polarity transponders and starts processing the stations. I get more...
  14. P

    Denon AVR-3805 is radio tuning without remote possible?

    Denon AVR-3805 ... is radio tuning without a remote possible?
  15. B

    Satellite tuning issues

    Satellite Tuning Issues help required please I have a LG 55SM8600PLA I have only ever used with online apps (Netflix etc) I have a sky dish which the tv is showing as Astra 28.2E, LNB Frequency 9750/10600, transponder 10714,H,22000, 22kHz tone off, LNB power on, DiSEqC off, unicable off, motor...
  16. C

    Help - How do I get terrestrial channels in new house

    Moved into a new house and not sure how to get terrestrial TV. Thinking the previous owners had Sky maybe? Tried traditional antenna aerial but the TV won’t tune any channels. There are satellite (?) ports in the wall, can I get TV through these? Do I just need a satellite cable? Or a Freesat...
  17. defl

    Vertex 2 LLDV to HDR conversion tuning on Optoma GT1090HDR

    Hi all, I'm running an ATV/PC -> Switch -> Vertex2 -> Optoma GT1090HDR setup which out-of-the-box works quite well in accepting Dolby Vision and converting that to HDR for the beamer. Now I'd like to tune the setup as I've just used the defaults, but I'm a bit lost on the best approach there...
  18. S

    New tu7100 not tuning over aerial channels

    I've been trying to tune my new tu7100 to pick up standard over aerial channels: BBC, channel 4 etc. But it's not picking anything up. Is this a common problem? I read somewhere about no Freeview on models after 2016- is this that? Or should I be able to get these channels and have a problem...
  19. V

    Question Help! I don't know how to tune my LG TV!

    Hello all! Please bear with me here. I have recently moved to the UK from overseas. Upon moving into a new house I bought an LG 50UN73006LA Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV with HDR. I figured I needed some sort of cord to plug into the wall socket in the wall (which I've since learnt is called a...
  20. P

    Question 4100 series Sat Tuning

    I have a 4100 series tv connected to Sat dish astra 28..channel search has loads over 700 channels... Is there a way to just filter all except Freesat channels for UK TV. Other than going through one by one on to favourites...!!!
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