1. R

    Ambitious spec: pre-amp with in-built CD transport AND FM tuner

    Good morning all - I wonder if you could spare a moment to help me. I'm looking for a pre-amp with in built CD player and tuner. I am pairing this with a set of ATC SCM40a loudspeakers. The system belongs to an 85 yo who is not comfortable using an app. The ATC CDA2 is on the shortlist but of...
  2. W

    KU6400 unable to change digital tuner region

    I am in the process of repairing a 43KU6400. I replaced the main board by a new one and all seems to work .. but I have a problem with the settings .. At the end of the sequence when restore to factory settings it asks the question "Where are you watching" , it gives me just two options ...
  3. A

    TV Tuner Co-axial Cable Alternatives

    Have a bit of a dilemma with trying to relocate my Sony OLED A1 TV in my sitting room. AV equipment is located in a different room, and all cables inc tv tuner coaxial are routed under the floor. In the new location (opposite side of the room) I do have a ‘multi-media’ break-out plate which...
  4. C

    Add DAB radio to FM Tuner

    Hi, Is there anyway of adding DAB radio to a vintage Tuner? A Creek T40 Stereo FM Tuner. It has a co axial antenna input.
  5. J

    Panasonic DMR-EX75 dvd recorder replacement? (Scart + component video out + tuner)

    After surviving from 2006 for 2019, my ex75 stopped playing Dvds and I replaced it with another one (which seemed close to new). Unfortunately the tuner on that seems to have stopped working and I am not inclined to fiddle with soldering irons to try to fix it. What would be a more recent...
  6. N

    Is 50Hz motion worse on HZ series Panasonic OLEDs using the internal Freeview tuner?

    Out of interest, how many HZ series OLED owners are watching broadcast content using the internal Freeview Play tuner, rather than an external PVR? I ask because I feel continually frustrated by 50Hz motion when watching television. There simply isn't a motion option that looks acceptable to...
  7. D

    Denon tu1800 DAB tuner

    Hello all. Does anyone out there use this tuner? If so, can you let me know if it will receive DAB+ Thanks
  8. I

    looking for a dumb 55 tv with speakers and no tuner

    i have got to the point where i am sick to death of the bloatware on tv's, on one of my tv's i have that much bloat on it cant update (samsung), some apps you cannot remove like the iplayer, i have defunded the bbc and i want their crap off my tvs, my next tv's are going to be dumb tv's but...
  9. P

    Do twin tuner tellies still exist?

    Are there any TVs (OLED if poss) with two tuners to allow recording of one channel while watching another. Not all channels have catch-up!
  10. D

    Cambridge Audio Azur 640T tuner bug?

    I came across this thread (via Google) from 2006(!) which describes what my elderly 640T DAB/FM tuner has recently started doing: "There was a thread before, about CA 640T LCD display issue and I wrote on it too. The CA support is aware of a software bug. This phenomenon is fairly annoying...
  11. J

    Panasonic DMR BWT 740 tuner broken?

    Hi, My DMR BWT 740 has lost all channels. I've run a scan and it finds nothing. I've checked for the latest firmware (it has it). I've carried out factory reset ("Shipping Condition") and still nothing. The blu ray still plays discs and stored recordings still play. Prior to this happening, it...
  12. J

    Sony KD49XH8505 - does the satellite tuner work?

    I recently bought the KD49XH8505BU. I have a satellite dish, LNB and cable. I know they work as I also have a separate satellite rx which receives many channels on different satellites. I'd like to use the tuner built into the new Sony TV (more modern and should be able to use a single remote)...
  13. Skyrider

    FM Tuner: NAD C 427 or Rotel T11?

    Would you believe I'm in the market for an FM tuner? I'm considering the NAD C 427 and the Rotel T11. The NAD is AM/FM, whereas the Rotel is FM/DAB/DAB+. FM is the essential requirement, not sure if I need/want DAB. FM reception is okay, coming from a communal source. Not sure what DAB...
  14. E

    Cyrus AM/FM Tuner - advice sought

    I'm new to the forum. I bought the tuner in 1990 (for £300) and need to sell it now. It comes with the manual and remote and works fine apart from the display, which is blank. I'm thinking of selling it on eBay and I'm guessing that in good condition perhaps I would have got £100 for it. But...
  15. T

    My Marantz M-CR612 tuner is very slow to change preset stations.

    My Marantz MCR-612 tuner is very slow to change preset stations. Hi all. First post. I have a Marantz M-CR612 which I like apart from one (to me) very annoying feature. I use it mostly for FM and internet radio and I find the tuner takes about 5 seconds to change from one preset to the...
  16. S

    TV Tuner or Box Tuner

    Hi I had my new 65" BX tv delivered yesterday and im eagerly waiting for the weekend to unbox and setup. But ive just had a thought. Should I use the inbuilt TV utilities (freeview, iplayer etc) or my current BT Youview box? Is there any picture quality benefit from using the tv's...
  17. S

    Does this exist? - Blu Ray 3D player w/ Sat Tuner

    Hi all Been out of the BluRay game a little while. But just got myself a 2nd hand projector which has 3D capabilities. So I'm looking for something that can do the following, and I'm not sure if it exists: Blu Ray Player (not 4K) Can play 3D Has a Freesat (and Freeview, if poss) tuner...
  18. caledonia

    Magic eye on HD tuner

    Currently Sky rf2 goes out to second tv via coax wire so is analogue bought a modulator Edision HD single DVB-T to put over coax but second tv does not have a HD tuner so will have to buy a HD tuner box to connect modulator to before tv modulator has in and out coax so works with magic eye...
  19. caledonia

    Modulator but need HD tuner

    Can someone take a look at this thread as for some reason i have posted it in cinema section https://www.avforums.com/threads/hd-modulator-cable-question.2345623/#post-28984976
  20. K

    LF OTA tv tuner guide/rankings

    I live in a fringe area for receiving OTA digital TV signals. Have a Panasonic Plasma w/o tuner (using Mediasonic tuner) and a Samsung PN43F4500AF (integrated tuner) The Samsung decodes the same signal much better, many more channels than the stand alone Mediasonic. I have tried both the...
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