Tuner may refer to someone or something which adjusts or configures a mechanical, electronic, or musical device.

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  1. J

    Hauppage USB Tuner died, no response from support

    USB Tuner died 11 months after purchase - no power from any USB Tuner device - emailed Hauppauge support Sunday, no response now as of Thursday which is pretty disappointing. This is what I bought. I can't figure out if it's under warranty - is Hauppauge going to stand behind their product or...
  2. kosch

    Improved subpixel text rendering for OLED (WRGB stripe, RGB triangular) -- Unfixable by ClearType Tuner

    Been considering a QD OLED Monitor for a while then came across this clear text issue. As I game and use it for office work I'm holding off until there is a work around. Worth a read if you have the time. Improved subpixel text rendering for OLED (WRGB stripe, RGB triangular) -- Unfixable by...
  3. Basinguy

    Channel 4 HD Pixellated

    I'm having an issue with Channel 4 HD on satellite, whereby the picture is often pixellated and audio stutters intermittantly. It happens regularly, but sometimes it will be fine for hours and sometimes its almost continually. I only really watch HD Channels: BBC1 BBC2 ITV CH4 CH5 & Quest...
  4. H

    For Sale Humax Youview T1010 500GB Twin Tuner Recorder PVR Set Top Box

    Humax box - Good working condition, includes internet powerline adapters and remote. £37.50 posted or £30 collected from Essex
  5. A

    For Sale Retro Pioneer SA-301 amp & TX-301L tuner

    Retro Pioneer SA-301 amp & TX-301L tuner, both in excellent cosmetic and working condition. £30 the pair picked up, £40 delivered
  6. Brian Nunn

    How to connect a tuner with spring loaded clips at the back to a male coax aerial cable?

    How can I best connect a tuner with spring loaded clips at the back to my male coax aerial cable?
  7. W

    Alternative to the TechniSat DigitRadio 143 (V3)

    I was looking for a new tuner recently and this one fitted my price bracket and spec. However, when TechniSat brought out the V3 they seem to have omitted the LAN facility. Are there any other alternatives with a LAN in this price bracket that anyone would recommend? Having a small display...
  8. D

    Denon TU-550L Tuner

    Hello, I'm trying to get a User Manual for a Denon TU-550L Tuner. It is not available on Denon support. Thanks Dave
  9. Toonaroond

    BBC1 disappeared on Philips 55OLED754 via Freesat tuner

    Hi all, looking for some help with the above issue. I have tried to reinstall satellite channels a couple of times and still no BBC1 (neither HD or SD), although I do still get BBC2, 4 News and Parliament.. Any ideas, I’m baffled!?
  10. B

    Humax Foxsat Twin Tuner Issue

    Both cables are showing good quality and signal, however only able to record one programme ie. One tuner not working properly Have tested box on different cables which feed a fully working box so sure it’s not a cable issue. Stumped. Any ideas please
  11. P

    onkyo tuner T4730

    Hi everyone! I need manuals for Onkyo tuner T4730! Can someone help please! Can enybody tell me how to preset radio stations on this radio?
  12. S

    Baffled with tv tuner and freeview

    I use a Humax Freeview recorder and it tunes in everything nicely from Chrystal palace. Decided we no longer need it, as we can watch anything anytime through the various apps. Tried to tune the Sharp Aquos TV in, both automatically and manually, but it won't find Mux Com5 channels. IE, sky...
  13. Slartibuckfast

    Decent 'TV' Without Tuner Or Speakers, etc, i.e. Monitor

    Hi all, I'm wondering if there are any 'TV's out there that are decent sized (65" +), OLED, that don't have any of the 'gubbins' - that is, tuner(s), speakers, smart operating system, etc. That would, effectively, mean they'd be a big monitor, but with a good screen quality that can be used via...
  14. vinpor

    TV Randomly switches to tuner when watching something on a HDMI source

    Hello. I have a TCL 75P715 with Android TV. Whenever I am using one of the HDMI ports, be it my PS5 or my set top box, or my PC, the tv will randomly switch over to the tuner. Does anyone know why this would be happening? The tv is roughly 2 years old and has been doing this since the day I...
  15. shed53

    Panasonic freesat tuner - no signal

    I have a Panasonic TV, model TX-L32G20B, and a Panasonic Blu-ray HDD recorder, model DMR-BS750EB, bought together around 2010/2011. On the evening of 28/12/2022, the recorder lost its satellite signal. It had been fine on 27/12/2022, as evidenced by a successful recording of a programme on...
  16. Formentor

    Samsung TV tuner questions

    Looking around at new TV,s and the QE50Q80 caught my eye due to the better speakers/sound. However after a while of googling reviews and specs I find that Samsung don't support Freeview or Freesat. What exactly does that mean? Can I still get BBC1 HD etc? Is there a usable EPG as thats the main...
  17. A

    Yamaha RX-V6A Source is Tuner, sound only comes out center channel

    I have a Yamaha RX-V6A. Speaker configuration is 3.1 (front left and right channels, and center channel). When I use the Tuner as the source, sound only comes out the center channel. Is this normal? I know all 3 channels are functional because I get sound out of all 3 when I play a bluray disc.
  18. R

    Yamaha TSR-700 Tuner Error after upgrade to 1.58

    Today I upgraded the TSR-700 firmware from 1.53 to the newest 1.58. Now Im receiving this error on screen TUNER ERROR Try to reset, nothing. Tried to go back to 1.53, but receiver says 'unkown'. Im out of ideas.
  19. J

    TV with Twin-tuner PVR

    Hello, does anybody know any gair priced TVs (less than £500 ideally) capable of doing the following? Twin-tuner PVR You'll need to buy a high-end TV for this one, but it's a welcome addition for anyone who likes to record shows and doesn't want to buy a separate personal video recorder (PVR)...
  20. Kapkirk

    Need a decent FM DAB tuner. Probably going second hand.

    I'm looking for a decent sounding tuner with DAB/FM, I've seen lots of Denon's that do FM (TU 260 mk 2) but not many do DAB as well. (tu 1800 I think) I want something with good sound quality and good signal sensitivity, I was following a sale on ebay of a Technics ST-GT1000 and the price shot...
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