1. E

    Set alarms in TuneIn (Programar alarmas en TuneIn)

    Hola. A quien conozca sobre el funcionamiento de Tune In quiero hacer una consulta. Quedo a la espera. Gracias.
  2. G

    [Solved]NR1200 Tunein not working

    I just noticed this yesterday. I can't stream from tunein, either from the receiver or from the HEOS app. Spotify works. It turns on the receiver and streams fine. Tunein also streams to my phone, so it's not a server problem. Any one else having problems? Any ideas? Edited: It downloads and...
  3. Matt_C

    TuneIn - how do I stop it autoplaying? [iOS issue]

    Since getting this new SE which is on iOS 14 (previously I had been stuck on 12 as my 6 couldn't update past it) I get i the car, the phone automatically switches to bluetooth, which it's always done, but instead of either autoplaying the last used music app (invariably Planet Rock radio app) or...
  4. brymbo76

    Best Android Internet Radio app offering the most stations that you can sort into folders?

    I've tried out some new internet radio apps today on my android phone. I did install TuneIn sometime ago but the worse things about that is that you can't change the order of the folders, delete folders or rename folders. The apps I have tried installing just to compare them against each other...
  5. C

    Deno CEOL N10 Internet Stations & TuneIn

    Hello So..I've just 'upgraded' from CEOL Piccolo to Ceol N10 because i wanted the Bluetooth and CD player. Now trying to add some fave Internet Stations to the new setup but, if I'm understanding correctly, i first need to Log-In to HEOS account and THEN sign up for a £7.99 a month TuneIn...
  6. stblob

    TuneIn restrictions??

    Hi guys. whats up with TuneIn? This station is not available in your country??? All of the sudden, what's that all about? The end of TuneIn?
  7. clydebest

    Question Tunein Radio

    Can not find an answer on the Internet.. so anyone else lost TUNEIN Radio on various apps just says not connected or opps ..just not working since Friday but it says on their websites no outages..anyone who has it working or like me not.
  8. Vladman

    Onkyo TX-NR686 and TuneIn issue

    Hi, To distract myself from all this Coronavirus madness, I thought I'd post here with an annoying little issue I've had some time, just to see if anyone has any tips... I use TuneIn on my Onkyo receiver and it used to work fine. Recently, there are two stations that refuse to play, says...
  9. D

    TuneIn Radio app 50,000 radio stations

    Very nice app.
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