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    Advice needed on dumb/smart TRV for home with Hive installed.

    Hi We have just moved into a 4 bedroom home with Hive installed and have been told by Hive that we have to buy a new hub for £60, the previous owners aren’t allowed to deregister it and assigned to us. Before I go ahead and order the hub, I just wanted to get some feedback on having better...
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    Drayton Wiser TRV Problem

    Hi, on Friday there I bought the Drayton Home Wiser kit with 1 thermostat and 2 TRVs from amazon for 85 quid. This is perfect for our small apartment where we can control the living room and bedroom radiators, and have a hallway thermostat as before. Managed to install everything which amazed...
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    Question Smart TRV and Bulbs (relocatable)

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations or pros/cons for Smart TRVs in the UK. Preferences: - Budget ideally around £200 - £300. (I'd rather not overpay, if features are likely well beyond me.) - Geofencing. - Portable/No wiring. - Simple app control, as little input from me as possible, easy to...
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    Nest Thermostat and MIHome (Energenie) TRVs - do they still work?

    I have a Nest Thermostat and we are slowly renovating our cottage in the UK. As we put new radiators in, and its an old house, some radiators that have folder TRV never seem to heat up as well, and even some of the newer rads with standard TRVS. I was wondering if it was possible to use MIHome...
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    Question Smart heating solution - radiator covers & individual room control

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone might be able to recommend a solution for the below: In our house we have a 2 zone unvented (non smart) heating system: 1 zone for the basement with its own thermostat and then another zone and thermostat covering the 3 floors above. Maybe 11 radiators in total...
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    Question Nest Compatible TRVs?

    Does anyone know which TRV's work with Nest? I know Energenie do but some mediocre amazon reviews have put me off. I've read tado TRVs are compatible and will actually demand heating from the thermostat (energenies do not) but I cant find it officially written anywhere tado is compatible. Would...
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