1. Stuart Wright

    Who thinks trump faces jail time after he leaves office?

    With former lawyer Michael Cohen former campaign chairman Paul Manafort former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and former adviser Roger Stone all serving jail time and former national security adviser Michael Flynn awaiting sentence; and personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani being under criminal...
  2. Stuart Wright

    Fact checking Trump over Coronavirus statements and actions

    I've been keeping an eye on the situation in America (having been there for half of March) and it seems like America is in real trouble because of Trump's incompetence and the nature of the way states are governed but are still reliant on the federal government. This is an interesting video by...
  3. Pacifico

    Supreme Court confirmation looking good.

    Day 3 of the hearings and Kavanaugh sailed through unscathed. Dems looking ever more daft after Corey Bookers email stunt though. Even before the story was mentioned inside the hearing room on Thursday, the New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker announced he would leak a confidential document...
  4. Cliff

    President Trump to visit UK in July.

    So we finally have a date for the visit. It will not be a full state visit but nevertheless it will be an important and symbolic visit. Of course we can expect protests, but I hope we can extend our welcome in the same way that we do for all visiting heads of state. Maybe, now is the time to...
  5. Stuart Wright

    Who do you trust most to tell the truth - Donald Trump or James Comey?

    Comey is doing some interviews as part of his book tour in which he is criticising Trump, saying, amongst other things, that he thinks Trump is morally unfit for the office of President. Trump is firing back saying Comey is a liar, leaker and a slime ball. Interesting topic: who do you trust...
  6. raigraphixs

    Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House (TBC)

    Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” is being eyed for an adaptation into a television series The book proved to be an immediate best-seller and was sold out at bookstores in several major cities the day it was released. Here’s How Much Michael Wolff Could Make From...
  7. Marv

    President Trump - Supreme Leader of The USA

    General Discussion of news, past and present and General happenings related to the POTUS. Trump Arpaio: Top Republican Paul Ryan condemns pardon for sheriff - BBC News President Donald J. Trump The Trumps Bow Out. Will Future Presidents Attend the Kennedy Center Honors?
  8. Stuart Wright

    Do you approve of President Donald Trump?

    This poll is aimed at non-US citizens only. He has the lowest average local approval rating of any other president. Apparently, his approval rating outside of the US is even lower. What do you think?
  9. Stuart Wright

    Tiny trump

    Little man
  10. Cliff

    The Trump Presidency- After the First 100 days

    In the first week we have seen more executive orders and proclamations from Trump than is usual for Presidents in the 100 days. (13 so far) Today it was a ban on entry from seven Muslim countries and refugees. Many reports today about Muslim's facing difficulty flying to the States. Other Trump...
  11. Stuart Wright

    America is broken, today

    Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America. Our military wades into tyrannies confidently shouting that democracy is the best way to live, yet more people in the presidential election voted for someone else, so democracy is definitely broken in America. Nearly half of...
  12. mikeybabes2

    Do I need a tin foil hat ?

    I've been travelling a lot recently so I have not been keeping up with the news very much, and only then in a superficial manner. I got home fairly late last night, just in time for the news on ITV. The leading item was on the dire situation in Aleppo, and the simply dreadful events that are...
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