1. B

    need help troubleshooting problem with camcorder

    recently got a sony ccd m8u camcorder, it came with the video cassette recorder/player and an rfu adapter. when recording into obs this is what i get, is this a problem with the camera, tape player, or adapter? i tried different film so its not that. attached is a still from what i captured on...
  2. CutRateGamer

    Troubleshooting Pioneer SW-8MK2 Subwoofer

    I purchased my Pioneer SW-8MK2 subwoofer in 2017. It is hooked up to a Denon AVR-S720W. For the most part, it has worked without issue. Occasionally, when the base would get really thumping during a movie the subwoofer would not stop firing until I unplugged it from the wall. Lately, I run into...
  3. M

    Question troubleshooting PS4 VR and youtube question

    Hello! My child is trying to watch a youtube 360 videos on the VR. But the image is showing up split in half horizontally and the bottom image is turned vertically. We have the app in VR format and have tried shutting it off and rebooting. We have tried re calibrating that camera as well as the...
  4. T

    Question Philips CD-i 210 Input Issues

    Looking for some technical help with a CD-i 210. So a few months ago I found a Philips CD-i 210 for cheap in a local pawn shop, with digital video cartridge! And without controller! Naturally I bought it. After a searching on eBay for a while for a decent priced controller, I bought a a CD-i...
  5. jdpinto

    LG 47LM640T Troubleshooting - Can u help?

    Hi avf members I have an old LCD with a weird issue, I want to fix it at home, its a good quarantine project. I have googled lot's of "flickering" screens but found nothing like this. Please do give me your input, I am not camera comfortable as you might notice. Thank you
  6. 5

    Troubleshooting the WLToys Cyclone

    Hi, I know it's an old drone, but I've had the WLToys V262 Cyclone for several years now, and it recently started just not really flying. At first it was one of the motors, and that was just broken so I replaced that, and now it's a new problem. It will take off a few inches, and despite giving...
  7. flakjack

    Benq Projector Troubleshooting - Can you help?

    Hi Guys, My first forum post, seems like a wonderful community you have here! I'm trying to diagnose a problem with a somewhat ancient Benq PE7700 Projector, I replaced the lamp in this a couple of months ago and have had no prior issues whatsoever, even after a good decade of use! However...
  8. trampish

    Question Troubleshooting New Amp + Speaker Setup (Very Quiet)

    Hello, thanks in advance for taking the time to read and offer any advice. I have a room with 4 speakers ceiling-mounted and wired through the walls to a wall plate with 8 banana plugs. The speakers are all KLH S-Pro4 Power: use with 5-100 watt equipment Impedance: 4-6 ohms average Response...
  9. haim

    JVC DLA-X3: Warning + Lamp lights

    Hi, My wife and I were hoping to pass time by watching some movies and as bad luck would have it, our projector seems to have given up. When turned on, the Warning and standby LEDs first and last) are continuously on, while the Lamp LED (middle) blinks constantly (see video). I checked the...
  10. Paalan

    Question Xbox One X unauthorized turn off?

    After the update this week, my xbox has turned itself off randomly during the idle mode, i can't put down my controller for long as it turns off after seam to be just 10 to 20 minutes. Yes, my settings was set to 6 hours before shutting down, i messed around with the settings but nothing, it...
  11. K

    Need help troubleshooting R-120SW sub

    So I've noticed that my Klipsch R-120SW doesn't seem to be outputting any sound. I have a Denon x4500h AVR with a couple of RP-280F towers and an RP-450C to go along with the sub. I have the subwoofer cable plugged into the Sub 1 input on the AVR and the L/LFE input on the subwoofer. The Low...
  12. K

    Help to set up Denon AVR-2312

    Hello, I have just bought an used AVR-2312 and are having some trouble setting it up... The problem seems to be that the previous owner has been using some sort of «quick select» program, which the reciever is still using. Because of this, I can not switch between the different HDMI-inputs in...
  13. Coughdrop2000

    Question Sony KV-21FT1B service menu troubleshooting

    Hey everyone, I’m having trouble getting into the Service menu on my Sony KV-21FT1B CRT, I punch in the code from standby (Display, 5, Vol +, power ON) it’s doing something cause when I go to press the power button it doesn’t do anything, but when I press the power button again it turns on...
  14. womprat99

    Troubleshooting Yamaha RX-V765 Remote Issues

    I use a Yamaha RX-V765 in my home theater setup. I have had that receiver for approximately ten years. Recently it has been less responsive to remote controls. I typically use a Logitech Harmony 700, but I also tried the factory remote as well. Commands work sporadically from about 10-15 feet...
  15. B

    Question General TV/AVR Troubleshooting

    I'm having an issue that has left me stumped, so I wanted to come to the experts. While my question involves a Sony KDL-75850C and a Denon AVR-X3500H, this is more of a general question. And let me add at the outset that I was struck by lightning several months ago. The Denon is new. The...
  16. W

    Question Onkyo a-9010 pots

    Hi, I need help with a repair, the balance knob of my Onkyo a-9010 is behaving weird, when I turn it towards the right channel as at a certain random point towards 2/3 down the road it triggers crosstalk in the left channel (the left channel gets full signal when it should have less and less)...
  17. G

    LG C8 missing HDMI input

    I have a LG C8 OLED TV and everything (receiver) running through HDMI1. Today the tv input changed somehow and HDMI 1 doesn't display in the list of inputs to choose from any longer. All of the other HDMI inputs are listed but not HDMI 1. Any idea on what to do?
  18. Matt2038

    Question Denon avr-2100w troubleshooting

    Hello Wonder if anyone can help me , I have a denon avr-x2100w which I use in the living room, never had any problems with it until this week, when every minute or so the sound goes quite for a few seconds (picture not affected), as you can appreciate this is very annoying. Has this happened...
  19. SiKeS

    Question Getting a video signal to a Toshiba TLP X4500

    So i bought this used Toshiba TLP X4500 from this guy for only 80 euro and it seems to be in mint condition. I believe it's an older type projector because I don't believe it has a way of inputting a digital video signal (like HDMI). I bought this cheap adaptor to go from the HDMI port of my...
  20. K

    Foxsat pvr, sky dish, no signal

    Hi, just wanting to make sure I've not missed something really obvious. Moved into new house. Told previous owners had sky box. I'm assuming a dish aligned to receive sky will receive freesat without realignment, dish hasn't been removed, just checked!, plugged cables into foxsat which searches...
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