1. Eldridge54

    Connecting Nintendo Wii to Yamaha HTR-6240 via Component

    Hello, I'm trying to hook up my Nintendo Wii to my Yamaha HTR-6240 via components. The setup guide is as follows (The image is for another model AVR but the setup remains the same) : 1. Connect Component Video Cables from Nintendo Wii to AV2 input on Receiver. 2. Connect Stereo/Analog Red &...
  2. skaveesh

    Yamah RX-V585 presence speakers loud distorted sound issue

    Hi All, When I got the receiver there were no issues with this unit until today, that I discovered overhead (presence) speakers are making a very loud distorted noise along with the audio. I was about about to watch a Atmos movie today when I first found this issue. Week ago I watched Atmos...
  3. Stonedhouse

    Anyway to improve / troubleshoot this sub & amp Frankenstein cobble up?

    Hi all, Ok so it's a bit of a horror hash up but it was a mini project I dabbled with based on some gear I had hanging around and it's provided some decent low end welly for a home 7:1 set up. Signal chain = Denon 1910 AV mp single sub pre out > Y splitter cable to give 2 outputs > JBL...
  4. D

    Ps5 reboots my wifi??

    Does anyone else have this issue? When ever i turn the ps5 on it seems to reboot the router. I have the verizon g3100 mesh router. I see the light blinking everytime i turn on the ps5. Thats the only time it happens. Any one with this experience. im waiting for black friday so i can get the...
  5. T

    Question Philips CD-i 210 Input Issues

    Looking for some technical help with a CD-i 210. So a few months ago I found a Philips CD-i 210 for cheap in a local pawn shop, with digital video cartridge! And without controller! Naturally I bought it. After a searching on eBay for a while for a decent priced controller, I bought a a CD-i...
  6. J

    Question Bush Acoustic MTT2 tonearm broken

    To anybody that knows their stuff about turntables, I have just inherited a MTT2 turntable off my late Grandpa along with his Cambridge Audio stereo and amp rig. (The turntable is rather similar to a Technic 1200 / 1210 if that helps). All working perfectly.. apart from the tonearm. I'm a bit of...
  7. C

    Trouble Connecting 2 Ring Classic Doorbells directly to Transformer

    Hello, I spent a good day wiring and then troubleshooting this issue, and hoping I can get some help. I purchased 1 new Ring classic, and was given another from a friend. I bought a 24v transformer and 2 25ohm 50watt wireround resistors, I cut 2 pieces of bell wire and wired the red and...
  8. Paalan

    Question Xbox One X unauthorized turn off?

    After the update this week, my xbox has turned itself off randomly during the idle mode, i can't put down my controller for long as it turns off after seam to be just 10 to 20 minutes. Yes, my settings was set to 6 hours before shutting down, i messed around with the settings but nothing, it...
  9. K

    Help to set up Denon AVR-2312

    Hello, I have just bought an used AVR-2312 and are having some trouble setting it up... The problem seems to be that the previous owner has been using some sort of «quick select» program, which the reciever is still using. Because of this, I can not switch between the different HDMI-inputs in...
  10. Fr33nzy

    Video problems

    Hello everybody. So my new build has some problems, 1st would be that the video cuts random mid game, only happened while playing Shadow of Mordor so far. To fix this i have to restart and everything works fine after that, sometimes for a few hours, sometimes as little as 30 minutes. Also while...
  11. J

    Question HELP! no speaker sound from turntable

    Apologies if this is a little rookie. Totally new to the audio world. Picked up a Sony PS-LX300 turntable and got a deal on a Sony F110 receiver. I've hooked everything up as instructed but there's no sound coming through my speakers - just the faint tracking sound from the turntable itself...
  12. W

    Question Onkyo a-9010 pots

    Hi, I need help with a repair, the balance knob of my Onkyo a-9010 is behaving weird, when I turn it towards the right channel as at a certain random point towards 2/3 down the road it triggers crosstalk in the left channel (the left channel gets full signal when it should have less and less)...
  13. G

    LG C8 missing HDMI input

    I have a LG C8 OLED TV and everything (receiver) running through HDMI1. Today the tv input changed somehow and HDMI 1 doesn't display in the list of inputs to choose from any longer. All of the other HDMI inputs are listed but not HDMI 1. Any idea on what to do?
  14. A

    No sound coming out of Pioneer VSX-521

    Hello all, im a noob here. Having an issue with my Pioneer receiver. Was working fine the last time we used it but now cannot get any source to play any sound. I've performed a hard reset and that didn't make a difference. My 5 year old may have messed with it; either via touching buttons on...
  15. rlench

    Question Broken speaker. I’ve tried everything, I think. Help me troubleshoot

    One of my speakers has stopped working. I’ve done some troubleshooting and I think it’s just broken. Nothing more to it than that, but I hope not. I have a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze bx2 speakers that I’ve been using as surround speakers for over a year. I bought them from New about 18 month...
  16. M

    Question LG B6 Black Bars/Aspect Ratio problem

    Dear AVForums I have an annoying problem with my LG B6 55". After a few minutes of any content displaying, there is a noticeable black bar on the left side of the screen. It gets worse and worse until it stays permanently there at about half an inch. I can however correct the issue by toggling...
  17. C

    Hauppauge Hd pvr 60 fps review

    A review on hauppauge HD PVR 60 FPS capture device. Complete with troubleshoot tips
  18. S

    Question Sony Bravia Power Blinking KDL-55HX729 - How to Troubleshoot?

    Hello! I was hoping someone may be able to help me out with an issue I am facing. I recently was given a TV since the power never really worked and they had it in their storage for who knows how long. I would like to fix the problem, which is a red light flashing two times every few seconds...
  19. Andyb2612

    P46gt30b troubleshoot

    hi, I've had a panny p46gt30b since sept 2011 and warranty ran out in sept 2016. Over past month or so when the screen is white i.e ITV logo during adverts, it shows up a haze of reddish, green and yellow hues. Anyone know what cause is and if there's a fix please.
  20. seowth

    Question [CRT TV for gaming] Sony KV-36HS510 - Shaking Screen, looped image

    Hi everyone, So i posted this question in the televisions subsection of this site's forum but I think it may be relevant here too, so i'm going to see if anyone has any idea how to help me here in this section - thanks! Situation and link to Product manual of Sony KV-36HS510: Manual: SONY...
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