1. russellsnr

    For Sale Manfrotto 804 RC2 tripod head

    Selling a good used condition Manfrotto 804 tripod head inclusive of release plate. Only selling as given up on Landscape/Seascape photography. Looking for £60 inc of normal postage.
  2. RobTi

    Question mic tripod and camera mount for setting up avr question

    Hi so i seen the mic tripod and camera mount being recommended to set up avr's so went and bought them but don't know why i need the camera mount as my avr mic fits in the mic tripod grab jaws, any help please, (sorry its really called a mic something but i am not allowed to post this word) ...
  3. G

    Question Tripod Stand for Epson Projector instead of Ceiling mounting?

    Hi all I am going to be purchasing my first ever Projector very soon for my Garden outbuilding. I was fixed on ceiling mounting the Projector but now I’m thinking is there a Projector Stand that I can buy to house the Projector? Building a dedicated shelf is unfortunately out of the question...
  4. S

    Action cameras vs camcorders/cameras, for static tripod use?

    Hello everyone, thought i'd ask you lot as i'm kind of confused and a bit lost. Have often lurked the forum for valuable information :D I would like to know how/ why action cameras are so cheap, yet cameras and camcorders seem considerably more expensive but often cannot shoot in 60p at high...
  5. T

    Question Static Tripod with Fluid Head recommendations

    Hi all, first time on the photography side and hoping you have the answers/advice I'm looking for. We're needing to begin live streaming at my place of work and rather than using phones etc, we're looking at a proper set up. I've been given a good budget to get us up and running but obviously...
  6. mpw2081

    Question Tripod recommendations

    Looking for a decent tripod for my canon 50d. Also looking for a head to fot both quick release. I've no idea as never really had a decent camera before and just starting photography now with the wife. Oh not looking to spend a fortune just something to get me started.
  7. Pete Delaney

    Leofoto Tripod

    Hi guys, Seldom pop-in to the forum these days but I thought I'd give a thumbs up to the 'Leofoto' range of tripods. They are Chineese made (isn't everything) and the quality is excellent. I have the Leofoto LS-324C with a 40mm ball head included. Worth a look if you're looking for something...
  8. M

    Tripod - Gitzo G1318 MK2 with Manfrotto 625 Hexagonal Plate

    Hi all, I have in my possession a Gitzo G1318 MK2 tripod in remarkable condition, with a Manfrotto 625 hexagonal plate, in a branded sturdy flight case. The tripod and plate are in extremely well preserved condition, the flight case has a few scuffs and marks from storage and moving around I...
  9. S

    Question Need solid, high (84"/215cm+) tripod

    Hello, I'm needing several tripods that can reach 84"/215cm or higher. While the Manfrotto 161 MK2B's are solid I'm wondering if there's a cheaper option? Thanks a ton!
  10. ruffage

    Beginner's Tripod?

    I'm currently on a photography course and my tutor's asked us all to get tripods. At this time I don't want to spend much (I've only just bought a new lens) so can anyone recommend a decent yet cheap tripod please? Ideally folding as compact as possible without the legs of a new born Bambi...

    Question Digital SPL Meter and Tripod

    Want to start doing my own calibration above what the Denon receiver throw's out. What's a good Digital SPL meter and Tripod to get me started, ideally so want to go above £50 for both items. The tripod must me able to hold the Audyssey MIC.
  12. H

    Sub £200 Tripod

    Ive spent hours reading reviews, and watching videos and feel no closer to kaing a decision on a tripod. I've been looking at this one, which seems to get amazing reviews on amazon XCSOURCE Q-666C Professional Photography Carbon Tripod: Camera & Photo Im slightly hesitant only...
  13. roll1later

    Recommend me a tripod head please

    Just upgraded my rather ancient flimsy tripod that my dad kindly gave me to a Manfrotto 1 and am in need of a head to go with it, saw mpb have this one and was wondering, as I've no experience of such things, people's thoughts on it or any recommendations on others please. A quick google on the...
  14. Kolmes

    Question tripod TV stands suggestions - i'm looking for something a bit different...

    I have a Samsung KS7000 49" and I love it. It is a bigger tele than I have had before and it looks a bit of a monster on my current TV cabinet. I started looking around the web for an alternative cabinet, and stumbled across this Samsung tripod TV stand. VG-SMN2000F | SAMSUNG UK Its now out...
  15. jmacc

    Question Need a tripod and extension

    Hi Can anyone recommend a cheap tripod and extension arm? It will be used for my new calibration camera to calibrate tv's for myself and family, it would need to extend out the way to get close to the tv screen (hope that makes sense) I guess budget wise cheaper the better as it will only be...
  16. andrewt9763

    Question Which Tripod ?

    Looking for a carbon tripod and gimbal head for a 7d MK II and 500mm f/4. Have a rough idea,but there are just that many,looking for anyone using similar setup and which ones they have gone with.Im 6ft so one that high without a center column,but with head fitted would be ideal. Been looking...
  17. C

    Can anyone suggest a Webcam that has a tripod mount?

    Hi Folks Can anyone suggest a cheapish HD webcam that can be mounted on a tripod or gorilla mount. I'm looking for something that can sit inside my house window and keep watch of my car. PS : I'm in a rented property so can't mount anything on the outside of the wall Cheers
  18. wcndave

    Spacer Plate for Canon HF G30 on Tripod

    I recently got a Manfrotto fluid head tripod, which is really nice, however the plate is quite long, and if I put the camera at the back, I cannot get to the custom button / dial combo which I use for manual settings, and if I put it at the front, I cannot change the battery. I need some kind...
  19. T

    Where is the Tripod Mount?

    Hi guy`s I bought this cheap projector, an "Cheerlux C6" it works great, and i like it, but i would like to put it on an tripod short term to raise it up off the table, and mount it to the ceiling long term. Anybody know how i can do this. Thanks John.
  20. Kei86

    Question Choosing a Tripod

    I've been on the hunt for a new lighter tripod for a while now and think I've managed to narrow the choice down to two. Presently I use a Cullmann Mod. 2930 with a manfrotto 488RC2 head which is an old fashioned inflexible design but exceptionally sturdy if a tad heavy. I'll stick with the same...
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