1. marcogtir


    Brand new sealed £114 posted by RM Signed 2nd class £110 collected from W5
  2. DevCode

    Recommend me a hedge trimmer

    Hi all, I have a hedge that's about 50m long, about 8ft tall with branches about 2cm thick, I'd ideally like a cordless trimmer with 2 or 3 batteries, a long cutting blade to make it easier and a trimmer that's likely to be repairable if the worst happens. I have a corded one so far, and a...
  3. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired Beard Trimmer 6-in-1 reduced from £29.99 to £9.00. Expires 6th December

    Beard Trimmer 6 in 1 Trimmer 70% off Code: 9V3GA5GD Original Price: £29.99 Deal Price: £9.00 End Date: 2020-12-06 23:59GMT
  4. dUnKle

    Recommend a beard trimmer

    I already have a decent hair trimmer but it really doesn’t do well on beard hair. Leaves a lot of longer finer hairs uncut. I think due to the size of the blade / guide. It’s also big so nigh on impossible to do under nose can anyone suggest a beard trimmer. Around 25 quid or so that would...
  5. 2012

    Please recommend good trimmer.

    Hi, Im looking to get a new trimmer as my old one is no longer doing the job (bad timing) and with the lockdown I cant go to the barber so I like to get a new trimmer which will get the hair short as possible and also do the detail work, im not sure what to get. In the past i've had the original...
  6. jchh

    Question edit then convert or convert then edit?

    Hi, Apologies if this is a dumb question, but is there any difference in cutting/trimming TS flies (from my HDHomeRun) before converting to MP4, or is it better the other way around? The only thing that I can imagine might influence this are I-frames? I am on a Mac and ma using Movavi Split...
  7. blue max

    beard/stubble trimmer recommendations please

    Decided to grow my facial hair and now need to take control of it. Undecided whether to keep it relatively short (more like stubble) or a little longer. Certainly don't want to go bushy! Anyway, done some research and most models get mixed reviews on Amazon. I know you'll always get that to...
  8. L

    Question Good trimmer

    Hey, dos anyone have much experience of beard trimming etc. I'm new to the world of beards and at the moment I'm not quite there! it's at the stage where it's irritating the hell out of me, especially when I'm trying to sleep. I was thinking I should give it a trim and if that doesn't make it...
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