1. Salonchi

    Multi-buy AUDIOPHONICS Trigger 12V 230V Slave Power Supply Device

    I was looking to buy one of these 12v triggers to power on a PA without a trigger input from audiophonics in France. Unfortunately, due to Brexit and customs, there is a €160 minimum these days and they are only €25 + tax and shipping. The minimum I can buy to hit the €160 minimum (ex delivery)...
  2. RobTi

    Sapphire screen trigger

    Hi just unboxed and had a quick look, is the only way to connect the trigger is by leaving the small door open on the end cap, no way to have a rear out, also can I use the AVR trigger rather than the projector one Thanks
  3. R

    Automatically switching on a power amp that doesn't have a 12v trigger - solution

    I've been trying to figure out a solution for automatically switching on my power amp on when my AVR is on. My AVR as a 12v trigger but the power amp doesn't. This looked like a suitable product AUDIOPHONICS Trigger 12V 230V Slave Power Supply Device - Audiophonics but my PA has a captive...
  4. lee667

    Dualsense adaptive trigger broken

    So I've just noticed that the R button on my controller doesn't have the same resistence as the L2 button and there's something rattling around inside. Anyone else had the same issue? I have seen some reports of it happening, the r2 button still works but isn't as stiff, oh er. Just...
  5. T

    Question Which trigger cable?

    Hi, could someone recommend what trigger cable I need please for my Denon AVRX3600? On the back it looks like a phone port and says DC12V 150mA MAX. A link to anything on Amazon Prime would be appreciated!
  6. Russ_64

    Question Help with 12v trigger question

    Hi AV gurus, Need your help please, I have decided to try using the 12v trigger out on my SR7013 to turn on my new (in transit) Lyngdorf TDAi 2170. I have a 3.5mm Mono cable. There is just one thing that I do not understand: SR7013 manual says: If the permissible trigger input level for the...
  7. Buckster666

    Sky Movies Snowflake trigger warnings.

    Because everything is racist and problematic these days. Sky movies have started to add trigger warnings to films.
  8. J

    Question Using a 12v trigger to power a 5v USB fan - how to do it?

    I intend to use the 12v trigger out of my power amp to switch on a USB powered fan. I imagine that building one is a simple exercise for some, but not me! After doing some internet searches I’ve amassed a collection of bits but I’m unsure if what I have is correct. As well as a mains powered...
  9. G

    Trigger out but no matching Trigger in

    Hi to all, I have a Lyngdorf TDAI 2200 driving speakers in my main listing room. I also have a couple of speakers in the dining room which provide background music. These are driven from the 2200 via a small Tangent Ampster BT (and long speaker cables). I leave the 2200 on all the time. However...
  10. jehill39

    Low level AC hum caused by trigger cable ground loops

    My son just installed an Arcam FMJ series AV860 processor, P349 amp and two P429 amps in his home. The obvious way to turn on the amps is to use the trigger inputs and outputs available on each component. After he did so, he complained that he was hearing low level AC hum with no audio inputs...
  11. starfarer

    Audiolab 8000x7 "standby trigger" question

    what is needed to power on/off this amp using 12v trigger from receiver? I've searched web and all I can find is "requires the trigger input pins to be shorted for switching it on". Switching on is not a problem as it has audio signal activation but for some reason won't go into standby.
  12. markbingo

    Alexa to activate 12v trigger for screen?

    I've searched the forums here, but I can't find any mention of anybody using Alexa (or other voice control) to control the deployment of their cinema screen. I have a grandview screen with a 12v trigger cable. I would like to use Alexa to control the screen dropping or retracting. Has anybody...
  13. W

    12 v Trigger from Arcam 350 to Epson HQV TX3

    I want my Epson HQV to turn on when I turn on my Arcam 350 Documentation is poor with both units. I simply want to know if I connect what...
  14. T

    Question Power trigger Cambridge Audio 840W?

    Hi all, I have a Cambridge Audio 851E pre amp and also an 840W power amp. I am looking for a way to turn the power amp on/off with the pre amp. I have tried Cambridge Audio's own control bus, which doesn't work, due to changes in the protocol between these different product versions. So i then...
  15. jorjov

    Trigger problem

    Hi all! Hope someone can help me with this trigger problem. I have a Emotiva XPA-3 Gen1 power amp. I use it together with a Marantz SR 7010. I have tried using both mono and stereo 1/8 (3.5mm) trigger cables. This is what happens: - I turn on the Marantz receiver - The...
  16. R

    Question Projector 12v trigger

    Having designed a vertical lift box to house my AV projector i have added a 12v servo that operates simply with the poles wired to go forward and then reversed to drive servo back. Now I am aware that the trigger from my projector only gives a pulse signal and insufficient amperage to drive the...
  17. Schumi 01

    Question Just about to pull the trigger !

    Morning all, quick question, could you check these parts for me, i am just about to pull the trigger, i have gone for the Meshify C case now, i am leaning towards the Msi mothboard, but the other option is the Asus Intel Rog Strix z37-e, i ahve already bought the cpu cooler etc, etc Just...
  18. L

    Epson projector no 12v Trigger out

    Hi all, I'm nearing completion of a discreet projector home cinema setup in my living room but was scratching my head for a while on how to trigger the Sapphire electric projector screen from my Epson EHTW5600, which does not have a 12v trigger out. I spent some time searching online and the...
  19. bfrench

    Question 12 volt trigger to switch fan

    Hi, Does anyone know how I can use the trigger output on my Epson ls1000 to switch on a 240 volt fan? I want to mount it in the ceiling above the projector to get rid of some of the heat it chucks out. thanks, BARRY
  20. W

    Using amp USB to trigger cooling fans

    Hi there, First post on AVF, so be gentle with me! I'm in the process of upgrading my home cinema setup. I'm going for the Sony 65" AF8 OLED, Sony DN1080 Receiver and Sony X800 BluRay player. (Current setup is Sony 55" W9 TV, Sony DN1040 Receiver and Sony S5200 BluRay player). I've also...
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