1. H

    Pioneer BDP-LX58-K - Tray wont open

    My Pioneer BDP-LX58-K lights up with a blue light around the switch button and on the display it says PIONEER. It even starts up when i choose that input on my TV. The problem is that nothing else work. The tray will not open either with the remote or by pressing the "Open" button directly on...
  2. V

    Arcam MS 250 cd tray drive belt

    Would anyone know the size and spec for the belt that opens the tray please?
  3. N

    Denon UD-M30 cd tray has to be pushed closed

    Hi. I have a Denon UD-M30 mini receiver and it all works except that I have to push the CD drawer closed. It ejects normally but the button doesn't close it again. When i say push it closed, I mean I have to push it all the way in - not just so it detects the push and closes on its own. If I...
  4. C

    Packard Bell disc tray ejection

    Hi all am newbie to site. Have a Packard Bell iextreme m5850. Old age firmly set in! cannot remember how to eject disc tray. HELP!!!! Tony
  5. Mathematiques Modernes

    SONY XB-940 - replaced the tray belt but now drive teeth don't engage? Help!!

    as per title have just replaced the rubber drive belt on the tray on my SONY XB-940 - was quite tricky getting the mechanism out and moving the tray into a position where I could access the area where the rubber belt needed to be replaced. having put it back together the cogs don't appear to be...
  6. Zippy77777

    Question PC screen goes black for a split second and I lose a tray icon!

    Hi guys. Not sure how to explain this but its been bugging me for some time. Everyday I use my computer it happens at some stage. I will be doing something, and say open a program or double click on an icon and the PC will hesitate for a second and then the screen goes black and literally comes...
  7. BlueScreen92

    Sony BDP-S3200

    To whom it may concern, I have recently got a "new" Blu-Ray player (its make and model are in the title of this thread), and I'm having trouble with getting the thing to eject its disc tray. I have tried the following: [Stop], [Home], [Top Menu] (only says it's unlocked, but doesn't really...
  8. P

    Blu ray dvd recorder tray

    I have had a Panasonic DMR BWT 720eb Recorder for some time, had no trouble until now, I encountering slight juddering from the tray when I eject discs, Does anyone know whether it is a lubrication problem, ie hardening or lack of grease on the eject mechanism, have never had to remove anything...
  9. =adrian=

    Repair shower base / tray

    So this just happened. A crack around 3 inches long in our shower tray. It felt a little weird, making strange cracking noises underneath for some time. Is this fixable or only solution is to get it replaced? What are the costs of replacing it, if anyone knows?
  10. Noahs Dad

    Question How do you clean your baking trays?

    So yeah I wash my baking trays that I put in the oven all the time. They are just yucky and greasy though. What do you guys do? Is it time for new baking trays? Or is there special stuff I need to be buying to get them clean?
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