1. P

    Hi, Im new here and need some help/opinions.

    I recently (about a month more or less) started a new “kind” of training. More weight less cardio. For the last couple of years I’ve been obsessed with my cardio, the more the better. I would stay HOURS at the gym when I had the time just walking and running on the treadmill. After months my...
  2. M

    Can Elevated ALT and AST be related to Strength Training

    Hi. I am a 60-year-old female who began a program of strength training including weights at the end of May. I do 50 minutes of strength training on Mondays and Thursdays and walk about a mile and a half-ish and do yoga on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I can definitely feel it in my...
  3. G

    Course or training recommendations - DJI mini 2

    Hi there, I bought my wife a DJI mini 2 at xmas and whilst she loves it shes lacks confidence in flying it. Would anybody be able to recommend a good trainer in the berkshire area who can show her the basics and give a bit of tutelage so as to help her gain some confidence with her flying...
  4. A

    Football alternative training

    I’ve played football on and off my whole life, interspersed with periods of running (10kms several times per week) and weight training. I’m now 42 years old and finding myself bruised, battered, in pain or injured almost every day, due to the physical nature of the sport. For this reason, this...
  5. T

    Coros Apex Pro - strength training?

    Hi! I have been on the fence about to buy a Garmin Forerunner 945 for a while, but then I recently discovered Coros. These watches have insane battery life, and I quite like the look of them. Theyre also very lightweight. I dont run, I hike in the summer and ski in the winter, but my primary...
  6. jonb42

    TV for Indoor Cycle Training

    Hi, I'm wondering if I could ask for some advice and guidance. My wife and I are keen cyclists, but, with a combination of UK weather, the current Covid lockdown situation and finding a new indoor cycling platform we really enjoy (Rouvy), we're spending more time than ever using an indoor...
  7. Hazco

    Training Courses

    Hi, Im a complete beginner and have decided im going to embark on a quest to become a commercial drone pilot and gain my Pfco. My first step as I see it is to get trained up with the basics for me to then enhance my skill afterwards via continuous practising etc. I live in Shropshire and would...
  8. C

    [Study] Participants needed for an experiment in virtual reality (18+, Oculus/Cardboard)

    Hi there! Do you own an Oculus OR a Google Cardboard (or similar mobile-headset) combined with an Android phone? We could really use your help to explore the potential of Virtual Reality techniques! We are doing a study on a VR Training aimed at helping people cope with loneliness or...
  9. db2332

    Recruit Firefighter training

    Some images covering a Fire Behaviour course for an old Service pal who is instructing his last course before retireing. Images taken on Fuji XT3 Fuji 18/55 Viltrox 85mm F1.8
  10. W

    Training Day

    Poo or not poo?
  11. Drax1

    Training Day Prequel (TBC)

    Warner Bros are developing a prequel to one of Denzel Washington's higher profile films - Training Day. It will reportedly take place two days before the Rodney King verdict, and follow a significantly younger Alonzo Harris. And it's possible that Washington's son, John David Washington may take...
  12. Promoted Content Poster

    Promoted Lion AV Tech, THX Video Training coming to Stansted UK, June 26-29th

    Promoted Content By Lion AV Lion AV Tech, THX Video Training (Certified by THX Ltd), coming to Stansted UK, June 26-29th, hosted by Pulse Cinemas. Now in our 2nd year of the added 4th day of training and including UHD / 4K, and HDR calibration and theory. From THX, the brand your customers...
  13. shodan

    Last 3 months training program

    Well actually because I couldn't train 3 times a week for the 12 week program, it took 14 weeks from 23rd February 2018. The result has been (stats from Boditrax, reasons taken with consistency in the process):- Gain of 1kg of of muscle Loss of 3kg fat Body fat percentage dropped from 22% to 17%...
  14. BB3Lions

    Business Training

    I need some sales/management type training as the role I have, (which i have earned) is above my pay grade. The setting of agendas, planning out new business roadmaps, planning, due diligence, processes, articulating content in emails etc is upsetting my bosses. Has anyone completed a course...
  15. MidLifeNewbie

    Question Wanting to get on the ladder of an IT career

    Hey everybody! Here's the deal - I'm a middle-aged guy having the classic Mid-Life Crisis thing. I want to retrain for a new career in IT starting from Ground Zero. I have been looking at what's in-demand, and it seems to be system administrators and Cloud management - Microsoft Azure and SQL...
  16. ab1385

    Half marathon training advice

    Hi all, I was going to post this on Runners World forums,but it wouldn't let me post a new thread as a new user so I was pleased to find this section on the ever helpful AVForums! I'm considering signing up for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October, but before I do, I'd like to ask a bit of...
  17. Deadringers

    Questions for Vets or Student Vets out there (how to get into it!)

    Hey all, GF is looking to do this course: Veterinary Nurse Courses – International Career Institute But what we're not sure about is how recognized it is and if it's worth the 900 odd quid. I'd appreciate any insight into this course, or indeed the company running the course. Has anyone...
  18. Warnie

    ANT+ Connection from Wattbike to TrainerRoad

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend an ANT+ connection I can use to connect my Macbook Air (using TrainerRoad software) to the Wattbike? I had read on Wattbike that it would connect to TrainerRoad via Bluetooth (via iPhone or Mac) so joined but it looks as if trainerRoad doesn't support this...
  19. S

    MCSD training recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend any training companies (preferable in London) for the MCSD Application Lifecycle Management courses? The boss said i should get one as part of my "SMART goals", and there's budget left for this month. Ditto recommendations for any resources? Currently asked for...
  20. Wardy257

    Free(ish) Training Plan Anyone

    I am putting the final touches to a 10 week training plan for strength and size. It wont have a huge amount of detail on exercise technique though, but you can find most of it on my sticky threads. I am willing to send this to anyone for free if they make a donation to any of the service...
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