1. raigraphixs

    Echo Generation (XB)

  2. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Sky Brave New World trailer released

    Sky has released the first trailer for Brave New World, one of its big upcoming autumn releases. Read the news.
  3. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Disney+ teases Hamilton with first trailer

    The official film of the Hamilton stage musical is coming to Disney+ in July and the first trailer has been released to get everyone salivating. Read the news.
  4. M

    Dolby Atmos trailer

    At the moment I have a non smart HD TV connected to a Arcam Atmos receiver and full speaker set up. I am keen to test the Atmos experience before paying for proper source material. Am I right that I can download the Dolby test trailers = Downloadable Dolby Atmos Trailers | Dolby Laboratories -...
  5. P

    Film trailer info?

    Seeking info about this indie arthouse Any help would be appreciated!
  6. JabbaNut

    Apple TV+ Shares a New Trailer for Amazing Stories

    " Before Apple ever announced the idea of Apple TV+, the company made a deal for rights to a reboot of Amazing Stories, in partnership with Steven Spielberg. Now, we’re getting a closer look at the series which will premiere on Apple TV+ on March 6. Here’s how Apple describes the series: From...
  7. raigraphixs

    The Trial of Christine Keeler (BBC) Sun 29 Dec

    @encaser you had a say about Keeler in A Very English Scandal Sun 29 Dec. Ep1/6 9pm Role Contributor Christine Keeler Sophie Cookson Stephen Ward James Norton Mandy Rice-Davies Ellie Bamber Valerie Profumo Emilia Fox John Profumo Ben Miles Bill Astor Michael Maloney...
  8. JabbaNut

    BBC drops first trailer for new adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds

    " The BBC dropped the first trailer for its upcoming adaptation of the classic H.G. Wells science fiction novel The War of the Worlds. The three-part miniseries is set in Edwardian England—just a few years after Wells published his novel—and it looks like it will be a fairly faithful...
  9. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Avengers: Endgame trailer 2 drops

    The Avengers: Endgame trailer 2 follows hot on the heels of Captain Marvel hitting cinemas recently. Read the news.
  10. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Games of Thrones Final Season Trailer Arrives

    The culmination of 8 years of groundbreaking television, the Games of Thrones Final Season Trailer Arrives heralding one final visit to Westeros. Read the news.
  11. Saldawop

    Trailer jockey wheel sizing

    Just pulled out old trailer that hasn't been used for a few years. Cannot wind the jockey wheel up or down, so have been looking at getting a new one. Measured the old one, which is 44mm, but they come in 42 or 48mm. Assume i need the 42?
  12. TheDarkKnight01

    Best Movie Trailer of all Time?

    Was going through some videos earlier and ended up watching some of my all time favourite movie trailers, some highlights: X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer The Social Network Trailer The Dark Knight Trailer Inception Trailer 2 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Final Trailer...
  13. MorganFrench

    80s style trailer for Roddy Piper documentary

    Lots of good memories coming back for this one.
  14. MorganFrench

    Roddy Piper: In His Own Words Trailer

  15. H

    Anyone fancy having a look at the trailer for my VR game?

    Hi All, As I mentioned in another thread I've been in the process of trying to develop my first VR game for Rift and Vive, I was wondering if you could have a look at the 'potential' trailer i've put together to see if you have any thoughts about first impressions. The game hasn't been released...
  16. raigraphixs

    The Orville - Season 3 (2020)

    Star Trek spoof Seth MacFarlane, Halston Sage, Patrick Cox The Orville - Wikipedia
  17. andybond

    Question Vue Cinema pre film trailer.

    Hi all , Went to the cinema last night to see Alien Covenant. There was a fasntastic VUE cinema pre film trailer with multiple demos of the dolby system on the trailer. A nascar / orchestra / outdoors and a few other bits. Being a bit of a Dolby trailer geek , I know that these clips havent...
  18. sebbykin

    Favourite Trailer

    Here's a couple of trailers that I think really whet the appetite and get the job done in piquing interest in a film. The 1080p Lossless version is stunning! List of HD or 3D Movie Trailers with AC3 5.1 or PCM / FLAC / DTS-HD MA Audio Looking forward to this. Loved the trailer, film was...
  19. scifimovieg

    Star Wars 7 Trailer 3 - Was you blown away?

    Being a right nerd and the love of star wars. Staying up late and watching the new trailer for star wars trailer 3. I was completely Blown away from it and have watched it over 30 times (yes im sad) Am I the only one that was completely blown away from it, and if not, what was your favorite part?
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