1. dinnerz

    For Sale Five Nights At Freddys McFarlane Toys

    Hi All, This is more a interest thread with these as I am fully unsure of a price so happy to listen to offers if I get any as not sure how wanted these are. They are all unboxed but fully complete. I can post more pics if any interest as well. 4 sets in total and prices are all over the...
  2. thedude

    Wanted WWE Toys and baby bjorn mesh / ergo 360

    Looking I any wwe figures for m eldest boy And also looking for a career for my youngest. Baby bjorn mesh thing or an ergo 360 would be ideal
  3. paul1979

    For Sale Lego tantive IV

    Lego 20th anniversary tantive IV. Boxed, but open. In good condition. Cant see any yellowing. No rips to the manual. Its a fantastic collectors pice.
  4. barney007

    For Sale Hot toys star wars dx18 sealed with shipper

    As above Brand new and sealed Hot toys dx18
  5. Johndm

    Johnny's Toys 2020 Update

    Latest update to Johnny's Toys :) Been in the game since the early 1980's See here for 2006 pictures Johnnys Toys..... See here for 2010 pictures Johnnys Toys 2010 See here for 2014 pictures Johnny's Toys 2014 So, system now streamlined, all movies, music, pictures now on a bank of 5...
  6. J

    New extension... new toys?!

    Hi all, We moved into our house 2 years ago and had a full rewire and fitted some old tech from our previous house. We’re having an extension done in a couple of months time and looking to see if there are any new toys out there to consider. The extension will consist of new kitchen / diner...
  7. sep8001


    Missed the last few so though had to do this one. So here goes. Taken with my Sony Rx100, the background is the cover of a film scanner which is removed to scan negatives, light source is from an iPad. The camera was on a table top tripod to get the very slow shutter speed. Edited in LR. Toys...
  8. M

    An old workshop with many toys for men music video sony a7iii

    Good evening to everyone! First of all i wish to all of you to be good at your health and to be calm with this new think, the virus. I want to be optimist that thinks could be better the next days.. by the way here is a video with Sony A7iii in very old workshop hith a hardworking man behind...
  9. Drax1

    May The Toys Be With You Exhibition

    Star Wars exhibition attracts thousands Thought this was worthy of a thread for anyone's who's interested. It's a free Star Wars exhibition at Leicester Museum, that showcases one serious collector's mass of vintage SW memorabilia. I went yesterday, and for anyone who used to have an interest...
  10. Andcamp78

    Help needed with Star Wars toys

    Hi I am writing for some help or advice on my Partners Star Wars collection. I have no idea if anything is worth any sort of money and can't decide whether it is better to sell the pieces separately or as a job lot on eBay - all of the pieces are circa late 70s early 80s but I have no real idea...
  11. DpM

    Toy Con UK 2017

    This weekend was Toy Con UK 2017 @ York Hall in Bethnal Green. I went along on the Saturday to meetup with mates and look at the wares for sale. No Hot Toys or Sideshow here I'm afraid but there are plenty of bizarre creations to be seen and some movie related pieces too. Here is the link to my...
  12. Unlucky Alf

    Question Star Wars Hot Toys

    I recently brought the Disney Elite Premium Vader and Leia after seeing Leia at a a mates and being favourably impressed by the price/quality ratio, but it still left me wanting something more accurate. So after some research online, I settled on Hot Toys Rey and BB8, which arrived Friday. And...
  13. TheyCallMeTJ

    Your new Star Wars Toy

    Perhaps we can have a thread to talk about your latest new star war toy that you might have bought. The Disney Store has being doing a 20% discount on almost all Star Wars toys this weekend which will end today. I saw some great deals at the Oxford Street branch, if you were desiring a toy or...
  14. welshmolloy

    Need Help With Toys R Us

    i pre-ordered pokemon moon from there, they told me it would be sent today ready to be with me tomorrow. i just checked my order and i says recently dispatched but when i click on the item it says processing in warehouse. does this mean its dispatched or not ? does anyone know ?
  15. nabby

    Toys from your childhood that you now think are rubbish

    I had a conversation with the father of my daughter's best friend the other week and he was telling me how he'd been in Toys-R-Us in Croydon a few days beforehand with his two kids. He'd wandered past the aisle with the Scalextric sets (other racing car track sets available) and fancied getting...
  16. N

    replacing childs lost favourite toys

    thought I'd try my luck here, see if anyone would help a fellow member whenever we go away for more than a day, my 5 year old brings his Sonic boom soft toys along. They could keep him quiet for hours. Brought them on holiday and lost the whole set coming home, either left on the plane or at...
  17. Stuart Wright

    Bargain Hot Toys 1:6 Scale Star Wars Force Awakens First Order Heavy Gunner Stormtrooper

    The Hot Toys 1:6 Scale Star Wars Force Awakens First Order Heavy Gunner Stormtrooper is coming up on the amazon prime deals today at 12.00 o'clock.
  18. raigraphixs

    Hot Toys - Luke Skywalker (TFA)

  19. Ewan154

    how much is Hot Toys 1:6 Scale Burt Ward Robin Figure worth?

    Hi, Thinking about selling my Hot Toys 1:6 Scale Burt Ward Robin Figure by Hot Toys it's still in the orignal box and the figure is very good condition. How much do you think it would be worth? Thanks Ewan
  20. vtrmart

    Hot Toys Doctor Strange

    It wasn't going to be too long....
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