1. D

    Why do most digital audio out / toslink ports FAIL to work with a "digital to analog audio converter"?

    My hearing-disabled older client has a set of special earphones that require a 3.5" ("aux") audio out jack. It used to be plugged into her old TV. Her new cheap Samsung TV does NOT have an audio out AUX port for a 3.5" jack. (The new TV is connected to Xfinity box via HDMI cable.) When I saw...
  2. MegaKen

    Dolby digital on 2 channel setup?

    I have a TV connected digital to a marantz receiver that goes to 2 front speakers. The signal coming from the TV is DD, and receiver recognizes it as such. But with 2 speakers is the DD output same as stereo or how is it different?
  3. PsbakerEight2

    HDMI optical, Toslink cables & speaker wire

    As part of a rewire of my house I’m installing the cables mentioned above. The HDMI optical is to link the TVs/AV points in my lounge and office. I’ve looked at HDMI over IP and I think HDMI optical will be a cheaper and more reliable method. Toslink is because my old Bose Lifestyle 18 uses this...
  4. M

    Do I need a Toslink to RCA adaptor?

    Hello all! A bit of help would be massively appreciated. I've historically been using Sonos as a multi-room system. In the lounge, I have been using a Sonos Connect, connected to a Pioneer A-30 Stereo Amp via analogue/RCA cable with external Dali Zensor speakers. All ok. I'm changing from...
  5. D

    Optical Output not recognising TOSLink Switch Box

    I have just purchased a 49NANO866na and connected the optical cable from my set-up but no sound came through my system. I run my optical sound through a powered TOSLink switch box which allows up to 3 inputs and 2 outputs. This allows me to use my sound system for multple devices, including a...
  6. bag head

    Input quandary

    I have a Yamaha RN602 and (a newly acquired) Yamaha CD S300. I have a TV playing via Optical 1 and a CCA in Optical 2 (as part of a CCA household set up). There isn't a 3rd optical in for the CD. The system is used mainly for TV and streaming via the MusicCast app so CCA and CD are both...
  7. S

    HDMI to TOSLINK audio

    Hi there, this is my first post on the Forum. I have just signed up a Tribal HiFi subscription and am looking to get the stream from my Lenovo ThinkBook i7 laptop's HDMI port to my Marantz PM6005 amplifier's DAC - to this end I bought an HDMI extractor and connected it to my amp with TOSLINK...
  8. M

    Want to upgrade sound system to have BT and Toslink connectivity need advice.

    Dear all avforum users. This is my first post in avforums, after a long time I would like to improve my audio system to have BT and Toslink connectivity. Current setup: Behringer b3031a (active monitors) + cheap DAC HiFimeDIY UX1 ES9023. One thing that this system lacks is more punch in the...
  9. AlanX

    Question Adding TOSlink 2x1 switch to Harmony hub devices

    I am successfully using my Harmony hub to control my home cinema stuff. I now want to add a LiNKFOR SPDIF Toslink Switcher 2x1 Digital Optical Audio Switch, to route two audio signals (not simultaneously) to Sennheiser cordless phones. I can switch the S/PDIF inputs using the Linkfor's IR remote...
  10. J

    Streamer with Ethernet and toslink

    Hi, I am looking for a streamer that has an Ethernet in and toslink out and has Spotify Connect built in. I don’t t need a DAC as my amp has a good built in DAC. Anybody have any (cheapish) ideas?
  11. P


    Hello, I recently purchased a Philips 55OLED803. I am pretty thrilled with it, but I have one nuisance and maybe you guys can help me with it => using an external sound system and CEC problems. I have an older HT-C5550 Blu-Ray player + sound system from Samsung. It's hooked up via HDMI (HDMI 1...
  12. A

    LG E8 - ARC or eARC?

    I have an LG E8 65in and a Sony HT-XF9000 Sound Bar, both acquired within the last few days. As I have multiple content sources (Amazon 4K Fire Stick, SkyQ box and Sony UBP-X700 4K Blu-ray player) I have connected them to the E8 as follows: Fire Stick to HDMI 1, SkyQ to HDMI 3 and Blu-ray player...
  13. K

    Question NAD C368 + C568: Analogue or Digital connection?

    Which of these has the better DAC? I am planning to purchase the NAD C368 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier and partner it with the NAD C568 CD player. The C368 amp allows for analogue and digital inputs (coax and fibre). I was planning to connect the CD Player to the amp using good quality RCA...
  14. RMAudio

    Problem with TOSLINK from HDMI with Lindy DAC

    Problem with TOSLINK from HDMI with Lindy DAC Hi all. First Time post here :-) Looking for ideas here: I picked up a couple of DACs and a HDMI Audio Extractor via the Maplin clearance. So it's basically a) a rebadged LINDY DAC b) what...
  15. lmccauley

    Question What optical TosLink digital switch?

    What optical TosLink digital switch? I now have 3 sources (TV, PVR, Blu-ray) with only optical digital audio outputs, and an amplifier with only 2 optical inputs (and 2 co-ax digital inputs). Would you recommend: 1) Optical digital switch? (and if so, which one) 2) Optical to co-ax converter...
  16. Avalien

    Question PS4 Audio Connection Advice - HDMI to Optical/TOSLINK

    PS4 Audio Connection Advice - HDMI to Optical/TOSLINK Hi all, I've been reading these forums for years & have always found solid advice for many of my tech issues, but today I ask for assistance directly. I'm a bit of an amateur tech-head, having fixed most of my appliances (TV, PS3 & PS4, PC...
  17. mushii

    Question Music over HDMI vs SPDIF

    I am currently in the middle of an existential crisis over my music. Most of my music sits as either FLAC or Hi Rez FLAC on my Synology which I stream to my sony UBP-X800 which is currently connected to my Denon AVR-X3400H via high speed HDMI (Speakers are MA Silvers). I am wondering how much...
  18. B

    Combine optical/coax digital audio with RGB SCART to HDMI?

    I think I've seen boxes (the cheap Chinese/equiv. made things copied by lots of no-brand names for £20-30) that can combine older optical audio (eg 5.1, maybe 7.1 channel DD/DTS or more) with video signal into a single stream and HDMI output. Q: Is there a converter box that combines analog RGB...
  19. R

    Answered Octava HDOCAT toslink transmit direction

    This is probably a silly question (with the obvious answer) but which direction does the toslink connector on the HDOCAT send data in. I have a set of these that sends HDMI from the AVR in the media cupboard to my wall mounted TV in another room via 2 Cat6 cables, and they have worked great...
  20. H

    Help me find: Toslink/optical source to Recorders(preferably lossless hi fidelity formats)

    I am looking for a way to take audio from a toslink/optical source and to be able to make digital recordings of it. I have a collection of music/audio from CDs and other live sources that was digitized some time ago, and some of mine in sites with only access to streaming from because some parts...
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