1. T

    For Sale Toshiba 32w3753db

    Selling a 32inch 720p Toshiba TV 3 x HDMI, 1 x SCART, 1 x VGA Includes remote In very good condition generally, works perfectly, but the base of the stand is broken and detaches from the TV. The part of the stand that connects to the TV can be unscrewed and can be replaced or the TV can be...
  2. Killzone

    Question Toshiba lcd tv

    My sons TV has start to go orange tint on all sources, it takes longer to happen while gamming, PS4 pro Firestick hd , I tried adjusting colour, temp back lighting etc nothing changes it comes on normal gen orange tint. Any ideas
  3. Foonsworld

    Toshiba 49U6863DB stuck in stand by

    Hi this TV's stuck cycling the red and green power led I've been hunting for a firmware download but can not find one even on Toshibas own support site any suggestions :lease:
  4. swift1

    Question Samsung UE43TU8500UXXU or LG LG 43NANO796NE or Toshiba 43UK4B63DB?

    Hello All, My main setup is as per my signature, in my living room. In the same room but on the other end I also have a 32" Toshiba LED TV (32L3753DB), with PS3, SkyHD, Netflix and Nintendo Switch, initially set this up for my children to use because I won't let them use their games consoles on...
  5. stanster59

    Toshiba TV's

    Too good to be true ??
  6. Confido

    LED strip USB mood lights seem to have fried my Toshiba TV - keeps switching off to standby

    I tried plugging an LED strip light into the USB port on the back of my Toshiba TV and since then it turns off to Standby mode about 20 seconds after switching on. I've obviously unlugged the LED strip and tried leaving the whole TV unplugged from the wall overnight but its still doing it...
  7. K

    User Manual for Toshiba 32av615db

    Hi all, The link I found doesn't work. Could anybody give me a link for a Toshiba user manual model model please.
  8. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Expired Toshiba 800 w 20 L Microwave Oven: was £66.11, now £55.99 for Prime members

    Sign up for a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime (which gets you Prime Video too).
  9. ScottLUFC85

    Help with Toshiba 58UL2063DB tv settings

    Hi I have just purchased the above tv but when watching sports such as football the white is very bright, I have tried adjusting brightness and contrast but nothing seems to work and I can’t find the more advanced settings such as gamma etc any help or suggesting a would be appreciated.
  10. marktabs29

    Question Toshiba 50UA3A63DB UA3A Series Smart Android TV Freeview Play Problem

    Hi, I bought a cheap Android smart Toshiba TV for the use of the offspring. I know that this is a Turkish Vestel TV re-badged as a Toshiba TV and manufactured in Eastern Europe, but I thought that I would give it a go. Overall, I have been quite impressed with the build, picture and sound...
  11. TaweJACK01

    Question Toshiba 55T76863DB No picture,has sound..16 months old ..just out of warranty!

    Toshiba quoted £192.00 just 4 the engineer to cart off in his van without the parts ? REALLY?FOUR MONTHS AGO WARRANTY EXPIRED,IT WOULD END UP COSTING AS MUCH AS I PAID FOR IT. IT’S BEEN AN AWESOME TV. BUT LIKE EVERYTHING THESE DAYS,SEEMS TO HAVE 12 MONTH LIFESPAN THEN IT DIES.think this guy had...
  12. alicat1969

    Toshiba 32" 32LL3A63DB ext HDD recording but says 'no [email protected] on playback

    Issue as above. I have a USB 2.o 500 g Ext HDD which when I plug it into my computer, tells me there are recordings on it, however it just won't playback on the TV. It looks like it's recording, it says its recording.. I have formatted the disk as required, and have checked that it is FAT32. I'm...
  13. S

    Toshiba VHS to DVD recording

    I have a Toshiba DVD / Video Cassette Recorder model DVR20KB and I am trying to record from a VHS to a DVD +R. When following the below instructions: Insert a disc and a videotape with a record tab. 1 In stop mode, press [SETUP]. Select General Setting , then press [ENTER\OK]. 2 Select...
  14. G

    Toshiba TL868 & TL383 tv's

    I have a Toshiba tv 40TL868 which requires a new main board, I have the offer of a main board from a 32TL838. The boards have the same numbers PE1000 V28A001325A1 although these are the same would the LVDS cables be the same length with changing it from a 32" set to a 40". Any help would be...
  15. J

    Question Bought Toshiba 49 Inch 49UL5A63DBS Smart 4K may return, need advice for a better TV, similar price

    Hi all, Recently bought a Toshiba 49 Inch 49UL5A63DBS Smart 4K. First 4k TV so was definitely an improvement on what I had but I just expected a bit better from this TV. When I'm watching 4k titles, it only looks like it's around 4k, sometimes it looks HD. Tried a few Netflix titles and...
  16. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Toshiba launches UL20 4K HDR TVs from £299

    Toshiba launches its affordable UL20 4K HDR TV range with the promise of a 65-inch model for £549. Read the news.
  17. B

    Question Please advise on Toshiba or Sharp budget 40" TV choice!

    Hey AV Forums I would appreciate any advice on my next TV choice. My old 2012 32" Toshiba 720p LCD TV has recently given up the ghost so I've been hoping to replace it with a 40" model. I sit about 2m from the TV and I don't need 4k UHD capabilities so a sub-43" 1080p TV is all I need right now...
  18. D

    Toshiba TY-SBX210 Remote control & Instructions?

    Hi there, Recently picked up one of these, cheap off a local carboot last weekend. Only issue is there was no remote and no instruction manual. Anyone know where I can get these from? Thanks in advance
  19. J

    Toshiba 55u7750 | Orange - Green color on faces

    Hello All since 3 days, the faces on the TV have orange - green tint. the tv is 18 months old. please help. thanks and stay safe
  20. C

    Toshiba smart tv

    Hi does anyone know how to rearrange the apps on toshiba tv. Also when I switch mine on it count downs from 3min before connecting to internet
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