1. P

    Toshiba 43UL2163DBC Picture Quality.

    I have purchased a Toshiba 43UL2163DBC and it arrived today but the picture is not great. My old Full HD tv looks better. The picture quality is dull, blurry and just poor. Is there a way to improve this or should I return it.
  2. J

    Toshiba 4k 43" picture problems

    Hi, having just purchased this Toshiba smart TV the picture quality is awful, everyone looks spongy and slightly blurred unless I watch TV on the catch ups or netflix then I get an amazing picture. I don't have sky so does not go through a sky box, my previous TV I'd had for 14 years was fine on...
  3. P

    For Sale Toshiba 3787DB 37” CRT TV

    Owned since new and now replaced with a modern oled. Works well and never had an issue That we can recall. Comes with original remote And original glass fronted base with door. Very solid combo. No room and need to move the tv out. Will take two people to lift it out. Offers gladly accepted and...
  4. B

    Toshiba laptop not booting?

    My Toshiba satellite pro L670 will not boot it just keeps saying: Boot failed: P1-TOSHIBA HDWJ105 Boot failed: DVDRAM GT 30N Boot failed: FDD Boot failed: Realtek boot agent Realtek PCIe GBE family controller series PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable I then get the boot menu where I...
  5. SteveH1234567

    Pre-amp for passive Toshiba sub?

    I've recently bought a Denon X2700H AVR to power my 5.1 setup but I have yet to upgrade my sub (I'm saving for a Monitor Bronze W10 to match my other speakers) but currently I have only a passive Toshiba sub from my old setup. I've temporarily configured it as a rear surround speaker as a...
  6. E


    Im trying to get a PS5 (ha-ha I know like gold dust) anyway when/if I do for my sons room will it work good with this tv TOSHIBA 43UL2163DBC Its got the HDR but are the HDMI ports 2.1??? I know its at the cheaper end of TVs but I can only get what I can afford all in one go for him also...
  7. 152bobby

    Toshiba Menu Bar

    Hi, I use my Toshiba Smart TV for Sky Q and not using a aeriel for digital TV When I power the TV on, I always get a menu bar across the bottom of the screen for a few seconds, which I don't need to see. Can I stop this from showing ? Thanks
  8. Chirs1211

    Toshiba EP-30 picture but no sound !!

    Hi all, I'm having an issue with my EP-30, worked fine on my old Sharp TV but since buying a new Toshiba TV I now have no sound. TV is a 55UL2063DB, I've tried changing settings on both the TV and DVD player but to no avail :( Quite surprised given they're the same brand, albeit a decade or two...
  9. SK91

    Denon S650H: ARC not working after plugging in old Toshiba media player

    So after wondering why CEC and ARC wasn't working for 5 hours I came to realize that it was the fault of this Toshiba media player from 2010 or 2011. After plugging it in, the TV goes to the internal TV speakers and CEC no longer works- until I unplug it again anyway. I can't give specifics...
  10. B

    My Toshiba 4K TV has no individual sound settings?

    I have just bought a Toshiba 43" 4K TV. I have a SPDIF socket which I use to send my PS4 sound signal to a surround sound amplifier. I seem to remember that some TVs I've had in the past have had individual sound output settings for each of their sources (e.g. TV and HDMI1). However, this TV...
  11. 6

    Toshiba D-RW2SU No Menu shown

    Hello, I bought an old Toshiba D-RW2SU to record with, and the player isn't displaying a menu or showing any display of any kind. It plays a DVD, you can see that the player is reading the disc, but there is no picture. I tried two different TV's and another set of cables with no luck...
  12. L

    Toshiba 32w1333db

    Hi My TV power light was flashing red and green and tv would not switch on (no picture and no sound) I replaced the power supply board and got a solid green light but still no picture or sound. From ready internet pages it says this could be the main board so I purchased a used main board and...
  13. B

    Replacing old Toshiba tv

    Hi Folks I am about to replace my ageing Toshiba tv model 37-3035d which I have had since 2008. A good feature was the ability to set the bass,treble etc controls independently instead of pre sets which I have on a newer Samsung. This enabled me to tailor the sound I wanted for...
  14. G

    Google Chromecast with Toshiba Regza 2008

    Hi I have a 32 inch Toshiba Regza 2008 model which has a HDMI port . Simple question . If I buy either a Google Chromecast with Google TV or an Amazon Firestick, will they actually work with the TV , being such an old model now. The TV is working absolutely fine . Thanks
  15. Loughlini

    Toshiba RD100KB cold problem

    When I first switch on my RD100KB in the morning the video and sound are broken up (fragmented). It's like watching a news broadcast over a satellite link from a far-off country when the link stalls and the picture breaks into pieces. This problem corrects itself after about 3 minutes so it's...
  16. Uptown

    Toshiba 4k TV, 3 hdmi outputs and a V6 virgin box. What could possibly go wrong? 🤪

    Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all safe and well. First time poster, so bear with me. So I have bought my first 4k TV and I have 3 hdmi outputs. These are connected directly as follows; Hdmi 1 straight to V6 box, with 2160p auto detected. Hdmi 2 straight to PS4. Hdmi 3 straight to...
  17. T

    Toshiba TV Issue

    Every 5 seconds or so our TV shows these grey lines. All was fine and it just started. It’s doing it on every source so I know it’s the hdmi cables or set top boxes. Any help will be appreciated!
  18. B

    Toshiba XP1 - No sign of powering up

    Hello, I purchased a used Toshiba XP1 projector from a seller on the Facebook Marketplace in Dubai. The guy is known for selling used projectors of different brands. When he delivered the item, he powered on the device and it powered on OK. However, thereafter it does not power up. I connect...
  19. Shilton33

    Toshiba 55ul5a63db issues

    Hello was wondering if anyone can give me advice. I'm not sure if it's called screen burn or dead pixels. But I've had my toshiba 55ul5a63db TV now for 15 months now and noticed the horrendous black marks top left and middle well all over really. Toshiba says its only 12 month warranty any...
  20. C

    Rename Toshiba TV.

    I have 3 smart Toshiba TVs in the house. When looking to stream they're nearly all the same number. Is there a way to rename them so I know which one is which?
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