Toshiba Corporation (株式会社東芝, Kabushiki-gaisha Tōshiba, English /təˈʃiːbə, tɒ-, toʊ-/) (commonly referred to as Toshiba, stylized as TOSHIBA) is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Its diversified products and services include information technology and communications equipment and systems, electronic components and materials, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, consumer electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, office equipment, lighting and logistics.
Toshiba was founded in 1938 as Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K. through the merger of Shibaura Seisaku-sho (founded in 1875) and Tokyo Denki (founded in 1890). The company name was officially changed to Toshiba Corporation in 1978. Toshiba made a large number of corporate acquisitions during its history, including of Semp in 1977, of Westinghouse Electric LLC, a nuclear energy company in 2006, of Landis+Gyr in 2011, and of IBM's point-of-sale business in 2012.
Toshiba is organised into four business groupings: the Digital Products Group, the Electronic Devices Group, the Home Appliances Group and the Social Infrastructure Group. It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, where it is a constituent of the Nikkei 225 and TOPIX indices, the Osaka Securities Exchange and the Nagoya Stock Exchange. Toshiba is the seventh largest semiconductor maker in the world by revenue.

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  1. Gerjaffers

    Toshiba TV Remote YouTube Button Help

    Hello I have a Toshiba tv and on the remote when I press YouTube the tv refreshes and stays blank rather than loading YouTube up Any solutions? Thanks Gerjaffers
  2. D


  3. E

    Dead Backlight on Toshiba 32L3863DB

    Well actually it may be the power supply because there's no voltage output. What supply does the backlight run on so I can try and test it? Are there any components that are commonly known to fail in the backlight circuitry of this model TV ?
  4. L

    Toshiba tv tcon board.

    Hi, I know this is a bit general but does anyone have a pin out diagram for a 55332-cof TCON board for a Toshiba43u2963db. Thanks
  5. M

    Toshiba RDXV60KB Best quality for PAL VHS to HDD?

    Hi, I have a Toshiba RDXV60KB which I am going to use to copy PAL VHS to HDD, then take it off the Toshiba internal HDD using ISOBuster to copy the files to an external hard drive. When I come to dub the VHS tape to the HDD, I have 5 options, XP, SP, LP, EP, SLP . This is where I get stuck...
  6. G

    Toshiba TV pedestal mount screws

    Hello everyone, I've joined this forum to ask if anyone knows what screw size is needed for a Toshiba TV (40RL958) to reconnect it to its pedastal mount? This is the mount it comes supplied with. We've always had it one a wall bracket, somehow we've kept the pedestal mount for 10 years but...
  7. madpete

    Question Toshiba TV screen burn in help please

    Hi everyone, I have a very old Toshiba 37WL66P ( I know! LOL ) that is generally adequate for my usage, but it has some screen burn in, as seen in the photos below. It's not the end of the world if I cannot reduce or even cure it, but I wondered if there is anything...
  8. M

    Toshiba 43U2063DB

    Have been offered the TV in the title for £150 and was wondering if anyone has one and it’s initial value (ish)? Unable to find anything online, but looks like it was in the shops ~2020 Any one have one? Good? Avoid? I also note it has a fixed power cable (not a kettle lead of the like) any...
  9. P

    Toshiba 65UL2063DB Hearing Aids connection.

    Hi, help please as to the best way to connect my hearing aids to my Toshiba TV. I have NHS supplied Signia aids and also have a Connexx Smart Connect and a Connexx TV Transmitter. Currently I have the TV transmitter connected to the Headphone output, however this is not brilliant as there seems...
  10. 1974darrenhibbert

    Nearly new Toshiba Fire TV problem

    I own a Toshiba Fire TV that is only 8 weeks old but has developed a problem over the last 2 weeks. Toshiba 50UF3D53DB. When accessing a menu on the TV, such as the settings, YouTube, TV guide, basically anything with a menu, I get huge white vertical streaks that pulsate once a second (see...
  11. mryeezey

    Toshiba 55C35LP help

    I just bought a Toshiba 55C350LP 2022 model today and plugged in my PS4 pro to test out the image quality. When I booted up a game (Witcher 3) and load the menu I noted the image quality is acceptable and the color is nice for a LED screen. However as soon as I press an input, the TV has some...
  12. Bob1001

    Toshiba 32LK3C63DB

    I have just put this in my bedroom and as a TV I am happy with it, however there are a couple of problems, I don't know if I have not set it up correctly or there is a fault/design problem. 1/Using the inbuilt Alexa works fine until I either play something or have the alarm go off, Alexa will...
  13. Teggo

    Apple AirPods Pro volume control with TV

    Have a Toshiba smart tv, have connected my Apple ear pods to it ok, but cannot find how to control the volume when they are enabled, using it with my Firestick mainly,but neither the Firestick or tv remote sound buttons will work, so its stuck on one loud setting🤔
  14. M

    Toshiba 65 Inch 65QA5D63DB

    Toshiba 65 Inch 65QA5D63DB Best picture settings please
  15. technomen

    Toshiba Z870 MiniLED 4K Gaming TV with 144Hz refresh rate announced

    Toshiba has announced the release of its Z870 MiniLED 4K TV series, which is designed with gamers in mind. The TV boasts a 144 Hz display, which the brand says makes the device ideal for gaming. In addition, the TV offers several gaming-related tools like Game Mode Pro, which provides ALLM, AMD...
  16. D

    Harmony Elite - Toshiba android TV remote control help

    I have recently changed my TV from Sony to Toshiba Harmony Elite Hub was OK with Sony TV, but I am unable to add the Toshiba TV to Harmony Hub. The Toshiba model is not listed in Harmony Hub Add Device list. I have tried adding a slightly different Toshiba model, and tried adding a new device...
  17. N

    Toshiba QA5D series and motion smoothing

    Hi. I've just upgraded from 1080p to 4K with a Toshiba QA5D63DB 50" TV. I have it connected to a Panasonic DP-UB150EB-K 4K player and a PS5. Both are using HDMI2.1 cables, and the TV does show that it's receiving 2080p images with HDR. The PS5 looks fantastic, without a doubt - no complaints...
  18. C

    Toshiba 32" 32XV555D backlight cutting out

    Toshiba 32" 32XV555D backlight cutting out The backlight has been playing up and now cuts out after 10-15minutes. I started noticing some horizontal banding a month ago then a bit of flickering. I see various LED strips on ebay but my model is not mentioned. If I take it apart and they look...
  19. pizzacooper

    About to buy used TV tomorrow: Toshiba 40l1333db VS. Samsung UE40EH5000. Which is better?

    Hi, just saw ads for these 2 TVs, will be cheap at 60-70 euros. I know maybe it doesn't matter (both are old) but I thought why not ask. It will be quite urgent since I might even get it tomorrow (been looking at the deal for quite a bit now). I like the design of Toshiba more, but would only...
  20. T

    Toshiba 43L511U18 iLive Soundbar not working

    iLive ITB196B 2.0 Soundbar not working on a Toshiba43L511U18 via the Optical or Audio connections. Able to select PCM on the Toshiba Digital Audio Menu; but the Toshiba Info Screen still displays Dolby Audio. Also on TV Power Cycle PCM briefly appears but then quickly reverts back to Dolby...
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