TiVo ( TEE-voh) is a digital video recorder (DVR) developed and marketed by Xperi (previously by TiVo Corporation and TiVo Inc.) and introduced in 1999. TiVo provides an on-screen guide of scheduled broadcast programming television programs, whose features include "OnePass" schedules which record every new episode of a series, and "WishList" searches which allow the user to find and record shows that match their interests by title, actor, director, category, or keyword. TiVo also provides a range of features when the TiVo DVR is connected to a home network, including film and TV show downloads, advanced search, online scheduling, and at one time, personal photo viewing and local music playback.
Since its launch in its home market of the United States, TiVo has also been made available in Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Taiwan, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Newer models, however, have adopted the CableCARD standard, which is only deployed in the United States, and which limits the availability of certain features.

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  1. T

    Virgin TiVo box connection route to Soundbar and TV

    Hi I've bought some new kit to replace my very old AV setup. Please may I ask for some advice about how best to connect up (chain) my new kit, as my knowledge is about 15 years out of date and I'm struggling to get my head round this. I would be very grateful indeed for any advice. (Thought...
  2. Boostrail

    Tivo v. V6

    As part of my over 20 years renewed best price contracts with VM and predecessors I have ended up with a TIVO connected with my main Lounge big TV and at my last renewal a 360 upgraded V6 on my mancave 32" TV. Since I am contemplating signing on for the Sky Sports UHD option I have decided...
  3. J

    Polk MagniFi Mini AX with Tivo Bolt & TCL 4-series Roku TV

    Hello all! I wanted to get the group's suggestions on the best setup for this situation. Here are the details: The Polk MagniFi Mini AX is connected to a TCL 4-series Roku TV via HDMI ARC input, Tivo Bolt is connected to the TCL TV via HDMI input. The question I have is with the Tivo audio...
  4. sep8001

    Control TiVo DCX960

    Hi I hope this is the correct section to post this. A friend has has a TIVO DCX960 which they want to put in a drawer, the have enough ventilation at the back but are unable to control the box. Is there another alternative to going via the Harmony route? Thank you
  5. Tonyhaz

    Magic remote and virgin tivo

    Can the magic remote on my A1 oled work the channels on my virgin media tivo box? I've been looking in settings but not found anything yet.
  6. H

    AU9000 and VM Tivo issue

    Hi, I've just swapped my Philips PUS 6272 for a Samsung AU9000 and come across an issue. Previously I could listen to a TiVo channel through my home theatre without the tv being on..... specifically radio channels. With the Samsung it won't work without the tv being on.I've tried both hdmi...
  7. SegoviaTV

    Alternative to Tivo 1TB

    I cancelled my Virgin Broadband consumer TV, Broadband and Phone bundle and went with Business Broadband only at home. I saved £40.00 a month and got a speed increase to 300MB, my Tivo box continued to work as it did before the swap out. All was good except Virgin now want their Tivo Box back...
  8. D

    Virgin Tivo v6 remote - switch from RF to IR?

    I noticed the equivalent Tivo from the US (different buttons and layout) can be switched between RF and IR Is it possible with UK Virgin Tivo remote, v6?
  9. D

    Tivo to DMR-BWT720 via scart

    So after many years of non use I've dusted down a scart cable as I want to preserve some 1080P Champions League footage currently residing on an old Tivo box that I'm hoping to replace (and so lose the recordings). I want to record the footage from the tivo in the best possible analogue quality...
  10. A

    TiVo box stuck on BTultimate channel

    I have just upgraded to a Denon AVR-S760H , i have a Panasonic 55FZ800 and connect to the Denon i have a VM TiVo box , PS4 and a Blu-ray player, all works great the sound is fantastic and Netflix all works great apart from one little thing, when ever i watch something on the BT ultimate channel...
  11. meltonboy

    VM Tivo box not working via receiver

    Hi folks I've messing around with various boxes, settings and a new TV. Now my creaky tivo box will only work when connected to my new screen (LG 48 C1). It won'r work via my Denon AVR-X3100W receiver, even though it was working for years. I'm not getting audio to the amp or video to the...
  12. W

    VM app to control Tivo remotely

    Hi Can anyone please point me to a VM app to control Tivo box from another room ( or elsewhere) via I phone? Thanks
  13. U

    tivo hdcp help

    I am trying to establish whether a capture card has actually bypassed HDCP on an old Tivo (not V6) box and how the HDCP works. I wanted to connect the box to my laptop via a capture card in order to back up programmes (I am about ten years late in starting to work this out so please bear with...
  14. G

    TiVo box IR eye issues

    Hi everyone, I’m hoping you can help. I’ve recently had a false chimney breast built with fire and tv recessed in. I’ve had my virgin TiVo box and router relocated upstairs into a cupboard. A Technomate HDMI splitter has been installed with an IR eye. The virgin media remote works very slowly...
  15. U

    Broadlink RM4 Pro and Tivo Bolt

    Is anyone using the Broadlink Rm4 Pro with the Tivo Bolt? I just got the RM4, and I'm trying to set it up. Most devices are setting up with no problem, but "Tivo" isn't listed in either the "set top boxes" or the "smart TV box" section. I've tried to manually 'learn' the Tivo controller, but to...
  16. tiler65

    Virgin media tivo sound issues

    I have my tivo connected to my onkyo tx nr 515 via hdmi and I also have a firestick 4k connected to my amp and then a TV connected. A couple of weeks ago, the TV service went off for best part of a day due to technical reasons at their end and since then the sound volume is much weaker than if...
  17. Josh1993

    Samsung Smart Remote- Virgin Tivo in Cupboard

    Hi, Hoping someone may be able to help! I've looked all over the internet with no luck! I have just bought a 50 inch Samsung UHD tv. It comes with the smart remote and I have my Virgin box and Xbox connected. The smart remote controls both of these great until I shut the cupboard door where...
  18. X

    Question Sony HT-G700 complete loss of sound with Dolby Digital

    TL;DR Toggling pause/play quickly with dolby digital audio input breaks the soundbar until a power cycle Hi Everyone, I got a Sony HT-G700 at the weekend after my 10 year old amp died. I've now discovered an issue I can reproduce 100% of the time and I was wondering what your thoughts may be...
  19. A

    Question XH92 and Virgin TiVo box issue

    I recently purchased a 55 inch Sony XH92 and have been mostly pleased. During initial set up it attempted to link my Virgin Media TiVo box. It was a bit hit and miss from the start in terms of functionality which I mostly blamed the TiVo box for as it has always been a little slow but the...
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