1. TaurusDevil

    Titanfall 2

    Why can't i get onto a game of this? Trying to get onto bounty hunt. Is there something i should be doing but I'm not?
  2. addyb

    Answered TitanFall 2 or Battlefield 1.Which has the best campaign?

    I'm nearing the end of danganronpa and having not played an FPS for quite a while i fancied one of these. I just wondered what thoughts were on the single player campaigns of both these games? I own them both but im undecided as to which one to play.
  3. King Tones

    Titanfall 2 - Video Thread

    Thought I would start this and chuck in some Useful Videos. This guy is a big PC Player and followed him since TF1 and he's started putting out Pilot School Videos which EA Sponsored and Requested.
  4. weaponx_uk2003

    Anyone used Titanfall Turtle Beach on PC

    Has anyone used Titanfall turtlebeach headset on a PC? I cant get the mic to work and I have tested it on my iphone and they work fine. The mic doesnt work on the xbox one after a firmware update ( I think it was anyway) I have the usb box plugged in and the jack cable that says its for the...
  5. RONIN 011

    Titanfall friends

    Hi guys, I play titanfall a lot, and would like to make some friends that want to team up. I play campaign, attrition or variation pack. I'm online in the evenings so feel free to add me. European regions. Cheers, Jay GT: RONIN 011
  6. raigraphixs

    Titanfall 2 Xbox One

    The sequel as expected has been confirmed as a multi-platform Be interesting what they do with the sequel Titanfall 2 Confirmed, Coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC - IGN
  7. P

    Titanfall Deluxe Edition inc seas pass £10 today only

    Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet but you can get Titanfall digitally on the store for £10 that's the deluxe edition with season pass and ALL DLC... I'm not a huge fan but even at that price that's an absolute bargain!!
  8. M

    Titanfall Campaign

    hi- recently got this in the sales, have enjoyed a few games. Wanted to ask how you access the campaign - I'm aware its just the MP with some storyline, but I'd like to see it... i think I only get one option when I sign in which is to play the game - or is this actually the campaign I'm...
  9. Mutt13y

    Titanfall - Wow, forgotten how much fun this game is

    I had forgotten how much fun this game was.. Had let my live membership lapse months ago and was concentrating on single player only, but decided to upgrade with Halo and COD out in the next 2 weeks, plus with the deals for gold hong kong special of the season pass for 3.66 thought why not... So...
  10. Sunshinewelly

    Titanfall - Is it too late to join the party

    Not picked this up yet but as its now silly priced is it worth joining in. Is there still an active online presence. also are there still newbies playing as it would be nice to get a gradual introduction into the game. i found with destiny that by the time i got to the crucible for multiplayer...
  11. Trist

    Titanfall Season Pass - £6.60

    Hey folks, just seen that the Titanfall Season Pass has been reduced to £6.60. I've kind of lost touch with this and haven't played it in quite a while. To those that already own this, is it worth picking up? I'm thinking it might rekindle my love for this game.
  12. BenRC

    Titanfall - Is the DLC worth getting?

    Loving titanfall, feels properly next gen but hit lvl 50 in just over week. Seems people are only playing attrition and its getting a bit old doing the same things over and over. Destiny just isn't doing it for me MP wise so I'm thinking of getting the dlc to extend the game a bit. Never buy DLC...
  13. raigraphixs

    Titanfall - IMC Rising - Final DLC Pack #3

    IMC Rising will be available this Autumn and features three new maps called Backwater, Zone 18 and Sandtrap was announced at the EA briefing at Gamescom 2014.
  14. King Tones

    Titanfall Tournament - TBA

    So have been thinking of maybe running a Titanfall Tournament at some point but would like to see if there would be much interest. Games been out a while so everyone should be an Elite Pilot Bro by now. I was tempted in kicking one off with rules and format but have been racking my brains on...
  15. omiaho

    Is It Me or the Multiplayer A Ghost Town?

    Got on to Titanfall after a break from Tomb Raider. It took ages to find a match at first. After that numerous times when I want to play a online it takes a long time to find match. Seems either something wrong with match making or the multiplayer is dead. Plus the loading time is a tad bit...
  16. brumhee

    How can Titanfall tease players back?

    I was playing with Tones last night an commented on how it seems there are less players on Titanfall these days. I don't have any numbers to back this up. It seems to take longer to get in a lobby and when you do theres no guarantee it will fill up. In the past games would offer a double XP...
  17. raigraphixs

    Frontier’s Edge - DLC Pack #2

    Coming Soon
  18. joefludd

    Titanfall - Download time?

    Hi all i got my xbox one yesterday (finally) and got the titanfall download code. I started to download and it is taking forever, how long does it take and will it download when the console is turned off? Thanks Gamertag: x Hyperr x
  19. barneystuta

    June Update - Shown at E3 - Titan burn cards, customisation, & a new mode.

    Sounds good to me! This won't be part of the season pass, this is for everyone. Titanfall’s June Title Update will be revealed at E3; it’ll bring titan customization, titan burn cards and a new game mode, Marked for Death – Titanfall Blog: for all of your Respawn and EA Titanfall news EA has...
  20. D

    Best mode for colour blind player, or any ways to help

    Hi Popped this on last night for a bit and I haven't got a clue!! The map is impossible for me to track, and I gave to get close to people , and die to work out whose who. Is there a none team mode or a way I can make this playable, it seems OK but totally unplayable for me at the moment Any...
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