1. AndyDStone

    For Sale Pioneer VSX-LX55 AV Receiver (150w Dolby DTS, THX 7.1) in Superb Condition.

    A Pioneer VSX-LX55 AV Receiver in superb, unmarked condition. A very powerful 150 watts per channel receiver, which decodes up to Dolby Digital DTS and THX 7.1. This item comes from a smoke-free home, and has been kept in an AV cabinet, so has no marks, scuffs or scratches. This item is in "as...
  2. zed4

    For Sale Onkyo TX-AR876 AV Receiver with THX Ultra 2 Plus

    Used Onkyo TX-SR876 AV receiver. Very high end AV receiver, sought after classic receiver with support for THX Ultra 2 Plus and Audyssey MultEQ XT. A useful review detailing all the specifications and features can be found here: HiFi Plus Review This is a serious high end AV receiver, very...
  3. LuvCVs

    Monolith M-215 Vs KK DXD12012

    Hi I have the DXD 12012, never thought I'd part with it, but, seeing the Monolith M-215 subwoofer has seriously got me thinking... I can get one adapted, UK plug etc etc for £1900, but there is not much out there for reviews, few I have seen its been amazing, but still do not know how it would...
  4. S

    Svs pb-1000 vs Monolith 10 thx

    Hi As the title suggests. Both within my budget, chose ported over sealed. But stuck between these 2 subwoofers. Which one would you recommend? Mostly for movies. Thanks
  5. S

    Svs Pb-1000 vs Monolith 10 THX

    Hi As the title suggests. Both within my budget, chose ported over sealed. But stuck between these 2 subwoofers. Which one would you recommend? Mostly for movies.
  6. I

    For Sale JVC DLA-HD750 D-ILA projector

    It's time to let my lovely projector go, since I live overseas now and don't have the room to accommodate this... otherwise I'd have taken it with me! It's had a lamp replacement and the one currently in here is at about 750 hours or so. The high native contrast ratio of JVC's projectors mean...
  7. M

    Curious! How much were did Kef TDM THX speakers new?

    As above, just got a set of the fronts and center, had a quick go with them on the floor and really happy, very much looking to installing them properly. What sort of price point were these new, any ideas? And the 34DS surrounds? Idle curiosity! Thank you, Mark
  8. A

    Question Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 THX - Amp/Sub died

    Hi, My 20-year old amp/sub died and cannot get anyone to repair it. Has anyone used the 60W satellite speakers with a 2.1 or 5.1 amp? Do they still need a sub for music playing in a small room/office? Considering the Dayton Audio DTA-2.1BT2 + MKSX4 combo, but happy to save on the sub if not...
  9. Jase

    Monoprice Monolith THX Subwoofers

    These have now appeared on the Monoprice EU site. Monolith 15 THX Monolith 12 THX...
  10. P

    Question Yamaha RX-V1800 gets VERY hot with PCM/Neural THX decoding?

    Hi there I've got a question about the temperature levels of my receiver. It's a Yamaha RX-v1800 purchased in 2008 so it's older but has performed flawlessly since then. I just have a concern about how hot the unit is getting. I've noticed that when i feed it a PCM signal via optical cable...
  11. Danial

    Question Drop + THX Panda Wireless Headphone

    I've started to go down the rabbit hole of headphones, but I'm not in the market for wired headphones (or an amp to drive them). I've never had high quality sounding headphones, I currently have a pair of Bose QC35II and AirPod Pros, both were bought for their ANC capabilities for...
  12. was1m

    NEWS: Monoprice THX-460T THX Ultra Certified Tower Speaker

    Just a heads up All, Had an email from the American Monoprice site and thought I would share. I am after a 5.0 system at the moment and the Monoprices are my budget friendly option compared to the XTZ/M&K/Arendal's. LINK HERE!
  13. D

    Question Should I Upgrade From Onkyo THX Speakers to Klipsch Reference Premiere Speakers?

    I currently have the Onkyo SKS-HT993 THX Speakers and been thinking to upgrade to klipsch Reference Premiere speakers? will there be a substantial difference between the two speakers systems that will be easily noticeable and worth the the upgrade or not? for details about the onkyo speakers i...
  14. C

    mk s150 thx mk1 advice on paint please

    ive got a set of lcr mk s150 mk1s they have lost there sheen on top from sunlight i was thinking of getting them repainted but im a bit lost on paint types and who to get to do it (car painter perhaps) or do it myself any help please cheers guys want to keep to original colour if possible
  15. V

    THX questions

    What is difference between THX certificated receivers and those they are not? Why Marantz does not have THX certificated receiver/ amplifier ? Should I buy THX loudspeakers? Is there any difference for home enthusiast in the hearing experience to use THX certified equipment or not?
  16. B

    M&K original SS-150 (thx) missing Point Arrow Towards Screen help

    Hello, So many threads, I didn't find an Official M&K (not MK) thread? Please let me know where it is and I'll post there if I should. POINT ARROW TOWARDS SCREEN stickers are gone. Soon to join the M&K owners club. I'll be running the original versions of M&K. I've learned they are 4ohm...
  17. D

    THX 888 - SP200 - Overkill?

    So, I was bored at the weekend and ended up looking at things to buy, I know right.. So I currently have a FiiO A3 Amp, but looking to upgrade for something for my Desktop so portability doesn't matter. Is the SP200 overkill for my DT990s 250ohm? Would it be overkill? Do I need a DAC? Thanks!
  18. Jase

    Monoprice THX Speakers

    These appear to relatively good value for quite meaty speakers. The Fronts and Centre are THX Ultra Certified and the Bookshelves THX Select. Fronts and Bookshelves have built-in Dolby Atmos Upfiring Modules/Speakers. Mini Tower...
  19. Andy Bassett

    CES 2020 News: TCL TVs first to support THX Certified Game Mode

    THX has announced its Certified Game Mode which aims to set up 4K TVs for the best possible video gaming experience, and TCL will be the first to release TVs that support it. Read the news.
  20. mhweb

    I went with the Monolith THX 10, instead of the PB-1000, did I make the right choice?

    I was in the hunt for my first subwoofer, and after too many back and forth, I ended up going with the Monolith THX 10, instead of the SVS PB-1000, because supposedly should be a slightly a better sub and it had $50 off for Black Friday. However, I’m having that guilt and being doubtful after...
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