1. kev1987

    Question Advice wanted: KVM solution for USB-C/thunderbolt laptop and Desktop PC without USB-C output

    Have got a new home office and I'm looking to try and tidy up an existing KVM set up that I have from an old laptop. Looking for some advice/pointers. The ideal requirements are: USB-C with PD to connect from my Dell Latitude 7300 work laptop, and the kids' Chromebooks HDMI/VGA/Displayport and...
  2. E

    DV Video to Thunderbolt

    Hi, Can anyone assist with my video transfer connection please. I have found out my Panasonic NV-DX100 camcorder and Mini DV tapes. I want to transfer the tapes to my late 2014 5K iMac. The camcorder has what I believe is a Firewire DV output socket, the iMac has a Thunderbolt 2 port. I need...
  3. P

    USB C hub for thunderbolt 3 monitor

    Hi, I have a C34J791 Samsung thunderbolt 3 monitor and a macbook pro 2017. The monitor provides power to the mac with a single cable connection. I also need to use an ethernet connection. Ideally I’d like to have a single hub that I can connect to my mac and connect both ethernet and the...
  4. D

    Speed Issues: Lacie d2 professional Thunderbolt 3 6tb drive

    I bought and connected a new Lacie thunderbolt 3 d2 professional drive to my 2017 5k iMac with the supplied thunderbolt cable to replace my almost full 3 year old usb 3.0 drive. When it first installed I had issues with it spending hours spinning and indexing for spotlight. I eventually had to...
  5. Xstyle

    Thunderbolt 3 Cable, ACTIVE

    Hi all, What Thunderbolt 3 cables do you recommend please? Is there a cable manufacturer on these forums that does these, braided and strong? Cheapest on Amazon is £49, and not amazing reviews, but seems best choice at mo...
  6. U

    Please advise on setup

    Hi all, I am new to this forum (actually returned after a log time to be exact) so please be gentle :) I think I have posted this in the correct section but if not please do advise.. I have a Macbook Pro 15inch 2018 and I'm looking for advice on how to achieve the most efficient setup so that...
  7. Y

    HDMI to Thunderbolt 3 connection

    Hi, I'm trying to find out if I can output from HDMI, like on a PS4 Pro, to an input on this monitor- LG 24MD4KL-B. It only has Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C inputs. It's mainly meant to be used with Mac, which I have, but also wanted the option to play games with it as well. Everything I've search...
  8. virtualodin

    Monitor/monitors for 2019 Mac Mini

    I am about to upgrade my twin monitor set up run off a full spec'd 2019 Mac Mini to either a pair of 27" 4/5K monitors or a single ultrawide 4/5K with the same surface area. Part of the reason for the upgrade is the poor performance of my current HDMI/Thunderbolt3 to DVI converters. Aside from...
  9. Fade In

    Question Cheapest laptop with a Thunderbolt 3 port?

    I know that typically Thunderbolt 3 ports are found on newer Apple MacBook Airs/Pros as well as a few higher end laptops. I have various external storage hubs and other external devices with Thunderbolt 3 ports. I'm looking for a cheap (new) laptop that has at least one Thunderbolt 3 port...
  10. instigator

    Question Firewire 800 Audio interface with iMac Pro Thunderbolt 3?

    I'd love to use my much loved Saffire Pro 24 DSP audio interface with my new iMac Pro. I had been using it with my mid-2012 MacBook Pro 13" which actually has a firewire 800 port! it appears I need a 1) Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter and then a 2nd adapter to go from thunderbolt 2 to...
  11. V

    Question Thunderbolt 2 or other storage options for MacbookPro

    Hi All, Just upgrading the wife's MacbookPro to something newer (2015 13" MBP from a 2008 15") and one of the disadvantages is it comes with a tiny 128GB SSD which is smaler than her current 500GB SSD. I have had a look at upgrade options but they seem to be rather pricey for what they are as...
  12. RoadsterUK

    Apple Thunderbolt Display with built-in eGPU that never was.

    Of interest: Apple Thunderbolt Display with built-in eGPU that never was -
  13. amardilo

    Soundbar for a 27" Apple Thunderbolt Display

    I have a 27" Apple Thunderbolt display plugged into my PC (not a Mac) and I was wondering if there was a suitable looking soundbar that would sit under it (needs some feet so it can avoid the thin monitor stand). I'd like it to have an optical input and 2.1 audio would be great (no extra sub...
  14. M

    Question External Thunderbolt SSD to speed up my iMac

    Hi guys, My 2012 iMac used to be a beast i7 processor and 16GB ram but these days it is being held back by its hard disk. I intend to use an external thunderbolt SSD set up for the OS and a couple of my used programs.While keeping some of the less frequently used stuff and my iPhoto library on...
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