1. meagabyte

    SVS SB/PB3000 owner’s thread

    Couldn’t find one so thought I’d make one :clap: I get my SB3000 tomorrow and am surprisingly really exited. Coming from a PC2000 so should be a nice upgrade.
  2. Zone

    The "It's not valid but I'll post it anyway" Thread

    Musical Memories
  3. Matt Wood

    NBA Thread

    Does anyone watch the games on NBA.COM with the league pass and if so what`s picture quality like?
  4. mkohman

    4 x Sealed Dayton Audio Ultimax UM18-22 18" (Build Thread)

    Hey Guys, Thought it would be fun to create a build thread for my new crazy build which will consist of 4 x Dayton Ultimax 18" in sealed enclosures. The dimensions of each enclosure is 560mm (height) x 560mm (wide) x 548mm (deep), technically a traditional cubic style sub which is just over 4cu...
  5. Zone

    The "It's Not Valid But I'll Post It Anyway" Thread

    Essential Technology!
  6. Slinkywizard

    Sony VPL VW760ES owner's thread

    I totally get why this hasn't had an owner's thread up to this point. But since I just snaffled one up second-hand (didn't pay full price, thank God), I thought I'd start one.
  7. B

    Yamaha DSP-A1 - Damaged Speaker Socket - Advice...?

    I'm not 100% sure I'm posting in the most appropriate forum on this site, but anyway...I'll give it a go. I own an old Yamaha DSP-A1 home cinema amp. This one doesn't have banana sockets, just screw-in binding posts that only accept bare speaker wire (I think most of these amps were like this...
  8. Zone

    The "It's not valid but I'll post it anyway" thread

    Shadows :)
  9. rustybin

    Champions League Thread 18/19

    Draw taking place right now.
  10. MattyCB

    Denon AVR-X2500H Owners Thread

    Hi All Now the proud owner of one of these beauties but having some teething problems around Atmos playback. The unit shows the source as Atmos but even with Atmos selected as mode the Dolby Front Left and Right Speakers in the Info screen are not showing as engaged (not solid blue). Has anyone...
  11. snerkler

    Another "the moon" thread ;)

    Bizarre that two of us decided to take pics of the moon last night. Here's my effort (see next post for ad avoidance)
  12. S

    Another help me spec on ceiling Atmos speakers thread

    Hi, I know there seems to be a lot of these threads but I can't find much mentioning some of the speakers I'm looking at. I've got Monitor Audio bronze in a 5.1 config with an MK sub. Planning on 5.1.4 currently and the current thinking is the receiver will be a Denon X6400. I've been looking...
  13. D

    For Sale Phantom Thread 4K with slip - Watched once

    As per title, watched once (enjoyed it), with code, blu ray and slip. Price and currency: £16.50 Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country Payment method: Bank transfer or cash on collection Location: Trowbridge Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised elsewhere Prefer goods...
  14. Racquel Darrian

    John Carpenter's The Thing Discussion Thread(Please add spoiler tags)

    I've decided to start a discussion thread on this amazing movie and anything connected with it. Previous discussion can be found here: Shout Factory 3 disc The Thing Steelbook Please do not read this thread until you have seen this film or are not bothered about seeing spoilers. If you come...
  15. R

    Samsung NU8000 Owners Thread

    Hi guys looking to pick one of these up looks fantastic for gaming on. Pairing with a Xbox One X it supports every function low input lag lactency, freesync, 120hz. 4K HDR. From what I have read on the gaming front its one of the best tv's to buy in 2018. Has anyone got one that can give...
  16. jjgreenwood

    The Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL

    As the Pixel 2 thread is starting to clutter up with Pixel 3 stuff I thought I'd kick off the Pixel 3 thread. Supposed to be 3 models this year with one of them actually being quite affordable. So what do we know? Snapdragon 845 Processor probably a given Dual Front cameras 8mp cited by many...
  17. rmonkey100

    Hisense 65/75 U9A Owners Thread

    Has anyone bought one of these yet? Hisense's new flagship 2018 TV, they came out with just a 75inch version originally, but have now released the 65 inch version for a retail price of £1999, which seems a great price for the features! Experience Premium ULED's brilliant brightness...
  18. Zone

    The "It's not valid but I'll post it anyway" Thread

    Self Portrait/Selfies :D
  19. S

    Optoma UHD 51 / 51A 4k Projector Owners Thread

    Hi all, I came looking for threads on this projector, but as there wasn't a single consolidated reference I thought I'd best create one. I'll be completely honest, this is an unashamed attempt to harvest the experience and results of users out there who know more about setting stuff like this up...
  20. Nobbler

    The what's turned, and is turning 4K DV/HDR/Dolby Atmos on Apple TV thread.

    To try and keep the bargains thread exactly that - heads ups for bargains in iTunes (not everybody's ATV is 4K capable after all..;) ), I think I would be a good idea to raise awareness of any films that have recently turned 4K either Dolby Vision (DV) or High Dynamic Range (HDR) in this thread...
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