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  1. G

    Projecting iPad screen to Samsung The Frame 43" 4k in Portrait / small image

    Hello, I have a Samsung The Frame 43" 4k TV that was just purchased. I want to use it in Portrait mode and project an iPhone and/or iPad image to it. I have tried two things: a) connecting the iPad via Apple TV device using Airplay and 2) using a direct cable connection with a lightning to...
  2. C

    Samsung 75-inch The Frame v Sony 75-inch X90H

    Was looking at getting one of these TVs and both are the same price. I was leaning towards the Sony because of its full array, but I've heard there are issues with vignetting on Sonys FALDs and this has put some doubt in my mind. The Samsung is QLED. The TV is for general family viewing and in...
  3. R Totale

    Advice on Samsung's The Frame TV

    I am considering purchasing Samsung's new 2021 The Frame TV in the 65" model. I have been reading reviews of the TV, as well as comments on this site, but the more I read the more confused I get about whether this would be a good choice. Any advice from people on here would be greatly...
  4. DJ Dunk

    The Frame 2021 32" Measurements?

    Does anyone have The Frame 2021 model 32"? I need to know the measurements of where the OneConnect port is on the rear of the set so my wall entry point can be correctly positioned. The wall is being chased out by the builders for the conduit, but the outlet needs to be in the right place. Any...
  5. A

    Samsung The Frame (2021) and Xbox Series X - Game port problem

    Hi everyone! At home we have two The Frame (2021) and Xbox Series X. Both setups have worked splendidly together for the past few months until suddenly yesterday there was a problem. One of the sets suddenly refused to display the Xbox screen at all and just showed the "check source power"...
  6. A

    The Frame remote problems

    Thanks for trying to help me here. I bought an Open Box 75” The Frame from Best Buy. It didn’t come with a remote, but that didn’t bother me at 50% off. The TV works great, one connect box seems to be great, but I have tried 4 universal remotes that claim compatibility, but no luck. Power...
  7. tommyturbo

    Samsung The Frame (2021) Suppliers

    Hi, It seems John Lewis has the monopoly on 50" frames at the moment. Does anybody know of any others?
  8. balsaq

    Samsung The Frame (2021) 43"+ Portrait/Vertical Mode

    Hi there, Does anyone know if the 2021 version of the Frame (sizes 43" and above) allows for portrait/vertical mode? And also if the included wall bracket allows for this? I'm seeing conflicting information online where some sources are saying it exists and some aren't Cheers
  9. J

    Samsung the Frame - size/measurement question for the 65" 2020

    Hi there Hope someone can help me. I've just bought a 2020 65" The Frame TV and its arriving on Thursday. I need to get the wall ready (dealing with previous installations, holes, bits of the wall chased out). If you have one of these, would you mind doing me a favour? I need to know the height...
  10. P

    The Frame 2021, what's new?

    Hi, does anyone know the differences between the 2020 model and the new 2021 model of Samsung The Frame? The only differences I have been able to find by browsing the web is the thickness, the remote control, increased internal storage and the motion sensor. Does anyone know of any other...
  11. RossMartin82

    Samsung The Frame 2020 32" Questions

    Hi there, I wondered if anyone could help answer some questions I have about the 32" Samsung The Frame 2020 TV. It is the first time I have bought any of the Frame models, but I do know a few people who have them and they look great. I am installing the TV in the bedroom while it is being...
  12. M

    Samsung Frame 55 - Does it include the frame!

    Sounds a stupid question but the more I look the more it seems the TV does not include a frame /bezel. I just bought one from currys on the black Friday deal, a couple of questions. Do I need to buy a separate frame ? How bad is the stuttering on this TV? Worth cancelling the order for ?
  13. D

    Question Is Art mode unique to The Frame?

    Looking for a 65" TV and love the concept of Art Mode shown off by The Frame, but you seem to be be paying a premium for this feaure at the expense of TV spec. I assume what is unique about The Frame would be the customisable bezel and the sensor, but Im not really bothered about these.. I just...
  14. J

    Samsung The Frame 2020 65LS03T & One Connect Cable Option

    Hi all I am getting conflicting information from suppliers. Basically, for what I want to achieve at home the 5m cable that comes with the 2020 model would not be long enough - I am being told by a supplier that they have checked twice with Samsung and VG-SOCR15 (2019 model) cable option will...
  15. B

    The Frame Installation

    Firstly, apologies because I'm sure this has been asked multiple times buy my searching skills are not up to scratch. I'm looking at buying the 55" The Frame (2020) for my bedroom and I already have a flat plate plug socket and aerial/ethernet midway up my wall (not recessed but flush with the...
  16. J

    The Frame tv wall installation query

    Hi all, so we have a new 32 inch wall mounted Th Frame, looks good so far but my query is running bothe the single connect cable and aerial to the unit, Online it says keep aerial at least 6 inches from power cables but as both the sockets on the rear of the tv are very close surely this goes...
  17. M

    Samsung the frame Tv

    Hi , I’m wondering if the Samsung “ the frame “ TVs are any good? I’ve got a chance to buy Samsung QE55LS03RAUXXU (2019) for £575. Is this a good deal for this TV? Any thoughts please.
  18. A

    Samsung “The Frame” QE55LS03TAUXXU Constantly Clicking!!!

    Hi All. I recently ordered the above tv from curry’s and had it professionally wall mounted, then within two weeks it started making this clicking noise, similar to that of a computer mouse, The noise persisted and I tried moving it onto a unit and it still continued , so I phoned curry’s and...
  19. F

    Question Calibration settings for Samsung “The Frame” 2020

    Hi all, I’m new to this forum and looking for some help. I have recently purchased a Samsung “The Frame” 2020 and am looking to get the most out of the TV. Anyone know of the best calibration settings for the picture on the TV? I’ve looked online and have found some suggestions on
  20. nitram_tpr

    Question What spec screen does "The Frame" have?

    I'm looking to buy a 49" or 50" tv. I'm curious about "the frame" line of TVs from Samsung, would they be the equivalent to the Q80 or Q90 in tech/PQ? TIA, Martin
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