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  1. P

    How to make the best out of audiophile headphones on the PS5 ?

    For this console generation I decided to get some decent pair of headphones. Right know i am looking at the Beyerdynamics DT880 and Tygr 300 R. The thing I didn't know is the fact, that these types of headphones seemingly need more power to really shine. Lot of people on other forums think...
  2. F

    MAVIC AIR 2 - The best settings for NIGHT VIDEO!

    Hi guys, I took my Mavic Air 2 out to test its video settings at night and here are my findings. Hopefully useful to some of you?
  3. O

    Streaming the best quality possible (Sony DH790)

    Hi I have a Sony dh790 that supports Bluetooth. Is there any point using tidal over Spotify when streaming music? I’ve tried both and when I press information both say 44.1khz sampling rate.I also have sky q which supports airplay. I know the receiver had a hi red audio sticker and apparently...
  4. herespaulo

    What’s the best HDR TV under 50”?

    I noticed that a lot of high-end HDR TVs are 55” and over, but that’s too big big for our space. So, I’m looking for a quality HDR TV that’s under 50” (ideally 43”, but can go a bit larger). I’ll be using it for gaming and movies primarily. Thanks for any help!
  5. C

    Question which is the best and most reliable active display port 1.4 to hdmi 2.0 adapter?

    want to build a HTPC with an intel i3 10th gen. it seems nearly all boards have dp 1.4 and hdmi 1.4. obviously i need hdmi 2.0 for 4k hdr10. so i thought maybe use an active dp to hdmi adapter, as some boards with hdmi 2.0 seem to use an adapter on the motherboard anyway. trouble is this pc...
  6. IWC Dopplel

    Any ideas of the best way to connect my MacBook Pro to my (old ) office audio system ?

    I have a nice shiny new MacBook Pro and want to find the best way to play audio through an old office system I use to play TIDAL via ethernet and the MacBook is fairly limited with connection options, so hoping to perhaps use USB C to drive the naim ? Back of the naim The Mac has 4...
  7. toplad39

    Question Hi there. What would be the best projector to buy for outside viewing under a gazebo?

    I currently have an Optoma HD 200X from new which has been brilliant for indoor but just not bright enough. Thanks
  8. J

    Question Selecting the best picture settings.

    Panasonic TV is connected to a Sky Q box HDMI port with the Sky box set to 2160p with the options of 1080i or 1080p. I read somewhere that if I select 1080 unsure which one the TV will upgrade the picture instead of the Sky box achieving better picture quality. Is this correct and I select 1080i...
  9. JCXDenton

    This could be the best time to buy Ge-force RTX Cards!

    Link: (Actually,within the next coming weeks...
  10. Micah

    Question What's the best solution? Give me something as good as an iMac for my Windows dilemma!

    Slightly ambiguous topic title, but here's my dilemma: Like most people now, I am working from home for at least the next 2 weeks. When I'm in the office, my work computer is a Microsoft Surface Pro 7, with the proper dock and two Dell 23" monitors. Now I'm home, I'm finding it hard working on...
  11. KevMitch73

    Whats the best Apple TV connection?

    Hi, I'm just wanting to make sure I have all the correct cables, etc. for connection when my box arrives. I'm seeing a few options for connecting the box to the TV, some via the AVR along with an optical cable and also direct to the TV. What would you guys suggest is the best to make the most...
  12. J

    Question Looking for the best budget (<$500) 2 channel amp with rca outs

    Want to bi amp my speakers with my tube SET on top and solid state on bottom would like 90w-150w RMS @ 4Ω –– ADVERTISEMENT ––
  13. JAYKOP

    Question Whats the best i9 9900k 360 aio liquid cooler on the market????

    Any advice or info much appreciated...
  14. M

    Question What is the best path of upgrade for my setup?

    Hi, I am looking for some advice as to what is going to yield the best improvement to my system. I have a Marantz SR6012 powering a pair of Artcoustic DF 75-55 X2 as left and right, Artcoustic DFC150-36 as center, B&W M1 as surrounds, and 4 yamaha ceiling speakers for Atmos. I also have a...
  15. Faust

    Which is the best picture pre-set for my LG 49SJ800V TV?

    I have what is now an older LG TV i.e. 49SJ800V. I still struggle with deciding which is the best picture format for this TV. I have an Apple TV 4K and that looks great through the LG when outputting HDR. However, for all other material i.e. Netflix and Prime standard subscriptions, Sky Q and...
  16. IWC Dopplel

    Anything new likely on the player Horizon ?

    I just wondered if we have seen the best from Denon, Pioneer, Marantz, Panasonic for a while ?
  17. Bummers

    Question Which would be the best compromise in this situation?

    After a lengthy house refurb I'm close to the tv buying stage. From the attached pic the tv will be going in the corner near the window. This straight away gives my first OLED going to struggle with that much light from the windows? 2nd problem, viewing angles - i intend to have...
  18. T

    Question Which one of these TVs has the best picture quality?

    Hello, which one of these TVs would be the best in terms of picture quality for 4k content and also 1080p upscaling? Philips 50PUS7334 Sony KD49XG8396 Hisense 50U7B
  19. Stuart Wright

    Even the best satnav doesn’t quite get it right

    I use Waze as my satnav as I’ve found it to be the best from the ones I’ve used. Driving today and the default route set takes exactly the same amount of time but is 30 miles further. Waze isn’t quite there, yet in terms of choosing the optimal route. The default: The obvious choice:
  20. C

    Question whats the best settings for DTV on the xf9005? getting flicker on panning shots.

    tried some different combo's of settings in the motion tab but still notice flicker on whole screen panning.
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