1. B

    Can someone explain lenses and what means what and which I would need thanks?

    I'm looking to get the Sony A7iii. I will do mostly videography, interviews and some sports or faster moving objects. I would also like to get into estate agent photography. Which lenses would I need or would one lense do all. I get confused looking as they are all different and I'm not sure...
  2. 1

    Good luck and thanks for the lolz

    I'm out. I'm not even a 'distinguished member' but I know not to post anymore. I see myself landing in some deep poop. I'm always lit when I post. Not good for a family forum. Adios amigos. Good luck in 2022.
  3. D

    So long and thanks for the fish.
  4. L

    Was looking for some guidance on av choices. Thanks

    Hello been going over information on here for the last few months and have learned more then I ever cared to about all things audio and video. Still would like to ask for some help on picking a direction to go for a av receiver. Some info on theater items I already have. speakers: projector...
  5. D

    So Long and thanks for all the fish...

    I just wanted so so long to all of my friends and acquaintances on AVF. I have asked for my account and details to be deleted. I felt for a while that I am no longer a good fit of these forums and that I have asked for my account to be closed and deleted. There are now too many trolls one...
  6. Reggieandme

    Sky Q lnb and Panasonic 65 inch oled tv sat inputs.

    I have looked everywhere but cannot find info on if skyq wife and lnb will work with it? Thanks Does anyone know if the lnb work on my new Tv? Thanks
  7. L

    Best budget 50” TV for the bedroom, recommendations needed!

    Hi guys as the title states I’m looking for a good budget 50” TV for mine and the missus’s bedroom, mainly just when we fancy a chilled lazy day instead of being in the living room. I spent around £1500 just before Xmas on a Sony Bravia 65” XH9505 for the living room and I absolutely love it...
  8. BPDan

    Question LG 55UH850V Put Out To Pasture

    Hey there everyone, Dan here. Long time viewer first time signer upper questioner. This seems to be the go to place for knowledgeable people on the subject of televisions. Currently I’ve got into a mess searching for new tv and would really appreciate some advice if that’s possible. My LG...
  9. Tyler Durden

    Question 4k or 1080p Projector Recommendations - Budget <£1000 - Thanks in advance.

    Are there any? Are they any good?
  10. bay73

    Move posts to classified

    Is it possible for a mod to move my two for sale posts to classifieds or am I able to do it? Thanks.
  11. H

    Budget Home Cinema - thanks for the advice

    Hi All My journey into Home Cinema began two years ago, in these forums. We now have a dedicated Home Cinema room and primarily watch Blu Rays. I’m really happy with the budget setup and wanted to post about it here, to acknowledge those who have helped, and also provide some info which may...
  12. I

    Thanks (job completed at long last)

    I have (eventually) installed the aerial thingy in the loft and all is well. Thank you everyone for your advice. I really couldn't have done it without you.
  13. D

    Coming from Samsung HU8200, would love some advice! (thanks!)

    TL;DR - wanting to spend £1 - £2k on a new set.. advice? Hi guys! These forums have been a wonderful source of advice to me over the years (almost overwhelmingly so lol) and now I'd love some opinions from you! 5 or 6 years ago I upgraded from an old 42" plasma to an LG EC930v OLED. It was a...
  14. greentg

    LG 77C9 Calibration - Many thanks to [email protected]

    I'd like to give a big thanks to [email protected], for coming round today in order to calibrate my 77C9. As usual it was a very pleasurable and informative experience and I never fail to marvel at his patience and desire to the ensure that the screen is as accurate as he can possibly make...
  15. B


    I've used AV forums to check specifications of OLED TV's and have been able to create a suitable short list. I've now been able to purchase a super 2019 model at a very good price. So thank you for such a super website 😊
  16. E

    Question New Gaming PC advice. Thanks

    Hi all. Looking to get back into PC gaming but don’t want to spend too much. Would this be much cop for the price? HP Pavilion 690-0040na - 7EC02EA Gaming Desktop PC, | Read good reviews of the GFX, and always add in another 8gb RAM. Any advice gratefully received.
  17. tvdavid

    sony kdl-40rd453 vs lg 42lk450u which is the best thanks?

    Hi I picked up a used sony kdl-40rd453 TV is like new still even has the plastic over it maybe it was to small or big for them to use but its all working good. the LG is 2 inches bigger though which TV do you think works best for youtube and browsing on? commented to a PC and for viewing...
  18. tvdavid

    Poor prices whens next best time to buy a TV thanks?

    I was looking at a TV to buy at Christmas however my paypal was hacked lost over £1200 so yet to get a refund which is really annoying. my budget is now much less I have about £500 to £600 for a 55 inch TV. looking at the Samsung ru800 or LG UM7400 55 inch TVs now. notice no decent deals or...
  19. wguk

    Any good Android App of remote control for Philips TV?

    Using PUS8204/12 ambilight model. Thanks
  20. Nothin

    Thanks for the help.

    Hello, I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who posted information that helped me make the quickest tech purchase I've ever made, 8 days from deciding I wanted to buy a new TV to actually ordering (usually takes me months, even buying a toaster :facepalm:). Thanks especially to...
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