1. C

    Looking for pin sharp text from a projector

    I'm looking for a projector that will take the place of a computer monitor. I don't need a particulary massive image size - 30 inches or even less would be fine. Most important is that text is sharp, hopefully as sharp as on a decent monitor - is that a realistic hope?! A short throw is probably...
  2. buddy777

    Question Samsung 65 " 8k tv wont get BBC TEXT pages

    It Just says not available.can get these pages on a lg tv in another room.Any ideas please?
  3. Del 80

    Archos Access 50 Text Sound

    Anyone know how to add a text alert sound on Archos Access 50.......currently only getting vibrate alert of incoming text.....Thanks,
  4. softamad

    Question Can I add simple text to an image using PhotoScape X on Windows 10?

    I used PhotoScape on Windows 7 earlier, but now I'm using Photoscape X on Windows 10. Since I'm new to this new version of image editor, I'm not finding the right way to add texts to an image. Can anyone help me on how to do this? Thanks in advance.
  5. brothman01

    Question How to schedule a text message to send later on iPhone 11

    I was using an Android phone before and I switched back to iPhone (which I used to use before the Android) and I cannot seem to find a feature that allows me to schedule a text message to be sent at a certain time which was a functionality that I used on the Android multiple times every day. I...
  6. Mathematiques Modernes

    Arcam CD72T reads/displays text on CDRs and SACD but not on regular CD's?

    Arcam CD72T displays text on CDRs and SACD but no Text on regular CD's? Is this a drive issue or something else?
  7. Paul97

    Amazfit GTS text notifications

    Hi, My wife has just set up her GTS but can not get SMS text notifications to display on her watch, she receives call notifications fine but no texts, can anyone please help. Thanks
  8. D

    Question Text button on remote not working

    We recently bought a 50ins Samsung RU7100 HDR Smart 4K tv and would like to know how to configure the text button for subtitles. Pressing it does not work, closed captioning or subtitles are very important at our house as we have a seriously hearing impaired senior living with us. Thank you in...
  9. S

    Question Hybrid Watch that shows text message content?

    I'm looking for a hybrid smart watch that will display at least the first few words of a text message or scroll through the first part of a text message on a screen instead of just vibrating to tell me I have a text message. Is there anything like that out there? I have an iPhone and do not care...
  10. E

    LG 86UK6500PLA and Text

    Just acquired this monster 86 TV which works fine but surprised it does not support TEXT for BBC channels. LG say TEXT is no longer used but this is nonsense as The BBC say TEXT is for use without the internet and iplayer with the internet. Am I being fobbed off by LG?
  11. M

    how do you recover text from a text document/notepad

    hi i have got a little problem if anyone can help me with this problem how do you recover text from a text document/notepad i was able to recover my text document/notepad file off a other hard drive but for some reason the text is not in English it is Encrypt so how do i Decrypt it back to...
  12. T

    Question PC to TV random text screen fuzziness blurriness problem

    Panasonic TX-58DX902B MSI GTX 1080 gaming X Hi all I have a problem using my desktop PC with a 4K Panasonic LED TV as a monitor at 1080p resolution. (I also have a 1080p PC monitor which does not display this problem). Happens when running the 4K TV at 1080p but is not present at 2160p The...
  13. N

    Question Can you please help

    Hello avforums I have just joined the community to try and find answers to the following questions relating to a mobile phone: 1) Who sets the limit of characters in a text message (phone manufacturer or service provider)? 2) How do you stop a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini from changing a group text...
  14. MaisieStar81

    Text across screen (BBC channels)

    My parents have a Panasonic TX-40DS500B and for the last month of so BBC 1 and 2 have been covered in text. It is line after line of nonsense text (looks like computer coding) that covers the whole screen. After calling a phone number (someone that was listed on the help section of their TV) it...
  15. D

    Question Can't receive full text message

    Would appreciate any help with an annoying issue... I use an old, non-smart Motorola 'phone on ASDA mobile. Sometimes, when I receive a text message, only part of the text message comes through followed by an on-screen message: *\Missing Text\* Usually, this missing text arrives (as part of the...
  16. P

    Using Cortana for Text to speech?

    On Windows 10 PC, is it possible use Text to Speech to read a document in Cortana's Voice? I'd like to use it as a voiceover in a video.
  17. Dvdm22

    Issue with html style text on screen

    Yesterday my Panasonic DMR-HWTT250 started displaying a screen full of html style text over the picture but only when viewing BBC1 or 2 (example attached). All other channels are fine and the pic is fine on direct TV. I've raised it with the supplier but wondered if anyone on here has more...
  18. AVUncleBob

    Question LG 49SJ800V - Screen glow with white text on black background

    Hi, We've recently bought an LG 49SJ800V TV and have been really pleased with it. There is one minor issue that I'd like some advice on though ... When there is white text on a black background there is a very slight glow such that the area of the screen with the text is less black than the...
  19. pop80_uk

    Question Upgraded to IOS 11.3 now black bold text everywhere. Help!

    Hey all, Ive upgraded to IOS 11.0.3 and since I have huge BOLD text at the top of my email and messages MESSAGES shown in bold huge text at the top and the same for email. Any ideas how to make it vanish? Thanks
  20. AV Happy

    Question text is blacked out/redacted in windows 10

    Hi, I hope someone on here may be able to help me. I have been trying for a few days to solve a problem with my PC. When on the internet I keep getting areas of text which are blocked out a bit like the form has been 'redacted' I have attached a typical example to show you what I mean. I had...
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