1. L

    Advice on testing replacement OLED panel

    My trusty LG B6 OLED tv is having its panel replacing after a random vertical line appeared on the screen. Given my old panel was pretty damn good for four and a half years, with no screen burn in or other issues, I’m a little paranoid over the replacement not being to par (I’m amazed they can...
  2. V

    Covid Tests & Return to UK Query (Amber)

    2 questions. 1. Can the government issued Lateral Flow tests be taken with you when travelling and used as a 'fit to fly' return test? 2. Assuming you can get a booking, could you get an NHS PCR test and use that as the Day 2 'arrival back in the UK' test? I'm looking at booking a last...
  3. M

    Testing a new OLED

    I have just ordered a new Sony 65 A80J and its my first OLED I have read a lot about panel uniforminty and dirty screens ect how or what is the best way to test the panel is good and not faulty needs a replacement? I know it will take a while to run in to look its best.
  4. C

    Android app for testing battery wear

    Can anyone suggest an App for testing Battery wear on a Android Phone. I see many phones for sale that claim they have only been tested and are good as new, just want to be sure that there batteries are near to 100% health, been caught out in the past with phones that look new but batteries...
  5. dmpzsn

    Road testing cars

    Over the last week I've test driven three different cars. Two Peugeots and a Citroen. I've been a customer of the Citroen garage for many years, but at no time have they ever reminded me that my cars lease is coming up for renewal. The difference between the two garages was a lot, the Peugeot...
  6. Howardfh

    Plans for "twice weekly self testing"

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/05/twice-weekly-lateral-flow-covid-tests-england-lockdown-boris-johnson Whoa there - won't that increase the number of cases found, including false positives, and push us back into lockdown again despite the continuing fall of the death and admission...
  7. T

    Question How do you test soundproofing?

    Hi all I'm building a cinema room, and I want to test how much sound leaks out through it at each stage of the build. I plan to buy a sound level meter like this one (recommendations for a good one on a budget welcome): What I don't know is what we should use to play the test sounds, what...
  8. CooperUK

    Testing times...

    Sent home from work yesterday (healthcare - plus I spent 24 hours over two days in a local hospital supporting a patient just over a week ago) with a high temp and cough that came on rather rapidly. Lungs hurt. Have also been affected by 'olfactory hallucinations' (smelling smoke), Managed to...
  9. notbehd

    Question Testing Uniformity/DSE

    Are there any recommended testing materials I can use for when my TV arrives? I've seen people using a greyish solid colour does it have to be specific? Thanks!
  10. LotusElan

    F1 Winter Testing

    Surprised there's no mention of this in here yet. 19-21 FEB, PRE-SEASON TEST 1, Barcelona 26-28 FEB, PRE-SEASON TEST 2, Barcelona https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.formula-1-pre-season-testing-dates-confirmed-for-2020.6GVWbMDowXoePyrfMGgSkf.html Is this going to be on Sky again...
  11. G

    Can I input a signal & direct it to any output?

    For testing purposes is there some set of Decoder settings that allow me to input a L + R signal and direct it exclusively to any of the 6 or 8 channels my receiver supports? I'm overwhelmed by the manual and something like this (mono signal >> any channel) doesn't seem to be covered.
  12. 1

    Capacity Testing of new SDHC cards

    Probably an old topic but having bought some new 16Gb cards ( before they become obsolete / expensive per Gb), I find I need to test them. From my Master copies one folder is 13Gb which looks about right. I formatted the card FAT32 (as I suspect this is the format the Camcorder will use )-...
  13. J

    Real world Optoma UHD51 input lag testing

    Hello everyone, basically this post relates to my observations with input lag although I do briefly mention picture quality too. I've just added this post on a thread titled "Optoma UHD51A: 4K HDR 3D DLP Projector... w/ Alexa" on the US forum AVSforum. Although I'm from the UK I've been...
  14. L

    hisense h55m7000 issue. Firmware beta testing

    This topic concerns only those who will test the beta firmware for this TV kindly prepared by hisense technicians. So no questions or requests from those who do not participate in these tests I paste under the problems reported with the answers of our hisense technique. please if write in this...
  15. W

    Testing amp and speakers prior to fixing

    Hi I'm in the middle of living room build. The cabling is all in. Would it be advisable to plug on the amp and test the speakers? It sounds like an obvious answer, but the amp is still in the box The electrician has offered to come out and test everything with me on Saturday, bit it will be...
  16. F

    Testing the water, but what are my options?

    Hi all, Well, having now owned a LG 55 oled C7, Denon avr 2400 and a Dali Zensor speaker package since November and not having set any of it up yet due to waiting for building work to be completed I finally managed to unbox it yesterday to work out where to fix the tv bracket before carpet...
  17. Joe Pineapples

    New memory stick testing...odd behaviour

    Just bought a SanDisk Ultra Flair 32 GB USB 3.0 stick and been testing it with crystaldiskmark and usb flash benchmark, with both giving similar results. That is, when I first plug the stick in, I get results about one third of those expected. If I then physically remove (software eject...
  18. B

    Testing In-Ceiling Speakers

    I tried searching for the topic but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, so forgive me if this has been asked before. I'm looking for ideas on how to test and compare in-ceiling speakers to get a good idea of the difference in sound between several models/brands for my home. I'm wanting...
  19. C

    Question Testing refurbished TV for faults

    Hi, I awaiting delivery of a refurbished Samsung UE55KS7000 that I purchased from Richer Sounds. I was wondering how to check whether the TV panel has any faults or not. I found this link from Samsung, which indicates that there are built-in diagnostic tests. How do I run a picture test...
  20. D

    Testing power leads with non contact ac detector

    Is it worth it, or is it nonsense? This guy seems to suggest that they shouldn't 'leak': A non contact AC detector is an inexpensive item to buy, so I could get one and test to see if any of my cables are 'leaking'. But I am confused as to whether that is a meaningful test. I suppose it is...
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