1. M

    Question How to test HDMI output

    Hi, Sorry for my basic question but my setup has been static for some time with a Pioneer VSX521K until it was recently moved by some workmen who need to move my TV cabinet. Since then I am not getting any output from the Pioneer. I need to figure out if it is complete broken before looking for...
  2. Johnorama

    the 85 test... anything anyone wants to see?

    managed to get a great deal on a canon 85mm 1.2 ii, so plan on putting it to the test vs my sigma art 85mm 1.4 the loser will have to go! anything I should specifically test for, or anyone considering either have anything theyd like me to pit vs the other?
  3. craigy_b

    Nissan Leaf - Weekend Test Drive

    After a chance conversation with my brother last weekend and a segment on Radio Scotland on the Monday I decided to look into electric cars and took a trip to my Nissan dealership. They offered me a four day test drive of the Nissan Leaf which I collected on Friday. The car is due to go back...
  4. mr starface

    Online Excel Tests

    My OH has to re-apply for her job at work and one of the things they are doing is testing everyone on Excel via some sort of multiple choice online test. Does anyone here know of any sites where she could practice taking such a test? Seems stupid to me having mulitple choice for Excel as there...
  5. jassco

    Nissan Leaf 30kwh - the long journey test

    The wife and I are almost certainly going to be purchasing a 30kwh leaf in the next month or so, and we're getting one on loan for a lifestyle test drive (essentially an extended test for a few days). We're getting it from Nissan Lookers in Newcastle on Friday, and we're going to be driving to...
  6. armourdillo

    2.35:1 Test Pattens/Images

    Hi everyone, I am moving from a 16:9 screen to a 2.35:1 screen. The image will be zoomed at the moment so no anamorphic ones yet. I am looking to project onto a plan wall then build the screen using PSM screen material. What I am looking for are some images with the correct screen ratios at...
  7. locomania

    how to do a picture test on oled B6v

    Hi i have been facing issues with my oled B6v. and i have been asked by LG to do a picture test before they will send an engineer out to visit for a fault with my tv. i currently have 4 dead pixels and major color banding on the screen, it either goes bright green with a red line down the or...
  8. C

    Question Participants wanted to test new on-street charging system

  9. scottiefraser

    Question Onkyo TX-SR343 HDR or not? How to test?

    i have the Onkyo 343 and I'm contemplating getting into the UHD Blu Ray world with a Panasonic player. Problem is though is I'm not sure whether my Amp will pass through HDR. There's conflicting information out there whether it will or not so wondering if anyone has one and has tried it. I know...
  10. Waynej

    Netflix users - please try this flicker/juddering test

    *If you'd like to skip straight to the test I have put the short steps in bold further down the page. Please post your findings. Thanks! I've noticed an issue with juddering/flickering during panning shots on bright objects or when there's a mix of bright and dark. I began to think it was...
  11. hander

    Anyone got a Epson EH-TW6600 and able to snap some text projected

    Trying to work out if there's a problem with a new TW6600. I'm getting green pixels around text (will add photo later). I'm wondering whether it's inherent or a fault. I have a TW5300 for comparsion here too, and it's fine. Any owners care to comment?
  12. raptor

    British superbike test day at Oulton park

    Niped out to Oulton park to the BSB test day got some good shots but like this one as i was using an old 85mm f1.8 D lens just to see how it works on fast moving stuff. Camera Nikon D7200 Lens Nikon 85mm f1.8 D software dxo optics pro 10 elite & photoshop Ducati panigale by Daz, on...
  13. Steve Stifler

    What bird sounds like a room correction test tone?

    Now don't laugh! The last few days I've been hearing a bird's song in gardens nearby and it sounds just like the calibration tone for room correction on Audy, Dirac etc. Any of you budding ornithologists know which feathered AV nut this might be? I don't think its a chiffchaff, which varies...
  14. D

    For Sale Megger Electrical Test Equipment x 3

    Complete electrician's test kit comprising the following units; 1 x Megger LTW325 Earth Loop Tester 1 x Megger MIT320 Insulation and Continuity Tester 1 x Megger RCDT320 RCD Tester Assorted cables, probe, croc clips and case. These units are all fully functional and in excellent working...
  15. M

    Switch durability test

    Don't try this at home ...
  16. Stuart Wright

    DJI ND16 filter test with various colour settings

    Found the ND16 filter works best to be able to use ISO100 and Shutter 50 when it's sunny.
  17. M

    Question Best way to test "real" screen resolution, test patterns?

    Hi, I'm looking into buying a 4k tv, i've read somewhere that there are screens that advertise themselves as 4k and fool you with the resolution but in fact the real resolution is different, so i searched about how to find the real resolution and came up with this Test Your 4K Device True...
  18. Ugg10

    Quick Samyang 14mm f2.8 test

    So, got my Samyang manual 14mm f2.8 lens this week for my Canon 6D so thought I'd do a quick test to see what it performs like, so details below - Baseline - Canon 24-105 f4.0 IS USM L (Kit lens) at 24mm Scene - single picture of my front drive, lots of texture, trees and sky so should be good...
  19. Apsilon

    For Sale Test

    Test Price and currency: £10 Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country Payment method: BT Location: Manchester Advertised elsewhere?: Advertised elsewhere Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference ______________________________________________________ This message is...
  20. I

    Good Atmos or DTS X test scenes?

    hi just got some upfiring atmos speakers and set them up yesterday. Unfortunately due to lack of time didn't get to test them out really well but initial reactions are not getting much benefit and think it is down to me needing to tinker with speaker settings and re run set up again So can...
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