1. F

    Can you test a tweeter with a multimeter

    I have a couple of tweeter which I would like to test, is it possible to test them with a multimeter? Or any suggestions on how to test them?
  2. Brummy1875

    For Sale Free rainbow six siege test server code

    Free rainbow six siege test server uplay code i akready have the test server so this can go to someone who wants it, ideally someone with 10+posts Price and currency: free Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country Payment method: NA Location: birmingham Advertised elsewhere?: Not...
  3. Don Dadda

    Where to test Tube/Valves and Valve tester

    Hi good folks of AVF Would anybody know where i can get Tube/valves and a valve tester checked/tested in the London area - preferably South London. I'd found a Max Funke K.G. 590 Adenau /Eifel and a couple of boxes of Tube valves (Mullards, NEC, and a couple other makes) in the loft when we...
  4. TaurusDevil

    Heritage DNA Test.

    Has anyone on here ever done one of these? Worth it? How much more do you find out?
  5. piston broke

    Has anyone done an ancestry DNA test?

    Wife and I are thinking about getting an ancestry test for a bit of a chuckle - has anyone had it done? Cheers:thumbsup:
  6. D

    50 US States Interactive Test

    Try your hand at placing all 50 US states and see how many you get right. Tell us your score. This is a fun test. https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3003 Underneath the map there's also a drop down list allowing you to play variations on the game, but do the default one first and see how you...
  7. rousetafarian

    Wanted Test

    Location: Home ______________________________________________________ This message is automatically inserted in all classifieds forum threads. By replying to this thread you agree to abide by the trading rules detailed here. Please be advised, all buyers and sellers should satisfy themselves...
  8. Silva Lining

    Question AV amp plays test tone but speaker not always working...

    I have a Pioneer Ax2as that I picked up used. It works great but it’s old connection wise. Anyway. The rear left speaker often doesn’t work when the amp has been off for a while. As soon I go into channel level it plays the test tone and the sound comes from the speaker ... Then it seems to...
  9. stegalv

    test scenes

    anyone suggest some of the best test scenes for atmos surround.. i have the yamaha rx-3050 amp and a seperate amp for the extra two speakers. it sounds really good as a room filling sound,but am a bit disappointed with individual sounds from the surrounds and ceiling mounted speakers,not...
  10. Bramtastic73

    Answered Your favourite film to test your system

    So I've almost completed my dedicated home cinema room. I'll showcase some photos when I'm finished, but I wanted to get members' opinions on their best/favourite films. What is your go-to movie for testing or show casing your home cinema system? Which film do you feel is a great test of visual...
  11. CARLOS

    Netflix test pattern

    Hi Not sure if this was already a known thing but there is a Ultra HD 4K test pattern on Netflix, I just found it when searching for Atmos material (not sure why the test pattern came up in the search as it doesn’t have Atmos) it does however have a 5.1 channel test and a audio AV sync test, it...
  12. brian s

    The Old Grey Whistle Test returns

    For one night only Whispering Bob Harris will host a live edition of The Old Grey Whistle Test. It will be shown on 23/2/18. What's old, grey and making a comeback?
  13. tele1962

    OLED Calibration Test Patterns?

    Just wondering what the experts here recommend now in the way of test patterns for OLED calibration. Is the AVSHD calibration disc still useful, and are the flashing bars still the way to go for brightness?
  14. S

    Question Ceiling speakers test and choice in London area

    Hi All, Happy New Year. Any suggestions where would be a good place to go in London are to have a chat/test about ceiling speakers, installation etc. I am not talking about home cinema but all around the house music/zones etc. Thanks,
  15. TerFar

    LG need to get real users to test their TVs

    I finally purchased a TV. I was looking at OLEDS but decided that the premium price and many reported niggling problems to not buy one for a few years until we know that they are reliable and the problems are ironed out. So I purchased an LG 55SJ810v. It's OK for its price. I found that to keep...
  16. I

    Question Denon 1910 Sub PRE OUT not working (even with test tone)

    I thought my subwoofer died since it no longer played bass. So I bought a new subwoofer (BK P12). The same thing happened no bass. Everything is correct I think, Subwoofer is set to 'yes', speakers set to 'small', bass settings set to LFE+main, crossover set to 80hz etc. My sub settings are max...
  17. hawkone

    Denon AVR-X2400H zone 2 no sound except test signal

    Hi all, I'm sure I'm missing a trick here. set up 5.1 in dining room with two speakers on patio wired to the back speaker terminals on the Denon AVR X2400H. i have test sound when i run the speaker config on all speakers But no sound when streaming music or from VM v6 box to zone 2. main zone...
  18. dollag

    Qled Vs Oled image retention test (Samsung advert)

    Was on youtube and an advertisement popped up from Samsung. I normally skip after five seconds but was intrigued so I let it play. Seems Samsung have felt the need to fight back against a lot of the negative reviews it's Qled range is getting.
  19. NicolasB

    Question HDR test pattern that ramps from 0 to 1000 nits within 1 frame...?

    As the subject line says: is there an HDR10 test pattern that ramps from 0 to 1000 nits in one frame? There are plenty that display a single window of varying brightness, but I need one where you have the whole scale from 0 to 1000 in a single frame, with at least 9 or 10 intermediate points.
  20. photojunky

    Battery test. 6S 10,000mAh Vs. a 6S 12,000mAh test video

    Made a video comparing a 6S 10,000mAh Vs. a 6S 12,000mAh. It was a very non-scientific experiment. Wanted to see if the heavier battery with slightly more capacity would last longer than the lighter battery with slightly less capacity. I flew my hexacopter for 4 minutes and measure voltage loss.
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