1. Cameron583

    Which tracks do you use to test equipment and why?

    Wasn’t sure if there was a thread for this already, so I apologise if there is :-) As per the title, which tracks do you use to test new/old equipment, and why? Does it have a particularly demanding bass track? Is it rhythmically complex? Is it sonically complex? Im generally a bit of a bass...
  2. M

    Question Test tone settings..

    Hi, I have a setup, 5.1 Denon X250BT with q acoustics 3010 and center 3090C. This receiver does not have a audysee setup nor mic to setup. I'm testing it via my phone app, the Mrs won't allow me to buy some fancy setup so I'm stuck with trying this way. I'm confused on what to do, I'm in tone...
  3. deesta

    Question Sub test soundtrack for 'the crawl'.

    Finally have a new Double Gem on the way as one, in the right colour, came up on the BK eBay page. Decided on the DG as it will give me more options for positioning and the smaller footprint pleases her-indoors. It's my first 'proper' sub so very excited.. So I'm planning on trying the sub...
  4. D

    Question Can you test Netflix speed on bluray player?

    My tv license is due to run out so its time to move to Netflix, Problem is my bluray player doesn't support 5ghz and I know there is a problem with the 2.4ghz sometimes I get good speeds other times I dont, So I would like to make sure everything runs fine before I go ahead.
  5. David Griffiths

    Does this Dolby YouTube test work on LG TVs?

    Hi, I have a LG OLED55C9PLA connected to a fairly old Panasonic Home Cinema SC-BTT290. I'm trying to verify that Dolby 5.1 is working correctly and have been playing this YouTube video: I have tried it both using the LG YouTube app and also the web browser (after reading problems people had...
  6. D

    Cyrus power amplifier test results

    There are only three Cyrus power amplifiers currently offered for sale: Mono X Signature, Stereo 200, and X Power. Just curious: Does anyone know anything at all about the internals of any of those Cyrus power amplifiers (deeper and well beyond the marketing fluff that anyone can read in...
  7. robfosters

    What shall I buy to test my new setup?

    Got a Q85R, HW80 soundbar and Sony X700 player coming. What’s a good disc to spin to see and hear the best my setup can do?
  8. pure_geordie

    Dolby Atmos test on USB stick - no Atmos display

    Hello, Just a quick question please. I have recently purchased a new home cinema kit it works great, Dolby Atmos is great and all working as it should with my Atmos speakers. Dolby Atmos is display on the receiver as it should when playing movies and all is good. However I've downloaded the...
  9. E

    Widly different speed test results - which do I trust

    I have always used Speedtest by Ookla but it is reporting a download speed of around 60mb from my Unifi APs when I have a 300 mb service. This used to be about 150-220mb on wifi from my Unifi APs. When I run Speedsmart it is reporting about 120-150. Both use servers about 30 miles away. I...
  10. M

    Anyone got Lightwave smart series? Please test this...

    Hi all, Can anyone with a lightwave smart series (the gen 2 dimmers) multi gang dimmer please run a test for me? First some background. Lightwave dimmers work without a neutral wire and leave the circuit dimmed at _almost_ 0 when off and use the tiny current running through the circuit to...
  11. C

    UK drone regulations and incoming EU 2020 drone reg's - Drones 900g and up require a test centre visit?

    Hello, I've got a Zino 2 on preorder, it weighs 930grams. That's why I'm asking about this. I understand the mavic 2 weighs just over 900grams also and so this also applies to mavic 2 users. Here are the incoming EU rules for July 2020: New EASA drone rules - 1 July 2020 It states that if you...
  12. S

    Making sense of S&V test bench scores - Meridian g95 vs Anthem MRX710

    Hello all. This is my first post. Hope I get the etiquette right. I'm a bit of a second-hand junkie, so am usually about 5-10 years behind the curve. I currently have a Meridian g95 all-in-one driving 2 x Meridian P330 and 3 x Meridian P320 wall panel speakers, with a pretty basic sub (and an...
  13. T0rNaDo

    For Sale test

  14. T0rNaDo

    For Sale test

  15. wizbongre

    Sky Fibre - Sky test suggests issues...

    Hi All, I've currently got Sky Fibre (have had it over 6 years) at the normal 32Mb speeds, which is all that is available for our house. As far as I can tell, there are no issues with it. Most speedtests show ~32Mb download speed, as I'd expect. If I go to Sky - Sign in and click on the "Test...
  16. Gilly543

    Best films to test your speakers?

    Hi guys looking for some good films to watch that sound great on a home cinema system? Not to bothered about picture quality. Thanks
  17. M

    Test material to take to stores

    On the market for a new OLED It's between the gz950, C9, B9, B8 or Phillips 803 Want to test out PQ, rather than watch the demo screen they have broadcasting What's the best sort of material to take, to test PQ, near black quality, tinting etc?
  18. F

    Can you test a tweeter with a multimeter

    I have a couple of tweeter which I would like to test, is it possible to test them with a multimeter? Or any suggestions on how to test them?
  19. Brummy1875

    For Sale Free rainbow six siege test server code

    Free rainbow six siege test server uplay code i akready have the test server so this can go to someone who wants it, ideally someone with 10+posts Price and currency: free Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country Payment method: NA Location: birmingham Advertised elsewhere?: Not...
  20. Don Dadda

    Where to test Tube/Valves and Valve tester

    Hi good folks of AVF Would anybody know where i can get Tube/valves and a valve tester checked/tested in the London area - preferably South London. I'd found a Max Funke K.G. 590 Adenau /Eifel and a couple of boxes of Tube valves (Mullards, NEC, and a couple other makes) in the loft when we...
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