1. D

    Wanted Amazon and Groceries Vouchers Tesco Asda etc

    Amazon and Groceries Vouchers Tesco Asda etc
  2. Joe Pineapples

    Tesco 'Finest' Christmas pudding - ok after a year?

    I have two single serving Tesco 'Finest' Christmas puddings from last year. Use by dates are March 2021, and it says 'matured for 1 year'. Just wondering if they are still ok to eat?. Seen other brand puds that say matured for 2 years, so that was in the back of my mind. Not being a...
  3. A1944

    Tesco outage

    I wonder how much longer the Tesco groceries website and App will be down, it is already over 12 hours.
  4. pj

    Tesco 4K warning

    Just a quick hopefully petrol saving warning I saw a quiet place 2 4K at tesco thus morning, it was out of stock but priced at £12.50 so I called the next nearest store and they still have a ban on checking store stock 😞 so drove to the next one along which had it in stock 👍👍 scanned it and it...
  5. S

    Technika 32A32B-HD Android TV Help

    Hi All We bought a Technika 32 inch Android TV from Tesco to use as a second TV over the weekend. It is fine and will do the job but it has an annoying quirk which I am hoping someone has found a solution for. There seems to be no way (that I can see) to disable the keypad sound as you navigate...
  6. kah22

    Tesco not accepting

    Long story, short. My friend went to Tesco today with the intention of signing up for a £15 mt package. While the lady had patience and tried several reasons to sign her up, but with no luck. She has been on a PAYG with O2 Anyway I’m guessing one of two points She hasn’t been at her current...
  7. J

    Tesco Mobile Texts to a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 on BT Never Arrive

    I’ve recently purchased a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 as an upgrade from a Xiaomi Mi A3. My phone is on the BT Mobile network with which I’ve never had any problems with multiple Android phones over the years. However my wife’s phone is on the Tesco Mobile network and I’m finding that text messages...
  8. Van Dam

    For Trade £60 XBOX Credit and 12mth PlayStation+ subscription for Cex Vouchers | WTD: Tesco/ Amazon Gift Cards

    Hi all For trade only: £60 XBOX Top up codes (swap for same amount in Cex vouchers) and also a 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription to swap for £45 in Cex vouchers Guide Price: £48/ £36 (NOT FOR SALE) Wanted: Cex vouchers And Tesco and Amazon vouchers. let me know what you have thanks
  9. IronGiant

    Lost pre-paid Tesco Gift card.

    We ordered and received one, activated it and then posted it on to our daughter at University. It never arrived. Apparently we can't contact Customer Services because we don't have the scratch off PIN that was on the card :facepalm: Obviously if it's been nicked and spent we are screwed, but I...
  10. RBZ5416

    Bargain Expired Tesco F&F Clothing Half Price

    I assume this is nationwide. Braved a shopping trip last night & everthing was half price. Better still, multibuy discounts are still applied after the initial 50% reduction. I bought a few polo shirts for work. Original price £10 each or two for £16. So each is reduced to to £5 (£10 for two) &...
  11. Ewan154

    buying a phone from Tesco mobile with no credit rating- pls help

    Hi, I was thinking about buying a new phone from Tesco mobile. My old phone is pay as go and starting to break down. I found a phone I like it was 12.50 a month direct debit. The only problem is I work as a carer. I look after my mum. I have no credit rating. I own half my mums house...
  12. aVdub

    Tesco Xtras Dropped 16th July 2018

    For those that receive a discount each month by using the Tesco Xtras ad (although for some displaying the ads has become sketchy) it has been dropped as of the 16th July 2018. My partner received a text message yesterday informing her, me nothing and on checking their site the below statement...
  13. shoemaker666

    Rotten veg from tesco

    brought some veg earlier today from tesco not the loose stuff but he bagged stuff some carrots and potatoes, got them home and the carrots were rotten and the potatoes had already started sprouting. took them back wont buy veg from tesco again. anyone else had this ? is this a result of them...
  14. B

    Bargain Google play voucher at Tesco @ 20% off

    Picked up a couple of £25 top up cards for £40 today
  15. kas006

    Tesco gift card to buy gift card

    I have £100 Tesco gift card given as a present and wanted to find out if I could buy an Argos gift £100 card from in-store using the Tesco gift card? I have checked both terms and conditions back of card and online and nothing states it as exclusions.
  16. T

    Tesco Techika Television fell off wall

    Hi All, We have a cheap Technika 32F22B television which is 16 months old from Tesco. In December we finally wall hung it using a swivel mount and 4 months later it fell off the wall onto our 12 year old son, who thankfully was uninjured (it was mounted above his desk). The lugs in the TV had...
  17. two2midnight

    Question Has Tesco dropped UHDs?

    On just going to check Tesco Direct for discs I see that they have got rid of the entertainment section and that stuff would instead be sold under groceries! There is a grand total of 63 items listed none of which are UHD and only 11 are blu-ray. Is there another Tesco entertainment site or has...
  18. The Dark Horse

    Supermarket home delivery tips or recommendations

    Something I keep meaning to setup but never do, food delivered to my home. The amount of money I end up spending on stuff I didn't go to the supermarket for is ridiculous. All the major supermarkets delivery to my address, what one gets your vote? Any tips to get the best offers or free deliveries?
  19. aVdub

    Bargain Expired Save £5 on selected media streamers @ Tesco

    Save £5 on selected Media Streamers with eCoupon code TDX-YHRG at the checkout - Tesco Add TDX-YHRG at the checkout.
  20. D

    Bargain Expired in stock Tesco Direct mini Snes

    Sold out ! Don't fall for scalper re-selling at inflated price Tesco direct: Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
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