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    House with cat5e cables but all rooms have phone sockets and not rj45 ports

    Hi, I recently moved into a house which I had thought was wired up for Ethernet only to find out all the rooms have phone sockets. Cable has cat5e written on it. I thought it would be a simple job to change the telephone ports to rj45 armed with rj45 modules and idc push down tool. The cables...
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    HDMI Adopters vs Terminated manufactures lists

    The HDMI organization has lists of the manufactures that are approved and another for the ones that were 'terminated' to mabufactuer/sell products that use their interface. Links below; https://www.hdmi.org/adopter/adoptersaffiliates https://www.hdmi.org/adopter/terminated You can choose your...
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    chord clearway cable terminated or not

    hi just bought some unterminated chord clearway cable and since been looking at some videos online showing how the company terminates them. there seems to be an effort involved in the process to ensure an airlock, remove oxidisation etc which makes me think should I have got them terminated...
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