1. trentonmoss100

    Nova Tenda Mesh Home Wifi: Problems with app

    I set up Nova Tenda Mesh wifi at home 6 months ago. Everything worked for a few months. Recently the wifi performance has gotten worse and one of the hubs has stopped working. When I go on to the app, it can no longer see any of the 3 hubs and tells me to connect to them. I can't connect to...
  2. brewer55

    Nova Tenda Mesh3 Home Wifi

    For anyone with this system, how do you login to the setup page on one of the 3 nodes to change either the channel or the security mode of the WiFi connection? (i.e., WPA, WPA2, etc.). Thanks.
  3. cunnas

    Virgin and Mesh

    Hi all I currently have Virgin BB and have always had issued with Wifi getting around the house using the Superhub 3. I have tried powerline adapters but the speeds I am getting are awful. I have just bought a Tenda MW6 system from Amazon and wondered if anyone can give me a step by step...
  4. AdsterUK

    Question Music constantly cuts out using Echo on mesh network

    My original setup of 2 Echo devices in different rooms connected to my BT router worked flawlessly, but since adding a mesh network I get audio dropping out every 10 minutes or less when listening to spotify or radio. Kit: 2 x Amazon Echo 3 x Tenda Nova MW3 50mbps broadband (generally rock...
  5. Thintin

    Question Bose Soundtouch speakers buffering issues

    Hi. I'm looking for help or advice regarding an apparent buffering issue I'm experiencing. I have two Bose Soundtouch 20s, one 10 and a multi-link adaptor connected to an amp with stereo speakers. They all connect to my Virgin fiberoptic broadband (which consistently provides over 200mbit) via...
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