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  1. Bacus

    Hisense to stop making OLED TV's.

  2. Mattchew

    Want rear speakers for my UK HW-Q70R Soundbar. Will German rear speakers be compatible?

    I have the Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q70R Cinematic soundbar with Dolby Atmos and dts:X. I'd like to buy the rear speakers for it. Problem is there is no stock anywhere in the UK and Samsung won't be producing anymore. (I know, silly selling 2019/2020 soundbars and not support them) anyway, i...
  3. locka

    Cant decide on tv going around in circles

    Good afternoon avforum. As my title states Ive been looking for a new TV for quite a few weeks now but still getting no closer to a decision. I currently have a Toshiba WL66 37" lcd TV brought back in 2006 at £1200 as you can see it has served me very well. Still works as I type but has...
  4. Moore86

    Universal remote for several different things.

    Hey guys, I'm a long time user of this forum but first time posting. OK so I'm in a bit of a dilemma! I'm after a remote to use with my tv which is a TCL 50EP648, Roku Premiere, av which is Sony STR DN1080 and my Xbox one. If also like one that is upgradable, so when I upgrade my Xbox to the X...
  5. KenVal

    For Sale LG OLED55E6V 55" 4K Ultra HD, 3D & Excellent OLED TV, Minor Screen Burn

    Purchased 15/5/2017 from Richer Sounds with 6 yr warranty ( not transferable). Cost just under £2000. Beautiful picture, 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, HLG + 3D & glasses ( 3d now not optional on new models). Built in Apps, with original box, accessories including magic remote and standard remote...
  6. Obliter8

    For Sale Sony KDL-55W905A 55" TV, excellent condition, 4 3D glasses and wall mount!

    I want to sell my fully functional Sony 55" KDL-55W905A TV (specs here), as I have upgraded to a LG 4K OLED. This TV was top of Sony's range at the time of release, with incredible performance. From What Hi-Fi: The TV is in excellent condition, no scratches or marks to housing or screen...
  7. Thunderpants

    Need Advice For 75inch Tv

    Hi Guys, I am a disabled Army Veteran with significant physical and mental disabilities and have only one eye. I am virtually housebound and use the tv most of the day and during the silent hours when I am unable to sleep. I need advice in choosing a Tv in the £1400 price area, I have a Bose...
  8. R

    FHD or 4K 50" TV?

    I'm considering buying a 50" TV. Only want to watch terrestrial television programmes, so mainly HD and some SD, on either Freeview or Freesat. Not interested in 4K movies, gaming, smart apps, etc. And viewing angles aren't important to me. Would a FHD TV give better HD picture quality after...
  9. G

    Pus6703 bbc i player wont play anything!!!

    Hi i hope some one can help im having trouble with i player in my 6703 when i try to play anything it keeps saying "somthing went wrong playing this programme" yet it work perfectly well on my other tv. All the other catch up services are working just iplayer hasnt worked for over a week now...
  10. B

    Hi all..Newb here. ARC issue with new Bravia 850 / Pioneer receiver

    Just got a new 85” 850. DIRECTV receiver / Pioneer 340 / Sony 850 HDMI cable to ARC and I get nothing...I’ve walked through the setup and enabled ARC in the receiver setup menu...I’m sure I’m missing that little something...hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance
  11. S

    LG TV UK630PTE Audio Output

    Hi! What other ways can I output my LG TV to an old 5.1 sound system "RCA port only"? Can a 'Video Audio AV Adapter Cable HDMI To 3 RCA Converter' be used to just output the audio without any sound converter?
  12. anchorless

    Question Where to go from 55NU8000?

    Evening folks, Hoping for a bit of advise here. Currently have the 55NU8000 which, apart from a little bit of clouding on dark scenes in HDR is in my eyes an absolutely excellent TV. As an incentive to me learning to drive the wifey said "hey, you get some lessons in and we can get a new TV in...
  13. C

    Airplay 2 - UE65JU7500TXXU Technical question

    When I purchased the TV about 3 years ago, I was told this was the right model to go for if i wanted all the latest software and firmware upgrades because it has what is called a 'one connect box' which could be swapped or updated to keep your TV up to date with all the new technology. Airplay 2...
  14. K

    Question How Tell if TV is Standard Android OS or Android TV? Other?

    Tried to play a MKV video on my Vizio and Samsung Smart TVs but did not work. I have no problem on my Samsung phone with VLC Media Player or MX Player. Googled and found "How to Sideload Apps on Smart TVs" How to Sideload Apps on Smart TVs and learned that there are 2 possible versions 1...
  15. E

    YouTube app update?, random video and channel suggestions in feed

    So for the past couple of years I've been using my Hisense TV's built in YouTube App and it's been great for the most part. I never bothered to use an account as it never showed you video durations for some bizarre reason. Due to this, my watch history has resulted in a very nicely curated...
  16. P

    50" Max Gaming TV With 120Hz?

    I'm after a new TV as my current Sony 40" is giving up the ghost and am after a 50" maximum as anything above this is not not physically feasible. I mainly game on it with an Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch so ideally will need 120Hz but i can't find any with this feature at this size but found...
  17. D


    Hi all, I have a 65 inch C9 and loving it so far. My only annoyance is that I am a PC gamer and when using G sync I get a half a second black flicker. It doesn't feel like dropped frames as can happen with Stable 100fps etc. I have seen other people commenting on it but yet to see a fix. Can...
  18. S

    Hisense 55u7b

    I have just bought this tv and connected it to my sky q box via hdmi and also a blueray/home cinema system via hdmi arc.These both worked perfectly on my ols tv but now the sky q box freezes and can’t be turned off by the sky remote and needs to be rebooted. Sometimes on switching on the tv it...
  19. J

    Looking for a TV to fit in a 110 cm gap

    Been looking for a 49"-50" TV to fit in an old fireplace gap (110cm) but cant seem to find many One of the only tv's i can seem to find is This which seems a good price but it's an IPS panel when i was looking for a VA ideally Any suggestions?
  20. Alloy20

    ARC issue since latest update X950

    Hi all hope someone can shed some light onto this. Since the last update I've been having issues with the Arc audio stopping altogether. I was able to fix it by switching from auto 1 to auto 2 (compressed all Vs compressed only surround) but today I loaded up Plex and my receiver kept rapidly...
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