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  1. G

    LG GX Audio (XBOX - LG - Receiver)

    Hi all, I have the Xbox series x, LG GX TV and RX-V475 Receiver. I am trying to get 5.1 audio to the receiver and the 4k120 signal to the TV. The receiver will not accept HDMI 2.1 bandwidth so that has to go straight from Xbox to TV. No I’m trying to get the 5.1 audio to the receiver. My...
  2. J

    Vignette problem on Samsung QE82Q800T

    I recently (mid December) bought a new Samsung QE82Q800T from Currys. It's been great so far but for the last week or so I've noticed a fairly strong vignette around the edges of the screen, especially when on a solid light background. Not sure why I didn't notice it at first but now I can't...
  3. Q

    Denon avr-4500h sub problem while streaming from TV

    Hi all, HELP NEEDED!!! 🤷‍♂️😅I'm a newbie in Hi-fi world, so looking for advise... Recently setup my avr-x4500h receiver (at the moment 2 front-Definitive speakers,B&W centre speaker and active subwoofer - Yamaha NS-SW300-connected through mono and subwoofer 1 with double shielded RCA Pro series...
  4. AndrewYeh

    Xbox Series X HD TV Upgrade Help. Stuck

    Hi I'd appreciate some help, I've looked so much I've gone round in circles and going mad. I have LG HD 43" led that needs upgrading. Don’t fancy risking screen burn with an OLED. It's a touch out of my comfort zone with that risk, at my budget. I'd like to unlock as much of the Xbox as...
  5. Joe C

    For Sale Apple TV 4K 32GB

    As my new living room TV supports all the apps I need, I find this Apple TV 4K has become redundant. Excellent condition - I don’t have the original box, but will be well packaged. Supplied as the unit, remote and power cable. I can throw an HDMI cable in if needed. £95 delivered
  6. Allan123

    Question Samsung UE43TU7020KXXU is it 4k 120hz?

    hiya been looking around the internet trying to find out if this screen capable of gameing at 4k/120hz on my ps5. as hard as i look i cant seem to get a answer to my question. one site i found mentioned it being 120hz but everywhere else i look does not mention it being 120hz so im abit...
  7. N

    For Sale NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019)

    Hello, For sale: NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019) The device is in excellent condition with no marks or scratches and in full working order. Included is the box, power adapter and remote control. I will send the order tracked and insured (Royal Mail Special Delivery) within 24 hours after...
  8. C

    Installing Apps on smart TV

    I have just bought a SAMSUNG - UE50TU7100KXXU 50" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV as I understood that I could install my own Apps on these new, smart TVs. Simple question, can I? I subscribe to an on line stream and would like to install their App on the TV rather than having to goo through a set...
  9. K

    Question PSVR 'corruption'on TV

    Hi, Does anyone get the below sort of corruption on the TV when using PSVR? It doesn't affect the view from the headset so it's an annoyance rather than a real problem. Removing and replacing the HDMI cable seems to clear it so maybe it's a cable issue? Wanted to see if anyone thought the...
  10. R

    B6 and Sky Q sound/Pixelation

    Hi all, Had a B6 since April 2017. Have Sky Q 2tb box and Marantz amp. Over the past couple of months, ive noticed brief audio drop-outs while watching live and recorded Sky. Also the sound goes really quiet when adverts start, then gradually increases to the previous volume. Its really...
  11. O


    Hey ... my partner was trying to go on the bbc I player on our lg smart tv and now for some reason the TV is flashing on and off like a slow strobe light it’s not the power as the sound is still on I’ve changed source and turned everything off and reset it all but still having the same problem...
  12. P

    Overheat causing double imaging???

    Double Imaging occurs after about 1 hour of use. Both as Cable or Over-Air Channels. Picture is fine for about 1 hour, then the TV start flickering putting up a second fainter image which is displaced by roughly one half a line width when showing text on screen, basically causing a blurred...
  13. IVESY78

    Hard drive for apps and recordings

    Has anyone managed to put both apps and recordings from Freeview onto a hardrive/usb at the same time. I have a 58pus8535 and have been advised it can't be done but just seeing if anyone has managed it
  14. CaptainJames


    Well here's optimism for you.....
  15. A

    Panasonic DMR-EX89EB connected to LG tv 43UN73006LC

    Sorry posted this in LG TV forum by mistake. M-in-law was recently gifted a new LG TV. I connected her old Panasonic DVD recorder DMR-EX 89EB to it. There seemed to be only one way to connect it. Seemed to be working OK. Checked it recorded from TV. Couldn't get her Magic remote to control it...
  16. T

    Panasonic TX-P55VT65 VESA stand mount

    I have a Panasonic TX-P55VT65 on its original stand. I want to use a larger centre speaker and I’m thinking of getting a stand that uses the VESA fittings so I can raise it a bit to get the speaker underneath the TV. Anyone use and can recommend one of these? Picture to show my problem.
  17. A

    LG 43UN73006LC connection to Panasonic DVD recorder

    M-in-law was recently gifted a new LG TV. I connected her old Panasonic DVD recorder DMR-EX 89EB to it. There seemed to be only one way to connect it. Seemed to be working OK. Checked it recorded from TV. Couldn't get her Magic remote to control it but she wasn't too worried about that. We now...
  18. A

    43XH8505BU when watching from V6 on demand, TV info says 4K

    Using the 43XH8505BU and watching on demand from the Virgin V6 box, the TV info button says 4K. Is something set up wrong as it's not 4K? This has happened with both iPlayer and ITV Hub.
  19. H

    Motionflow not working - XH800

    Hi. Bought a new Sony 65XH800 series (norwegian XH8096) and I am really satisfied, even though it's not a 9-series.... However after I have calibrated the screen using custom picture settings, the motionflow bar will not change. It says that "function is not available" (In the picture below -...
  20. B

    Question LG 65UJ7260 setup

    Hi all, I recently purchased an LG 65UJ7260 secondhand, and would like to read a bit more about setting it up properly. I live in South Korea, and it looks like it's a Korea-only model. I can't even find it on the LG Korea page. All I can find is the manual, in Korean. I speak and read Korean...
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