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  1. S

    replacement tv advice

    Hi all, Could use some advice on which TV replacement for our lounge, we have a circa 10 year old Samsung UE40D6510, which to be frank works absolutely perfectly considering its been switched on over the period for probably 12 hours daily. We consume our TV content through an android TV OS...
  2. C

    LG TV will not auto tune Freeview

    We bought an LG 24T L510s-PZ tv a couple of herds or so ago.It is only used for watching Freeview in the kitchen and has worked until now. The BBC channels would not appear. They are shown as 1 and 2 on the list. Other channels are fine . I have tried numerous times to Auto Tune . All goes well...
  3. L

    Adaptive Volume in Q80A with 2020 Samsung soundbar

    Hello How to enable adaptive volume in q80a that is connected with samsung q800t soundbar? This function goes inactive when I set audio output to soundbar. It only works with tv speaker. Is my soundbar too old?
  4. M

    Hisense A7GQ LED bleed?

    Hi all, After a bit of advice please, I purchased a Hisense 55A7GQTUK from Currys in late November, I have noticed some bright spots/edges around the screen and was wondering if this is normal? I honestly don’t recall seeing it as much when I got the tv but I’m definitely noticing it now...
  5. G

    LG G1 77" Bracket measurements

    Hi, does anyone know the measurements from the top of the tv to the bottom of the bracket of the G1 77". Thanks in advance
  6. markramer

    LG Oled 65B8 red tint on left side

    Hey recently I started noticing a red tint on my LG Oled 65B8. During TV, netflix series or movies it is hard to notice but especially with football games it is very noticeable as the left side makes the grass look weird. Is this normal or should I try to contact LG? Also, can this be fixed...
  7. Mr X

    Wanted Google Chromecast with Google TV (stick)

    Anyone have one of the latest Google TV sticks they are looking off load? Thanks
  8. Delta38

    What TV

    Regardless of the Brand or size on getting a New Television or the intended propose be it Games , TV shows or Movies on Media. I see that Manufactures insist on Putting the Legs on the sets Further and Further Apart , It,s getting to a point that you need a Two meter Entertainment Unit to place...
  9. SonOfSJ

    Wanted Samsung UE78JS9500 4K television

    I am aware that this is a very long shot. For the last three years this model has been for sale on eBay, off and on. I finally got my money together on Wednesday 12th January - only to find that someone had beaten me to it by two days. After I'd been watching for three years, aaaarrgh! So that...
  10. C

    UA55JU7500 error "one connect mini disconnect and TV will restart in ... seconds" issue

    Hi All of the sudden this issue has surfaced on out UA55JU7500 . No issues for many years and we were not moving or playing with the cables at all. I have researched as much as I can and tries obvious solutions etc. I am unsure if this is software or hardware issue. Effectively renders the...
  11. SRT

    A1 55 luminescent fluctuations using imax enhanced via Disney +

    Hi. I just renewed my Disney + subscription after several months and thought I’d try the imax enhanced version of Black Widow. well all through the movie there appeared to be fluctuations in the brightness of scenes, mostly in the less action related parts. I suspect this is related to the A1...
  12. T

    Fix for viewing modes ?

    Hi, I have a 65jz1500 a Sony 4k blu ray player and sky q . Whenever I watch through sky q the various settings , luminance contrast etc are normal. But when I play a dvd luminance and contrast are 100 and it’s the same for all the viewing modes. Any idea how to change these, cheers mark.
  13. T

    is there anything i can buy to make my virgin channels sound better on my lg c1 tv

    is there anyway i can make the sound better from my virgin box coming out of my sonas arc speaker when my tv is on its saying stereo pcm [i know this because i have the sonas app on my phone and that is what its saying ] is there no way i can get surround sound ? . even if it means buying...
  14. Sab

    Connecting PS5 to LG C1 OLED via HDMI 2.1 using Arcam 550

    Hi. I am trying to connect my PS5 to my LG C1 tv via HDMI 2.1 input on the TV but my Arcam 550 reciever only does HDMI 2.0. I know that the LG C1 can do eARC and my Arcam 500 can do ARC. There is one HDMI cable going from my Arcam to the LG TV's eARC enabled HDMI input. When I connnect my PS5...
  15. Jirikk

    Which TV? (QLED VS NanoCell

    Hello. I want to buy new TV. Can you help me? Which TV do you prefer? LG 55NANO86P vs Samsung QE50Q60A THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  16. C

    Dolby atmos help on non-eARC TV

    Hi everyone. I'm a bit stuck on a very specific technical point. My current LG TV is not e-ARC - LG-65SM8050PLC. I have a Sonos beam gen 1 and wondering if worth updating to Gen 2 (with atmos). I think i need the TV to pass through the sound (only one input) so I push all my sources - apple TV...
  17. 9u775

    Cheapest VM TV package

    My girlfriend likes to watch FTA TV sometimes. I used to have a Freesat Tvheadend setup which worked perfectly for her but recently moved to a place with no dish. The aerial on the roof doesn't pick up Freeview channels very well at all. I tried an amplifier to no avail. I also tried an indoor...
  18. H

    How to know type of sound is playing on Samsung Soundbar+Shield TV

    Hi, I have a Samsung Q60 TV 2019 with a samsung soundbar Q700a and a nvidia shield 2017. This is my connetion schema: TV HDMI ARC to the soundbar (Q60 don't have DTS/True/HD passthrough) Nvidia Shield to HDMI Soundbar All is working correctly, True Dolby Atmos inclusive (tested in Kodi)...
  19. K

    TAB8805/10 - PlayFi DTS for movies?

    Does anyone know if this is possible? As the sound bar doesn’t support DTS, I’m struggling to get decent sound from some top 4k discs that only have DTS audio. But it has PlayFI DTS built in … so in theory you could use this to decode the DTS track…? I’m struggling with the terrible app to...
  20. Artur R2

    Please HELP! SONY TV Warranty refused

    Hey guys, I need your help please. I have a Sony TV which is coming up to 5 years of age and it has developed a fault where it restarts itself intermittently. See photo for clarification. Sony are claiming that its a software issue and therefore refusing to repair it under warranty. They haven’t...
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