1. V

    Question Vodafone Gigafast

    We have just ordered vodafone gigafast 900mb package with the anytime call package for those who are with vodafone and have the call package add on for their gigafast internet can you advise what handset you have and do you have one with an answering machine?
  2. T

    Question Telephone that sends voicemail by email

    Can anyone please recommend an analogue, wired or DECT, telephone with an answering machine that is Wifi enabled and can send a voicemail message or notification by email?
  3. D

    Question Cannot activate the * for Symbol procedure

    Samsung S5611 Utopia - How do I input a + symbol before a telephone number in the Contacts List?
  4. C

    Identifying telephone cable

    Hi there. We are trying to figure out where a telephone socket in the play room in our house leads to. It doesn't seem to lead to the master socket because there is no dial tone when we plug anything in. (I must admit I have not yet checked the wiring in the master but I'm not sure that...
  5. O

    Question Old Telephone Junction Box Wiring

    Hello Guys,i recently had problems with my internet connection and my house had very old wires from service provider's junction box to my house,and i didn't have any tools so i hired a contractor.he install a new cat6 cable into my that time i was away from home and now after i see it i...
  6. Hitby

    New cabling from telephone post

    Just thought I'd post as it might be of interest to some. I've had LOADs of HH5's over the last 12 months of my contract with various issues, dropping out daily etc, no where near the speeds I should be getting. I re-signed up to another 18 month contract (I know, I know) with the new Smart Hub...
  7. britishbulldog

    New telephone & broadband offer for all

    As title...see below.:) Sky has today launched the UK’s lowest fibre broadband and line rental offer exclusive for Sky TV customers and a brand new Sky Broadband Tech Team, offering customers superfast broadband speeds and Sky’s industry leading customer support at a great price. Sky Fibre...
  8. G

    Sky Q telephone connection

    Looking at various pics and unboxing videos of the Sky Q 2tb box. Can I assume that it no longer requires a telephone connection like the Sky+HD box.
  9. oligopoly

    Telephones in the home

    Can anyone help me with my phone setup in my new home? I have an office, where I need a phone and then want to have several phones throughout the house. Due to foil-lined walls in the office, reception isnt great getting into or out of the office. There are quite a few phone line sockets...
  10. mmurdoch

    BT Infinity and Telephone order problems/HEAD ACHE

    Hi All, On Sunday 25th September I placed a online order with BT for infinity 1, Telephone inc transfer number from Virgin and BT Sport HD. Going live date 11th October Had email confirmation all was correct and BT Sport was live within mins, Great!! Now this morning I received a call from BT...
  11. CentreSpeaker

    Jiebang Telephone call recorder

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help. I am looking for a program that can playback .DAT recorded phonecall files. I have some of my own private recorded phonecalls from an old job on a backup USB drive from years ago that I suddenly need to access but I didn't convert them to WAV or MP3 at the...
  12. y2richie

    Solutions for telephone problem?

    Hi folks Does anyone know a good technological solution for this? There are two properties next door to each other and I need an intercom style phone between the two. I might be using the wrong terminology. It's not a 'door intercom' style of phone where you identify who's ringing your...
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