1. Kev12

    For Sale Definitive Technology Atmos Speaker System. REDUCED.

    I have for sale my Def Tech Tower/Centre/Surround/Atmos heights. The towers are a pair of BP9020 with integrated 8” powered subwoofer. Centre is the CS9060 with integrated 8” sub, Surround pair are the SR9040, I also have the A90 Atmos/Height units that fit neatly onto the 9020’s...
  2. Etony

    For Sale Definitive technology bp7002

    First refusal goes to @Gibba £725 or swaps for other items/speakers I took these in px on my sub, the original thread with pics is here along with description. (
  3. Gibba

    Wanted Definitive Technology CLR

    As above I am looking for a definitive technology CLR speaker. Ideally the CLR 2500, 3000 or 2200 but would consider other options. Let us know if you can help. Gibba
  4. L

    Technology/phone forums on darknet

    ( Please dont delete. This should not be for an illegal purpose.) Do you know technology forums on darknet? No matter, if it is specific for phones, computers or else. It can also be a forum for technology in general.
  5. krish

    Using Covid mRNA technology to develop vaccines for HIV and beyond

    With the massive global research efforts into Covid vaccine development, there were always hopefully going to be opportunities to develop other vaccines based on the novel technology platforms that have emerged. We now could be entering a golden age of vaccine development.
  6. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reduced from £349.99 to £199.99. Ends Midnight!

    Deal only lasts for today. No code required, £150 discount. The other models of vacuum on the same page also have similar deals available.
  7. N

    Definitive Technology BP7200 need a Centre Speaker.

    Have a pair of 7200's but finding it difficult to find the matching Centre Speaker CL2002. Can someone advise what centre speaker would be good for these speakers.
  8. Phil Hinton

    Podcast: Trinnov Room Optimiser: A full explanation of Trinnov and its room optimiser technology

    In this special Podcast episode recorded on the 10th of February, we interview Arnaud Laborie - Founder and CEO of Trinnov, along with Arnaud Destinay, Benoit Munoz and Tom Garrett. We cover the history of the company, its R&D technologies and products. This is an in-depth discussion that covers...
  9. B

    Peak Design - Mobile - Questionnaire

    I am doing a questionnaire for my Masters degree and would appreciate any willing participants. The questionnaire is regarding the product called Mobile by Peak design. This is a Mobile phone case that has a new innovative SlimLink Mounting system which allows for attachment to things such as a...
  10. worcesternaf

    Atlantic Technology 642e-sb

    Hi All, Ive picked up a Atlantic Technology 642e-sb as here. I was hoping to use this as my second sub, But it has a faulty power supply in the amplifier. Not really sure what to do with it. I've taken the amp out and cannot spot any obviously problems. It blows the main input power fuse...
  11. L

    Definitive Technology studio 3D mini soundbar

    Just came across this good looking sound bar Definitive Technology's Studio 3D Mini is a tiny Dolby Atmos soundbar I have no idea how it compares to others and it won’t be available until January next year.
  12. S

    The next development in Projector technology for the home user?

    As far as home cinema is concerned, many things that you buy are likely to be superseded within 6-12months. Everytime a manufacturer releases a new model, it normally incorporates existing technology previously only available at a higher price point or it contains some new acronym which...
  13. H

    Electric Vehicle to Grid Technology at Parking Locations

    Hi all, If anyone has a minute would love to hear your thoughts on a University project I'm working on. We're looking at using vehicle-to-grid technology to utilise people's parked electric cars as an energy store, possible earring them money selling the energy back to the grid at peak times...
  14. G

    Definitive Technology Soundbar

    Hello, just signed up to this forum. Recently moved and had to give up the 5.1 system for a bit. Looking for a soundbar. Kind of between a few different ones. Was at best buy and salesman was showing me the Definitive Technology studio advance soundbar. Sounded really good but is also more than...
  15. J

    On average how many years before TV technology advances to warrant an upgrade?

    I have had my TV for 5 years. It is a high end Panasonic Led with HDR. The picture quality is fantastic. However, I have no idea how TV technology has advanced since I purchased it in 2015. How far have TV’s come on since then regarding picture quality and browsers etc?
  16. S.DJ

    Question New technology

    Hi people not been on here for a while hope everyone’s ok. question am I missing out not switching over to newer technology when it comes to TVs? I’m currently running a pioneer Lx6090 had it for 6 years no issues had a Lx5090 before that from new. but am I missing out on a better picture from...
  17. D

    Humax unveils AURA 4K Freeview PVR powered by Android TV technology.
  18. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Philips Series 5000 Trim-n-Flow PRO Technology Hair Clipper: was £53.99, now £34.99 for Prime members

    Sign up for a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime (which gets you Prime Video too).
  19. ghost_rider

    Speakers placement for DTS X/Atmos 7.2 or 5.2.2 (Definitive technology mythos)

    Hello, Its my first attempt of building a home theater and I am pretty much clueless. The setup I have is 130inch projector screen in a 26ft by 22ft room. The ceiling is at 9.5 ft Denon X4100W AVR 2 Definitive technology mythos STS Super Tower with active Subs 1 Definitive technology Mythos...
  20. U

    Neff C17MR020B - Adjusting Cooking Times for 600w Inverter Technology

    We didn't realise at the time of buying our new kitchen the combi microwave C17MR020B is actually using inverter technology and has a max setting of 600w power. All packaging for microwaveable meals assumes people have traditional 800 / 900w microwaves and gives cooking times according to this...
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