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  1. P

    Correct Cartridge Alignment Method

    Hi, hopefully a quick question; when aligning a cartridge, once you have the stylus sitting on the target in the middle of each of the two grids (null points) on the protractor, is the correct procedure to move the cartridge back and forth in the headshell, or angle it from side to side in the...
  2. J

    For Sale Technics SL1210 mk2 stunning condition

    This is an immaculate turntable in full perfect working order, professionally serviced last month (proof can be provided). New set of aux leads fitted during the service providing crystal clear sound. Never been used in a club or bar, home use only. Collection only. Can be tested before buying
  3. T

    Technics SC-EH760 and DAC

    Hello All, I would like to ask if its worth getting DAC to my setup which contains older ( but golden ) HiFi system Technics SC-EH760 and Philips PUS8505 or MacBook? The thing is that when i listen to music or watch netflix/streams i get this (high pitched ) static noise and little bit of lets...
  4. A

    Technics 1210 turntable, distortion even after changing cartridge and stylus

    Hi, I have distortion when playing vinyl on my decks. They were ok with the old needles Stanton 505s and 500s, but they don't make them any more. The new N500S aren't as good and after a while this distortion started. I figured changing the styli and carts would solve the problem, i got Numark...
  5. S

    Technics SU-V500 Feedback issues

    Hello all, hope everyone's well. I've recently purchased a second hand Technics SU-V500 Stereo Integrated Amplifier in full working condition according to the seller. I've got it hooked up to 2x Technics SL1210's which are connected to a Pioneer mixer (grounded), which are all connected to...
  6. R

    Technics SU 800 amplifier - sudden no output

    I bought this new in 1989 along with a few other Technics separates. Now I am unable to get any output at all regardless how I push and twist the speaker wires into the twist and turn connections. The amp still clicks and shows the yellow security LED after a few seconds which I think is some...
  7. R

    Best cartridge for a Technics SL-D2 turntable.

    As title really, I've got an Audio Technica AT-VM95E mounted in a technics SL-D2 TT. Now, performance is as expected, but I'm wondering if its worth an upgrade to upgrade to an Ortofon red for instance, for about £85. Now I really don't know a lot about cartridges so I'm open to suggestions...
  8. J

    Technics flat ribbon connecton cable

    Hi everyone I have a technics ch950 and was using a technics ch550 ( with a D socket) cassette deck. Sadly it died. Got the chance of a ch510 (with a B3 socket) cassette at a good price. Are they the same connection sockets? Would the ribbon work. Thank you in advance. Regards
  9. DiscoJimbo

    How do I connect my subwoofer to my amplifier?

    Hi folks :hiya: I want to connect my KEF PSW1000 Subwoofer to my vintage Technics SU-V3 integrated amplifier but I'm seeing a lot of conflicting information online. Specifically, as my sub doesn't have regular speaker wire input & output connections, I don't know how to connect to the sub's...
  10. Scott Wright

    Bargain Technics AZ70WE Wireless Earbuds Reduced from £259.99 to £154.99. Expires 23/06/21

    Technics AZ70WE Premium True Wireless Earbuds, with Noise Cancelling and Bluetooth Functionality - Silver Deal also available for the black pair. Must have Amazon Prime to receive this deal. Sign up for 30 days of Amazon Prime for free here - Amazon Prime
  11. jkomg

    Yamaha RX-V383 - no sound when hooking up Technics SL-1900 record player (with Pyle pre-amp)

    Hey y'all, I've been fighting this for weeks now and I can't find a solution. I have a Yamaha RX V383 (with bluetooth) receiver, and I just recently bought a Technics SL-1900 record player. The 383 doesn't have a pre-amp or phono input, so I also have a Pyle PP444 pre-amp that I bought with...
  12. cadena

    How to connect Techcnics AV system with Plasma TV ?

    Hi everyone, I have a LG PT85 TV and a Technics SE-CA10 audio system (see manuals attached). I am trying to see how to connect the TV to the audio system but as you can see in pg. 7 of LG manual, the only port for Audio OUT is for an optical cable as further explained in pg. 22-23 of LG manual...
  13. thomasjoseph

    Technics SE-CH570 - speaker advice wanted please!

    I have this amp along with the two main speakers that form part of the set. Manual here: Technics se-ch570 Manuals | ManualsLib Power output: 35 watts per channel into 6Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz Total harmonic distortion: 1% Signal-to-noise ratio: 90dB (line) Speaker...
  14. S

    Technics SU-7300 Amplifier Issue

    Hello! Hoping someone here might be able to help me out. I recently acquired a technics SU-7300 amp (sold as working from a sort of thrift shop) and a pair of Heco SM 540 (also sold as working, from Ebay). Now when i have it all connected (aux cable to laptop with Spotify) , this is the sound...
  15. interbear

    Technics Ottava speaker and app connectivity

    I’ve had a Technics Ottava SC70Mk2 and SC30 for a couple of months. Delighted with the sound quality,when I can get them working it’s great. But I am increasingly infuriated by the Technics Audio Centre app (I’m using the iOS version) and speaker connectivity. The app rarely finds the two...
  16. ivankg123

    Finding the best affordable Technics SL TT?

    Finding the best affordable Technics SL TT? After a lot of research on the internet and some hours spent in searching TTs. I decided to go with Technics. There were quite a few new offers for record players for sale in my country, so I decided to post a thread here. I made a discussion few days...
  17. ivankg123

    Bargain In search of new record player!

    In search of new record player! Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum! I'm looking for an uprgade to my Dual CS 415-2. I bought this turntable three years ago, when i started collecting vinyl records. To be honest it's a nice turntable,it does the job, but i can't stand having records that are...
  18. latashasomayi

    Connection of a Technics HIFI to a TV

    How can i connect my Technics HIFI (5 speakers) sound to a Telefunken HD TV using the cables of red, yellow and white. is it possible
  19. Baron Mole

    How good or bad is my old analogue kit?

    Hello All, After 23 years of languishing in the attic (after house downsizing) my vinyl collection and old hifi is being unpacked and recommissioned. I'll have separate digital (AV) and analogue (music) systems. But I don't need 4 turntables.... I have no point of reference to assess how my...
  20. F

    Distortion in Technics 1210 DJ Set Up...

    I’m experiencing pretty severe distortion in the mids/highs when playing vinyl on both of my Technics 1210’s. The issue isn’t with my speakers, as when I record the output from my mixer the distortion shows up in the recording. The issue doesn’t show with every record, but is apparent in a...
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