Technics (brand)
Technics is a brand name of the Panasonic Corporation, a company that produces a variety of electronic products.
Under the brand name Technics, the company produced a variety of hi-fi products, such as turntables, amplifiers, receivers, tape decks, CD players and speakers for sale in various countries. It was conceived for a line of high-end audio equipment to go against such companies as Nakamichi, but most of its home products have been rebranded as Panasonic starting in 2002, except in Japan and certain other areas like the former Soviet Union, places where the brand holds considerable appeal.
DJ equipment, electronic pianos and Micro Hi-Fi Systems are some of the Technics products currently being sold in the USA and Europe.
On 3 September 2014, Panasonic announces that Technics brand is coming back.
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Technics Audio Brand makes a comeback at IFA
  1. C

    Help removing flat ribbon cable from Technics AMP on Hi-Fi

    I am having a problem disconnecting the flat ribbon connector that connects the tape deck to the AMP on my technics (SU-X302 AMP and RS-X302). Any tips on technique would be most welcome. Thank you.
  2. J

    Technics SL-Q6 Linear Tracking Turntable

    The stylus on my linear tracking turntable will not drop. It tries, then there an audible click and it immediately resets. The turntable turns, the carriage moves left and right.....just the stylus won't drop. Programming the tracks function does work, but again the stylus does not drop...
  3. G

    Technics turntable lubricants RZZOLO5 and SZZOL11

    Hi, I have a question regarding servicing Technics turntables, specifically an SL-DD33, hopefully somebody can help. I am having a few issues with the auto cue position which varies from time to time and I am putting it down to it being old and requiring servicing. The manual mentions two...
  4. S

    Streaming from old Technics Separates System

    Apologies if Im posting in the wrong area, or if this has been asked before (I couldn’t see anything), but I’m new here and wanted to ask if the following scenario might be possible. I have a Technics Separates System from 1996 SA- EH60. It has traditional wired speakers that I wish to retain...
  5. Ed Selley

    Technics SL1210Mk7 Turntable Review & Comments

    The most affordable version of the immortal Technics turntable is aimed at the DJ as much as the home listener but does some of the same ability of the premium models survive the price cuts? Read the review. Write your own review for Technics SL-1210MK7
  6. mrn1

    Help choose between MARANTZ CD52 mkII, SONY CDP-XB930E QS UK Special Edition and TECHNICS SL-PS700.

    Help choose between Marantz CD52 mkII, Sony CDP-XB930E QS UK Special Edition and Technics SL-PS700. I am looking into buying one of the above. Which would you recommend? Sound quality (natural bass, great mids, spacious soundstage, clarity) is a priority. Thanks!
  7. C

    Trying to Connect Turntable to Receiver to Speakers

    Hi everyone, My turntable is an audio-technica at-lp120xusb with built in phono and line pre-amp. When I connect it to my Technics su-3050 integrated amp the sound from the speakers (aiwa sx-lem70 6 ohms) is super low, and I mean super low! Is it because I am connecting a turntable with a built...
  8. sha66y

    Do Turntables have a sound ?

    Bit controversial this one …. I have been looking at the Technics turntables for some time, especially the 1200 & 1210GR series, both look like beasts! however I’m not sure that unplugging mine and swapping it over using all the same gear even the existing stylus will make me hear anything...
  9. T

    1970-1980 Technics speaker vinish DIY

    Does anyone have any information on the finish of Technics speakers. I have the SB-G300 and would like to sand out the light scratches and refinish in the factory colour. It does look like it's a wood veneer rather than a vinyl veneer, would Technics have used a clear satin finish on the veneer...
  10. S

    Technics SU-VX720 + Technics SL1210 mk2 + Ortofon Concorde DJ question

    Hi guys! I have a quick question regarding the aforementioned setup. I just bought a Technics SL1210 mk2 which came with a Concorde DJ cartridge and connected to the phono of my old Technics SU-VX720 amp which has these specs: It sounds pretty good, but I can hear slight distortions on the...
  11. T

    Kenwood LS-770a, Technics SB-G300, Wharfedale Kingsdale 3, B&W 603 S2 reviews wanted.

    I have the Kenwood connected to my 1981 Technics system for music, the B&W are part of my AV surround system. Would the Technics be an upgrade over the Kenwood, and are these speakers OK to replace the B&W to free up some space? Ideally I'd like the Kenwood or Technics for the surround sound...
  12. mrn1

    Technics SL-PS and SL-PG CD players

    Dear people of this forum, Any Technics experts reading it? I am looking into buying a vintage Technics CD player to match my SU-X120 amplifier by the same maker. I've done some research and decided to go for one either from SL-PG or SL-PS series. Stuff I listen to the most: distorted guitars...
  13. G

    Technics SL-DD33 turntable

    Hi, I have a Technics SL-DD33 turntable which I have brought out of storage and works ok apart from the start/stop button auto cue mechanism. The start position on the vinyl was miles out when I started using it so after obtaining a service manual online I managed to adjust the position but it...
  14. A

    Technics SLG700 vs Arcam ST60

    Good morning everyone, For some time now I have been considering to changing my old Marantz NA8005 Network streamer. I listen exclusively flac files generally in high resolution from one of my SSD disks so I am not interested in streaming services and I'am not intersting about CD transport...
  15. stuartc1

    Speakers to use with Sansui Au-999?

    Hello, My first post and new to the topic of audio equipment (sorry for my ignorance). I've recently obtained a Sansui AU-999 pre-amp and as far as I can tell it works just fine - I replaced 4 internal 5amp fuses, that's it. I have an old set of bi-wired speakers (technics sb-dv250) and wired...
  16. C

    Technics SUV-470

    Hello Everyone, I have decided to resurrect my old Technics SUV-470 amp and separates - whats the point of leaving them in boxes doing nothing? Unfortunately, the volume on the amp is biased towards one channel and the culprit is the volume pot - I think one of the carbon tracks has become...
  17. T

    Technics sb6000/7000

    A pair of Technics sb7000 have become available for me at the cost of £900. There is also a pair of sb6000 at £500. I love the look and design, and they will match my vintage Technics hifi, but are they worth it. If the surrounds split, or a cone blows then it's game over. What was the...
  18. Andylu70

    Technics SA-C600 vs Naim Mu-so Qb first generation

    Happy Sunday, guys. I'm a happy owner of a Naim Mu-so Qb 1st generation that I bought approximately four years ago. The quality of the sound delivered is excellent, even though you have to pump the volume up a lot to get the best results, but I've always complained about its lack of flexibility...
  19. Pilgrim49

    Phono Stage for Technics SL1500C

    Hi all. Looking for some advice on Phonostages. Running Technics SL1500C with Ortofon Blue and Achromat through Cambridge Audio CXA81. Everything I read online says that the onboard Phono Stage on the Technics is pretty good. Want to upgrade but my question is what do I need to buy to see a good...
  20. nickpro

    Vintage CD player vs new cd player

    Been hearing different things about CD players. Some people recommend getting a vintage cd player, while others say that getting older products is risky. I’ve been browsing different vintage products and came across a couple different ones. The two major ones were the Marantz CD-17 and the...
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