1. Water your plants

    For Sale Icebreaker Sphere / tech lite 2 Merino wool tees

    Having a clear out as bought way to many, I live in IB stuff but these are just not needed really. All medium and new with tags Black heather Roote heather...
  2. ZooGuy

    Difficult Tech Challenge - Need Small Profile Cameras for California Condor Nesting HDMI

    This question may have no good answer but I would love a bit of advice to solve a specific problem. Background: I produce SM and do storytelling around zoo animals and field conservation projects. I'm working with a team that is breeding endangered California Condors and we want to film some...
  3. MohdNaz

    For Sale Mint Condition Linksys Velop WiFi - WHW0302-UK (2 Pack)

    I have for sale used in full working order mint condition Linksys Velop Tri-band WiFi - WHW0302-UK (2 Pack) as decided to upgrade to a different model. Connectivity technology Wi-Fi Frequency band class Tri-Band Data transfer rate 867 Megabits Per Second Brand Linksys Wireless Type...
  4. A

    Best Device to playback 4K MKV full rips with current tech ie Dolby Vision/HDR/HDR+/DTS-HD/Atmos etc ?

    Hi all My UHD MKV rips work fine on my Windows laptop however... I'm getting some files that have really Laggy playback , audio and video from UHD full rips/ on my (Standalone) Android box it's an old one and same with Sony Android TV which is around 2 years old, via USB SSD? I've tried through...
  5. Mark1979

    How much better is Dynamic Crystal Colour?

    Compared to Samsung's Purcolour how much better is Dynamic Crystal Colour and Qled?
  6. S

    Speakers Mixer DAC-AC LOST IN tech - its all gone Digi!

    rotected automatically. Once the member reaches 5 posts the links will function as normal. Everything's gone digital. Spent 2 days on research..just want to get set up! Back ground I used to mix on cdj 1000- dynaudio passive monitors and demon 400 style mixer. I produced teckno. Using a mix...
  7. N

    G Tech 8TB Raid T3 - Failing after 2 days?

    Just forked out GBP 550 for a G-Tech RAID Thunderbolt 3 8TB system, only been up & running a couple of days and wondered why the health is deteriorating? DriveDX is showing at 87.5% due to the spin up time..... Any help appreciated.
  8. K

    I need help. i need tech support. I need answers

    Whenever i play resident evil 8 village, I'll get about 20 to 30 min.of gameplay then my ps5 will completely turn off., to the point that i have to unplug my console and plug it back in for it to turn back on. Whats strange is it only does it when I play that game. No problem with any other...
  9. L

    Got a tech problem with my this even a problem?

    I have a 65inch LGCX TV that I use as a PC monitor. I booted up my PC this morning to get some school work done(because I use my PC for both gaming and engineering school) and I have a setting on my start bar(or task bar, whatever it's's the bar on the bottom of the screen with the...
  10. krish

    Using Covid mRNA technology to develop vaccines for HIV and beyond

    With the massive global research efforts into Covid vaccine development, there were always hopefully going to be opportunities to develop other vaccines based on the novel technology platforms that have emerged. We now could be entering a golden age of vaccine development.
  11. R

    PS5 over heating issues

    My PS5 only over heats and sends me the notification when I’m trying to play 2k21 next gen that I purchased digitally yesterday. But for some odd reason all of my digital games that I transferred from my PS4 works perfectly fine. Any suggestions for some type of resolution to this problem ?
  12. A

    Is Sony quantum dot tech on most high end tvs from 2016 onward?

    I am looking for a second hand 55 inch sony LED TV and want the QD tech. The truluminous description seems to vary year to year ,and is vague. Do most of the sony tvs from 2016 to 2020 have QD tech? Or is it just the high end 8000 or 9000 ranges that have QD? Can anyone recomend a decent...
  13. N

    Has projector tech improved significantly?

    Hi, In 2010 I got my first and only projector, the Optoma HD20 - I was never really impressed with the picture as it looked ‘washed out’ and hence soon reverted back to TV (to the point the HD20 is still up and running 11 years on, with its original bulbs!). I‘m not close to the AV scene - so...
  14. B

    Peak Design - Mobile - Questionnaire

    I am doing a questionnaire for my Masters degree and would appreciate any willing participants. The questionnaire is regarding the product called Mobile by Peak design. This is a Mobile phone case that has a new innovative SlimLink Mounting system which allows for attachment to things such as a...
  15. H

    Def Tech BP9080x - advice needed

    Hi A pair of Def Tech BP9080x (exhibition model) on an auction has caught my eye, and I am considering making a bid, but I am unsure if they are a good fit for my setup. BP9080x My current front speakers are XTZ 99.36. No subwoofer AV Receiver is a Yamaha RX-V1073, will get propably get...
  16. RMCF

    Question Can anyone identify this bit of tech.

    I seen this pointing out of a house window, anyone know what it is?
  17. Autopilot

    Why has the tech industry not stepped up to help kids more?

    I keep hearing that one of the big winners of the pandemic, generally speaking, is the tech industry - profiting massively from people staying and working at home. At the same time, my local primary school are scratching around, desperately looking for donations of laptops and IT gear to...
  18. jason shep

    New KEF woofer tech looks innovative

  19. N

    Updating tech after 6+ years

    Hi all. Went from building my computer in 2008 to feeling overwhelmed trying to learn about all the new hardware/software/platform compatibility. Live on the water with a pretty bright room so not going OLED. Planning on purchasing Samsung's flagship 55" neo qled when it releases. Live...
  20. D

    Chigz tech review : Powerful Mecool KM6 Deluxe - Official Android TV OS - S905X4 - Detailed Review - Any Good?

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