1. G

    Help with Teac PD-H300 CD player - Am I being told porkies?

    Hello, this is my first question on this forum and I hope I'm posting it in the right place! To cut a VERY long story short, I took a Teac PD-H300 CD player for repair back in December as it was having trouble reading dics and being very selective about which discs it played. I see from other...
  2. GAJA1971

    Teac nt-505

    Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of the Teac NT-505? Looks like a great piece of kit. TEAC | NT-505 Appreciate any assistance as reviews are virtually non existent at this time. Cheers. GAJA
  3. R

    Teac a-r650 Amplifier

    Hi all a shop in my town is selling a teac a-r650 amplifier. I like the look of the amplifier. But was wondering if anyone had any idea what the sound is like. The speakers I have are Wharfedale diamond 220 bookshelf speakers. Cheers Ian
  4. Eldarvanyar

    Question Has anyone heard or own the TEAC AX-501 Amp?

    Hi everyone, Has anyone heard or own the TEAC AX-501 Amp? ALC0240 Class-D Power Amplifier by ABLETEC A fully-balanced approach used for the analog circuits on the pre-amplifier Maximum 120W + 120W of output power for practical use (at 4ohms impedance) Toroidal-core Power Transformer...
  5. B

    TEAC AG-980

    HELP! I have just moved and tried to put my hi-fi system back together. Trouble is, on my TEAC, when i turn the power on - it lasts for about 5 seconds then turns itself off again. I am sure there is a simple answer but i am bamboozled!!
  6. Kennyn1980

    Teac TN-300 turntable woes :(

    Hello. I hope someone could offer me some advice here. I decided to get back into vinyl after a break of 20 years, and went to my local Richer Sounds to buy a new turntable. I had decided on a Pro-Ject Elemental turntable as it seemed to be the best I could stretch to given my budget at the...
  7. islander790

    Teac AV-H500D Remote Control

    Hi All I'm looking for a remote control for a Teac AV-H500D amplifier. The model is 16 years old and out of production. Does anybody have one for sale or could maybe point me in the direction of where I could get one. Thanks
  8. D

    Teac Reference series PD H303 cd player

    Just obtained one of these 3 cd players to go with my A-H300 amplifier. Audio is fine but unfortunately it's skipping and sticking especially towards the end tracks. Might be just a case of cleaning and greasing the mechanism. I wonder if anyone has or knows of a procedure for getting to the...
  9. BlueWizard

    FYI: New TEAC TN400 Turntable with "S" Shaped Tonearm

    Recently by accident I stumbled across a reference to the NEW TEAC TN400 Turntable which seem similar to the previous TN300 but with an upgraded Tonearm. It appears to be available in a somewhat Reddish Woodgrain, that for lack of a better term I will call Mohogany, and in light and medium...
  10. ACAB

    Answered Teac AG-D200 to run Wharfdale Diamond 220? What Sub?

    Hello, Im upgrading my kitchen soundsystem currently i have a Teac AG-D200 and some terrible no name speakers. Will my Amp run a pair of Wharfdale Diamond 220's nicely enough? I would also like to add a Subwoofer at somepoint for more depth any recomendations? I am on a tight budget so as...
  11. D

    Question Teac T1 transport DAC DT1 & Audio innovations Pre/Power series 200

    Guys, I have a Teac T1 and DT1 that I am thinking about selling. Also have an Audio innovations Series 200 pre and power amp. All in excellent condition. Have any of you any idea what I would get for these? I think the T1 was £500 new the DT1 was maybe £400 and the amp was somewhere close to...
  12. Z

    Question TEAC 300 SERIES. Intermittant sound problem.

    Hi all, I have a TEAC 300 series system of separates which has a problem whereby the sound to the speakers stops occasionally for microseconds. Sometimes it will do it three or four times within a couple of minutes and others it may be once or twice an hour. It seems to be on all inputs to the...
  13. S

    Teac ref 500 offset output voltage

    I have a teac ref 500 ,purchased new in 1998,i am not sure if it's worth servicing it and maybe upgrade or buy a new amp.Any recomendations on who could do this work? Also i have checked the amp output offset and the left speaker is -01.8 and right speaker is -38.6 Does this sound correct?not...
  14. Mattias Stein

    Which of these speakers to pair with a Teac A-H500 ?

    I want to buy a pair of passive speakers for my Teac A-H500 amplifier. It's been a while since I bought passive ones. Been listening to active Yamaha monitors for 8 years and been quite happy. The main concern is clarity. Most hifi speakers I ran into have this veiled sound over the highs and...
  15. makeandmark

    Cap removal teac ah-500 soldier not melting??

    Hello everyone, I am trying to replace the capacitors from teac ah 500 was wondering if anyone could shed some like as to why the soldier on the not melt. Not a soldier expert but I have tried a range of temperatures? As far as I know it could be 'lead- free' soldier and may have a coating of...
  16. J

    Teac TN100 direct to Cambridge Azur 650?

    Total newbie here when it comes to turntables, so excuse ignorance here! I have just decided to remind myself what my old vinyl sounds like, no have bought a Teac TN100 turntable. I have connected it via phono cables to the Aux input on my CA 650 integrated amp. Is this ok? I m finding that I...
  17. B

    Answered Teac TN-300, Ortofon Red and Cambridge 551P Bad Combo?

    Hi all.... apologies for the long message, thought it best to explain my setup etc... I recently decided to buy a new turntable to play my old vinyl... and maybe buy a few new records, although since 1987 most of the music I have bought has been on CD. I've really enjoyed sticking my old...
  18. D

    What external clock and cdt for teac ud 503 dac

    I currently have a teac ud 503. It has a 10MHZ port. What clock and cd transport are recommended? My budget is 1000 pounds for both. Thanks in advance Dean
  19. R

    Fault with TEAC A-H500i amp

    Hi folks Looking for some advice. I just picked up beautiful TEAC A-H500i amplifier, PD-H500i CD player and matching tuner. Plus a pair of Wharfdale 7.1s. All for £35(!) Having plugged it all in and fired it up, it sounds like the right hand channel of the amp is not working. No sound at...
  20. AgrapOK

    Advice for TEAC - DAC

    Hi Guys I used my Teac A-H01 with Mission SX2 speakers and I am very happy with that combination. Source of music is my laptop, connected to A-H01 by USB. I like that mini design. There is also Teac UD-H01, which use dual Burr-Brown DAC. My question: If I add Teac UD-H01 with dual...
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