1. dr67

    TCL QLED Setup

    Hi - I have bought a TCL 75c815k recently. Its a Costco special. Having a few issues. 1 - the soundbar / speakers occasionally makes a creaking/cracking sound. Kind of like when an older TV is switched on/off. 2 - Despite trying a few different settings, motion is still less than...
  2. ramzax

    TCL EP660 USB power control

    Hi, I hope someone could help me out with this problem. MY TCL EP660 automatically switches off. Here's what happens: I connect an external keyboard to the TV via USB, my keyboard has an auto switch off feature, when the usb detects that the keyboard is off, it sends a command to switch the tv...
  3. A

    55” TCL smart tv model 55s403

    If anyone can help please.. I replaced the led strips on my tv. When I turn on now after a few minutes the picture fades away but it still has backlight.. I did damage the lcd panel on top left corner so I have line across too of screen as well but still has picture.. if anyone can tell me why...
  4. S

    Question Is my TCL tv s535 compatible with screen mirror feature from an iPhone?

    Hello! I recently bought a TCL 65s535 and I wonder if AirPlair and Screen Mirroring from an iPhone (iPhone 8 - version 14.3) should work!? Is it really compatible? or my tv has a problem? Im able to airplair videos from Youtube, but when I try to airplay other stuff or do screen mirror...
  5. Memento guy

    TCL android security issues

    Hi guys, want to know your thoughts on the recent issues found with TCL android TVs possible security faults. I was tempted to get the C81 for another room but now not that sure , I use android software and would link tv to my account but thought of possible access from hackers putting me off.
  6. H

    Sony(KD75XH9005BU) or TCL(75C815K) please advise

    Hi All, Hope you all had great xmas! After much reading and research(@Dodgexander 's brilliant guide My best value TVs) and TCL 815 review and many hours of navigating YouTube and web content on Sony KD75XH9005BU, eventually settled and bought the TCL C815K, expecting delivery next few days...
  7. B

    TCL 65C815 vs Hisense 65U7QF vs Hisense 55U8QF

    Hello, I'm undecided between buying one of these three. The prices would be: TCL 65C815 - 800€ Hisense 65U7QF - 760€ Hisense 55U8QF - 900€ The distance from the tv is 2.5m-3m so I'm leaning towards the ones with 65'' and because they are cheaper. The only thing holding me back from jumping on...
  8. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain TCL TVs: Black Friday Deals - up to £100 off select models from 20th Nov

    From 20th November there's up to £100 off the TCL 75C815K and 55DP628 models, up to £80 off the 55C815K and up to £70 off the 65-inch C815K along with the 65EP658 and the full range of QLED C715K models. There's more information in our Black Friday article.
  9. arhub

    Replace Panasonic TC-P58V10

    I'm finally looking at replacing my TC-P58V10 plasma, my surround receiver died and now I'm looking at doing a soundbar since moving into my new house its not setup as nicely for surround as when I bought this. I'm probably going to be getting the new Sonos Arc which means I need a TV that...
  10. bechman

    TCL EP660 - video lagging with subtitles

    Hi there, I have problem with playing UHD video with subtitles. When the subtitles on, the video lagging, without subtitles is video ok. This problem occurs during online playback in KODI and in VLC playing from USB hard drive too. Does anyone have experience with this problem or any solution or...
  11. Q

    TCL & Android apps in the UK

    I have brought a TCL 32ES568 but cannot find any apps to watch UK TV programs. I cant find Freeview, All4, BBC Iplayer, prime TV, sky go etc. Are none of these supported? The only 2 I have that are recognizable are Netflix & Disney plus. I am thinking that I made a mistake buying this TV but...
  12. Numankhan001

    Question Reviews/ recommendations needed about huawei and tcl smartphone

    Hello everyone. I need your valuable suggestions in choosing one mobile-phone from these two : 1. HUAWEI P30 Pro 2. tcl 10 5g Which phone is better for a person who needs more specifications and a lightweight thing? Please share your personal experience if you have any with these...
  13. Voxxel

    Question Looking for alternatives to TCL 55C715

    I'm about to buy a TV (EU model) during the Black Friday hype. Browsing the web since a week but have still no idea what to compare to my current best bet, the TCL 55C715. What I would mostly need: - Android (because my family members play games from Google Store usually. I heard, it's not...
  14. W

    Question Tcl 49p2us

    Hello, This is my first time posting here. I have a TCL 49p2us (not l49 and not p2usa), and I am really struggling with the os. I am pretty sure it's the modern Android and not roku tv. The app store really sucks and when I downloaded google play store from the TV app store it didn't even...
  15. ThetaX55

    Is the TCL S425 ok to update?

    Just wonder if it's ok to update the firmware or software. I just picked this up to replace the broken tv in the room. Im only asking because i read some times updating the firmware or software makes things worse.
  16. G

    TCL 55C71K Picture Settings... here's mine. What are yours?

    I THINK I've got it pretty good. But it'd just be nice to compare with others settings for peace of mind. PICTURE Picture Preset: MOVIE Brightness: 100 Colour Saturation: 100 BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS Brightness: 100 Contrast: 93 Black Level: 49 Dynamic Contrast: OFF Black Stretch: OFF Dynamic...
  17. D

    Tcl ts9030 ray danz soundbar help

    Apologies if this is in the wrong area, feel happy to redirect. Bought this a few weeks ago and apart from the fact it used to turn up slowly at random times, it was alright. Since I’ve tried to update it through the wifi however, it now won’t play Any sound. when turned on, the soundbar flashes...
  18. hollowmancr

    TCL Model "Translation"

    I noticed that there are tons of different TCL model variants that have a different naming scheme depending on the region you are in. Samsung for example follows the same general rule in their model naming with an "E" or "A" showing different regions and a "XSG" or "XZN" mentioning the country...
  19. MVP Taylor

    TCL Streaming Service Issues

    Hi I have a TCL C815 55” tv. It performs really poorly on streaming services especially Amazon Video. TCL have said they can’t help and that it is the streaming service providers at fault. My issue is that my £29 Fire stick doesn’t have the same issues. Is anyone else in the same boat? Any...
  20. D

    32 inch TCL Roku or LG Smart Tv?

    TCL 32S327 or LG 32LM570BPUA Can't decide. Normally I would go with LG because it's a brand that I know more and would rely on. However the TCL has a lot of good reviews. I read that TCL built in wi-fi allows for faster and sharper connection for streaming. Can anyone confirm? Also, can...
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