1. C

    Is a tape rca/phono input just a normal rca/phono input?

    Basically I've run out of RCA inputs on my Arcam 9c pre-amp, but it does have inputs/outputs for two tape decks. I only have one tape deck, so can I use the unused tape input as a normal input?
  2. T

    Removing a stuck VHS tape

    I was just wondering if anyone knows a way of removing a VHS tape that is stuck in the VHS recorder I have. It is a Sony SLV model, but a few months back whilst I was capturing a few tapes to my PC and during a rewind of one of the tapes I noticed the machine had suddenly stopped working...
  3. R

    Free tape measure app

    What free apps are there that will show angle from position (atmos height speakers) to listening position.
  4. J

    Older VHS commercially recorded tape not playing

    I have one older commercially recorded tape that will not display video when in "play" mode. The image will display if in play mode and using either fast forward or reverse just not in normal play. I have tried this tape on three different machines with same result. All three machines play...
  5. S

    MiniDV tape to Mac?

    I have an old MiniDV tape with 60 minutes of footage I want to capture on my Mac. I don't have a camcorder. Someone is selling a Panasonic MiniDV recorder for £30 near me on Facebook: Log in or sign up to view It's a Panasonic NV-GS150 . I note it has USB 2 and he has the USB cable. If I were to...
  6. R

    Tape loop integration

    At the moment I'm using a Audiolab 8000Q in a combined stereo/HT system Squeezebox digital out into a DAC DAC into CD input of 8000Q Lexicon L/R pre-out into Tuner input of 8000Q L/R pre-out from 8000Q into 3 channel amplifier Would it be possible to use the tape input of the 8000Q so it...
  7. Brian Nunn

    Tape Deck Woes - upon initial playback, perfectly good tapes rapidly go from clear to muffled.

    I luv my Technics RS-B565 but it's been letting me down. Here's what happens: upon loading a tape and commencing playback, a second of clear sound is heard before the audio then becomes and remains muffled. The tape head is clean, upon inspection, but the pinch roller looks like it could do with...
  8. D

    tape wont eject

    my samsung scd23 camcorder cant eject the tape. checking around it seems to be sort of common issue. will someone point me to where a repair manual or procedures can be found. it tries: the carriage moves into position to release tape but instead it just rolls back down into ready position. is...
  9. Y

    Canon tape cam corder

    Dear forum members What do people think to the canon UC8 HI 8 milimitre tape cam corder
  10. Y

    E Cain tape cam corder

    Dear forum members What do people think to the canon UC8 HI 8 milimitre tape cam corder
  11. sib121

    Denon seperates question UD-MR31 Receiver and DRR-M30 tape cassette

    HI, can i mix these two seperates, the UD-m31 receiver I have goes with the DRR-m31 cassette player but the cassette deck is broken and I've seen a DRR-m30 cassette player i can buy , will this work does anyone know the difference between the drr-m30 and drr-m31 cassette player Thank You
  12. P

    DMR EZ48V

    Working on a Panasonic DMR-EZ48V combo unit. Everything seems to work but the VCR will take the tape in, the tape will turn but will not load around the recording head. Anyone have any experience with this?
  13. H

    Mini DV tape damage/blue screen

    Please can someone help me because I am so worried right now. I have approx 40 mini dv tapes that have been accidentally stored in the shed for a couple of years after I thought they were boxed and indoors. They have been back inside for months and the box that they were in smells a bit mouldy...
  14. A

    Technics rs-tr474 Tape deck- no signal

    Hello its my first post here so fingers crossed! I have just reconnected my double tape deck to my technics separate system which is centred on a Technics SU-Z45 Integrated amplifier. Its old stuff indeed but still working well. Having connected the tape deck for the first time in maybe 15...
  15. O

    Attenuators for tape inputs

    Hi Guys, Can anyone out there help? I am wondering how to proceed with some attenuation for the Audio inputs of my Revox B77. Spec tells me it is 40mV for line in but all my various amps are around the 150mV output level. Is a purely resistive network possible or does it get a lot more complex...
  16. W

    Panasonic VHS won't spoil tape find heads

    I have multiple more modern VHS and VHS DVD Panasonic combo's that all doing exactly the same thing. Load the tape and start trying to play without pulling the tape around the head. The two arms don't move. Only seems to happen on my Panasonic players and I have 4 now with same fault. Any ideas?
  17. JustinT350

    Removing Felt Cinema tape from wall?

    Morning all, Has anyone got any tips on how to remove the sticky cinema felt tape from a wall? I have recently added a proper screen, and attempted to remove the felt tape with a hair dryer but it is leaving a lot of sticky residue.. Thanks
  18. 1

    Question Panasonic NV-HS930 Ejecting Tape

    I have a Panasonic NV-HS930 but it keeps ejecting the tape, I have tried multiple tapes and the result is the same. There is also a small piece of broken plastic which appears to be a clip though I cannot find where it has come from to attempt to fix it or replace it. When the tape is inserted...
  19. C

    Question Fault with camcorder footage (VINTAGE CAMCORDER SAMSUNG VP-L850D)

    My Samsung VP-L850D has a yellow overlay at the right hand side of all the footage it plays. It’s not a problem with the tapes as I have played several through the camcorder and they all come out like this. It’s not a problem with the LED screen either as it came out like this when the camcorder...
  20. D

    Question Technics RX-BS606 Tape Deck Issue

    Hello, I own a Technics RX-BS606 tape deck. I recently had to take its cover off to adjust the right playback volume. Everything went fine, until I put the cover back on: I turned on the unit, and the screen displayed «J1». After that, I left the unit unplugged for several hours, and now, when...
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