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  1. P

    Turntable selection advice

    I have a Cambridge Audio 340a SE Azur amp (from the 2000's) and a bi wired pair of Tannoy E11 Limited Edition (LE) speakers. (from the 90's - & still sounding great). I also have a Cambridge pre amplifier for the turntable. I would like some advice on what turntable to buy. I have seen Rega...
  2. P

    Denon PMA520AE Amplifier cutting out

    Evening all, I hope you can help me out here, and apologies but I am a real novice when it comes to Amps & Drivers!. Right I have a Denon PMA520AE Amplifier and attached to it I have a pair of 12 " Tannoy Monitor Gold Drivers (speakers) the problem I am having is that the amp keeps cutting out...
  3. YJB

    Question Sony STR-DA5300ES No sound from speakers (intermittent problem)

    I have tried looking through the threads to see if anyone else has had this problem....to no avail. I have a Sony STR-DA5300ES which runs Tannoy Arena Highline 500's (Old I know but I love the set up). I have the room wired up for atmos in the future, but had no plans in replacing my AVR anytime...
  4. scoobysmiff

    Tannoy XT-8F and Arendal 1723 center as LCR

    I've just added to my second system an Arendal center to go with my Tannoy XT-8F's and I must say it seems to work very well, an amazing breadth of sound emanating from the front stage. I do't even switch the sub on most of the time as I'm in an apartment but tbh there's never been a point where...
  5. INXS

    Not using a sub at all (just 4 "large" speakers)

    Moving abroad soon, and I'm limited for space. I have 2 pairs of Mordaunt Short MS10s in the loft that I may take with me, along with four of the 6 Tannoy satellite speakers (and the centre) that I have around the lounge as we speak. If I have the Dolby Atmos AVR set at 5.0.4 with the centre...
  6. Real Ramona

    Speaker downsizing advice needed - goodbye to big Tannoys?

    I have owned for many years a pair of Tannoy Mayfair T225. These are late 70's units, floorstanding each with a single 10" dual concentric speaker with a passive radiator below. Big warm sound, great with jazz and classical, which I like - not a lot of cop on rock music, which I also like but...
  7. W

    Question Slight damage on centre speaker tweeter - big issue or small?

    Hi, new to Av forums so apologies if this isn't in the right place. I have my eye on a Tannoy MC b/eye speaker listed on ebay: Tannoy Mercury mC B/Eye Centre Speaker | eBay Seems like a great deal, the only thing that's holding me back is there's slight damage on the tweeter. Can anyone tell...
  8. casinoking2002

    which speakers to buy

    Which is the best speakers provide the most bang for your buck under £ 1500 ?
  9. lctr01

    Question Tannoy speakers and Atmos upgrade

    I have a 5.1 setup which I'm in the process of revamping. It's currently an old pioneer avr which I'm replacing with an onkyo 7.2 tx-nr575e. For speakers I currently have a tannoy hts201 set. I'm also looking into upfiring speakers for atmos, and the two options I'm considering are the elac...
  10. Dead Stig

    Linking Tannoy Speakers to Panasonic surround sound?

    I'm not very savvy when it comes to surround sound as it's not an area I've invested a lot of money in to. I'm looking for a cleaner sound than my current setup so.... I've seen a set of Tannoy HTS speakers and sub for £100. (Tannoy HTS-101 Speaker Package) Would I be able to use my existing...
  11. P

    Bargain Expired Deals on Tannoy speakers - Nintronics

    Nintronics are doing some deals on Tannoy speakers: DC10Ti - £6499 down to £3999 DC8Ti £4999 down to £2999 I think they will take off a little more too if you mention you are an AVforums member... worth giving them a call if you are at all interested. Nintronics: specialists in audiovisual...
  12. Flenser

    Budget floorstanding speaker recommendation

    My twelve-year old Samsung system-in-a-box expired last week in a literal puff of smoke and after a little research I've purchased a Yamaha RX V379 as a replacement. I've only just discovered that the exisiting Samsung 3 ohm speakers shouldn't be used with the AV reciever and am now in the...
  13. Jonny66

    Answered Amp recomendations for Tannoy Precision 6.4

    hello fellow music lovers. I have just bought a pair of Tannoy Precision 6.4 speakers which I am very pleased with. But I feel I could do with a better amplifier now but would like some help with drawing up a short list. My system at present: Yamaha CDN 301 streamer/cd Cambridge Audio Dac Magic...
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