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  1. AnilS

    For Sale Tannoy SFX 5.1 speakers (Sub faulty)

    Fantastic home cinema speaker system from Tannoy, in beautiful gloss black finish. System speakers are: 1 x Centre (up to 100 watts) 4 x Surround (up to 100 watts) 1 x Powered sub with a built-in 100w amp that isn't working but powers up. Hence bargain price Now surplus to requirement, after...
  2. chillaxed

    Recommended Sub & Centre speaker to add to existing Tannoy DC6T SE's

    Confused about Yamaha RX-V377 power output specs Wow, I can't believe all that was nearly 7 years ago now! I ended up packing in the day job and going self-employed. 5 years later, I'm working all hours of the day and earning about 60% of what I used to, but there's a lot of satisfaction in...
  3. V

    Tannoy TFX 5.1 advice - speaker cable clips?

    I have had the Tannoy TFX 5.1 speakers for many years now but unfortunately I find it incredibly fiddly to securely attach the speaker wire to the black and red attachments at the back. Unfortunately when you have children you love to play around with your AV equipment I have to constantly...
  4. nemesis429

    For Sale Tannoy Mercury MX1 Light Maple Passive Speakers (Pair) + Acoustic Foam

    Tannoy Mercury MX1 Light Maple Passive Speakers + Speaker Acoustic Foam. Had these for the last few years, still working flawlessly. I'm only selling due to size of speakers and upgrading to home cinema.
  5. Alfa Male

    Tannoy Arena Stand Ideas?

    Morning all..... I've bought a 7.1 set of Tannoy Arenas and want to wall mount the satellites. Problem is I'm struggling to find anything suitable that looks good - the maker's stands don't seem to come up for sale on their own and 'universal' eBay specials look clumsy to my eyes. A small...
  6. A

    TANNOY PLATINUM F6 speakers

    does anybody own a set of these floorstanders and if they so, what do they sound like/compare with?, looks like i've missed the boat for the xt6 & 8f speakers and was wondering if these floorstanders were worth a punt at the discounted price they are currently selling for, i know they are not...
  7. M

    Tannoy efx subwoofer schematic

    Hi there, Does anybody has schematic for this subwoofer please?
  8. igorguerreiro

    Tannoy PLATINUM B6 - Worldwide ghost speakers?

    Hello mates, I'm trying to choose a pair of speakers, and I've bumped into these tannoys that are fairly discounted. What's the catch? Haven't found one proper review on these. Undecided between the Dali Spektor 2, Mission LX-2 and these Tannoy. Thank you for your time! Cheers.
  9. L

    Tannoy Cheviot spring terminal trouble

    Hi, I’ve got a pair of the original Tannoy Cheviot and i’am wondering if anyone has these speakers and how they manage to use thicker cables. I’ve searched for some banana plugs but can only find 4mm while I believe the terminal is 3mm. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?
  10. K

    Tannoy Euroconnector

    I am about to start using some Tannoy DCI speakers, they come with a connector, image below, the manual refers to pins 1,2,3,4 but does not give an image showing which end 1 or 4 is, had anyone used them or know what is what - I could use trial and error but would rather not.
  11. darrenhaken

    Speaker upgrade advice - from Tannoy Mercury

    I have finally added a subwoofer to my system by purchasing a BK and I'm seriously impressed with the difference it's made to my system: Tannoy Mercury v4 5.0 Sony STR-DN1080 LG C7 BK P12-300SB-PR Room size is 21m2 It's made me start thinking about upgrades for my Tannoy speakers, starting...
  12. A

    Tannoy 635 Help needed

    Hi All Help needed in port dimensions used on tannoy 635 /d50 as i have just got some and the ports are missing my hope is someone has a set and could tell me the inside dia and length. Thanks in Advance Martyn
  13. R

    Fosi Audio DA2120C for my Tannoy Revolution DC6T ?

    Hey fellas, I was wondering if the Fosi Audio DA2120C would be sufficient to run a pair of Tannoy Revolution DC6Ts that I recently acquired? Total noob here. Would also appreciate better alternatives for a sub $200 amp for the Tannoys. Thanks...
  14. P

    Turntable selection advice

    I have a Cambridge Audio 340a SE Azur amp (from the 2000's) and a bi wired pair of Tannoy E11 Limited Edition (LE) speakers. (from the 90's - & still sounding great). I also have a Cambridge pre amplifier for the turntable. I would like some advice on what turntable to buy. I have seen Rega...
  15. G

    Tannoy Sub/Onkyo receiver

    After having issues with my Tannoy sub I have just replaced it. The sub I bought is second hand but I was ensured it worked. It powers on and when the lead is entering the receiver you can hear sound but once it is plugged in properly there is no sound at all. Yes is marked in the configuration...
  16. A

    New Subwoofer Recommendations to replace Tannoy sub

    I am currently in the process of upgrading my 5.1 home cinema, progressively changing out all my old gear for new. I have recently upgraded my AV Amp to a NAD T778 to run with my existing old Tannoy Arena 500 floorstanders (to be replaced further down the line). Well, last week the Arena 500...
  17. LeeDicko

    Tannoy SFX wall mounts for Atmos

    Hey everyone. Just recently upgraded my amp to a Dolby Atmos ready one so looking to add some more Tannoy SFX Speakers a bit higher on the wall. For the life of me though, I can't find any wall mounts that allow the bottom mounting like the Tannoys need, they all seem to be for back mountable...
  18. Shock

    Updating an aging 5.1 system. Tannoy to KEF

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice please, I have an ageing 5.1 system compromising of 4x Tannoy F3 floorstands 1x Tannoy Mercury FC centre 1 x BK XLS200 sub. All powered by Technics SA-DX950. I am thinking of upgrading this to, Kef Q550 x 2 (Or is the Q750 worth nearly 2x as much??) Kef...
  19. P

    Denon PMA520AE Amplifier cutting out

    Evening all, I hope you can help me out here, and apologies but I am a real novice when it comes to Amps & Drivers!. Right I have a Denon PMA520AE Amplifier and attached to it I have a pair of 12 " Tannoy Monitor Gold Drivers (speakers) the problem I am having is that the amp keeps cutting out...
  20. P

    Tannoy XT6F Speaker repair

    Hi, Thanks to a combination of hi fi and children I have a Tannoy XT6F speaker that requires repair. One of the drivers has been punctured. These are the best speakers I've ever owned and I really don't want to get rid of them unless it's impossible to fix them. I tried with a local hi fi shop...
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