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Tandberg was an electronics manufacturer located in Oslo, Norway (product development, sales and distribution) and New York City, United States (sales and distribution). The company began in the radio field, but became more widely known for their reel-to-reel tape recorders and televisions. The original company went bankrupt in 1978 after a sharp financial downturn. The company re-formed by selling off their tape recording side as Tandberg Data, who moved into the computer storage field.
Over time the original Tandberg company became increasingly involved in the teleconferencing systems, and became a leader in that field. The company's main competitor was Polycom and other competitors were HP, Sony, Radvision, VTEL and Aethra.
Cisco Systems acquired Tandberg on 19 April 2010. Tandberg Data is now officially a German company, and continues to make computer tape storage systems.

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