talk talk

  1. bobbymax

    Talk Talk?

    Just swapped over to Talk Talk, mainly for my money sanity. :D Anyone here have any good/bad things to say about them?
  2. A

    is it possible to upgrade hard drive on talk talk box?

    model number DN372T want to put a 1tb in CHEERS
  3. K

    Question Quidco & Talk talk, impossible to sign up!

    Hi, Wondering if anyone else has tried to sign up to talk talk through Quidco, at the moment they have Fiber BB for £22.50 with £50 cash back. I can get as far as stage one in their sign up process, where you enter your name, DOB, address another address for credit check etc but every time I...
  4. S

    Talk Talk

    Been down for 3 days now,every time I call put me though same test and still no Internet,and same old story, we will exulate it,but nothing happens. How easy is it to get out of an contract. The only Internet I got at the moment is an very limted access on my mobile 4G (:
  5. aVdub

    British Gas cracked

    British Gas logins exposed online - BBC News Is it just par the course that we are going to get all our details sold on now by a possible spotty teenager and there is nothing we can do about it, or do these companies need to seriously change how they do things and put into place security that...
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