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  1. Mr Yakimoto

    Question Tag Mclaren AV32r 192 dp...downsampling?

    Hi, A question for the very few people in the know. If I connect an external DAC to the analogue inputs (I do not have a bypass unit) and feed HiRes files/music...... ie 24/192, 24/352, dsd64 or dsd128, is the tag downsampling to 96? I am aware there is some other nonsense conversion going on...
  2. GF68

    Wanted Tag McLaren 250X3R, 100x4R or 100x 5R

    Hi, Looking for ideally a Tag McLaren 250x3R or potentially one of the 5R variants. Thanks.
  3. L

    Remote control for Tag McLaren

    Hi all, It seems the dog has hidden my remote (on the left of the picture). Where can I buy a replacement or a substitute. Obviously, I don't have the remote, so will need one that has a database or is pre-programmed. Thanks. Leigh.
  4. I

    Wanted Tag Mclaren 100x5r Avantgarde silver color

    I'm interested in Tag mclaren 100x5r Avantgarde silver color 4 channel power or 5 channel with original box. Let me know if you have anything suitable.
  5. Mr. Mer

    Wanted Looking for a dead Tag Mclaren 60p 100p or 125m in good cosmetic condition...

    Hi all. Got a little project on the back burner and am looking for a discrete, brushed finish, black alloy faced case as found on Tag Mclaren 60p 100p and 125m power amps. I want to hide and unsightly piece of kit in a rack of old Tag gear hence my slightly off beat request. As such I don't...
  6. DistortedVision

    Tag McLaren 60i vs 60iRV

    Can someone please tell me the difference between the Tag McLaren 60i and 60iRV? Many thanks!
  7. M

    For Sale Tag McLaren Power Amps

    Tag McLaren 250X3R - £1075 Tag McLaren 100X5R - £725 both in excellent condition and both items black. No boxes and cash on collection only please to heavy to post over 20kgs Each.
  8. M

    Tag McLaren DPA32R Remote Codes , Help required

    I have a Tag McLaren DPA32R Pre Amp but haven’t got the original remote for it, I do have a Logitech Ultimate Universal Learning remote, could anyone who has the remote DPA32R and a Logitech remote please upload the missing codes to Logitech’s servers?, the codes that are missing are menu...
  9. scrooge75

    Wanted Tag McLaren PPA20

    I'm in the market for a Tag McLaren PPA20 to (for now) complete my set up. I know they don't crop up often but if anybody is considering selling drop me a line. Thanks in advance!
  10. M

    Tag mclaren dvd 32 flr dvi-hdmi connection problem

    Goodmorning everyone, I'm trying to connect DVD 32 with PSM 192 option, to a Samsung 60 'LCD TV, I used a good cable, I set the video output to rgb, the result is disappointing ...... you see an image with red fluorescent contours ... does anyone have any ideas? thanks
  11. M


  12. P

    Wanted Nakamichi AVP1 / Audiolabs 8000x7 / Tag McLaren 700:7R or Similar

    I am looking for any of the above or similar to go with my Audiolabs 8200AP. I am located in near Heathrow.
  13. Mr Yakimoto

    Question Tag Mclaren AV32r DP using external Aqua La Scala DAC

    After a silly amount of years Ive jumped for an external DAC. Why? well i am going to be in possession of the Antipodes EX/CX Solution Renderer streamer package. The better connection to use is USB, and we know that the av32r dp doesnt have that. I now have a Aqua La Scala DAC, which can...
  14. L

    Question Tag McLaren 100x5R or Lexicon LX7 advise

    Hi all!! I have the opportunity to buy one of them, the Tag Mclaren and the Lexicon. The Lexicon costs 400 pounds more than the Tag. My doubt is: which one would be the best choice? My speakers and AV are: Monitor Audio Silver 10 (L/R) Monitor Audio Silver Center Magnat supreme (surrounds)...
  15. laalves

    TAG McLaren AV32R DP update to v4.31

    Dear all, Totally stumped with the destruction of the knowledge repository that was the TAG McLaren forum in the AVForums. I think it was a really bad move. I still have my kit, will not go anywhere and even have bought a AV32DP from ebay to serve as a backup to the other. Which leads me to...
  16. cheese68

    For Sale Tag Mclaren 250mr (pair). 250w monos

    Hi, an excellent condition pair of Tag Mclaren 250mr amps in black. Come complete with boxes (and internal packing), remote control (x2!), manual, speaker screw caps, shorting pins for XLR sockets and even the Mclaren tie pin. Would prefer exchange in person or collection, and to facilitate...
  17. adammazgaj

    For Sale Tag McLaren Calliope monitor speakers high-end for sale

    For sale very rare pair of high-end Tag McLaren Calliope monitor speakers in average condition. Very nice silver finish. Rarely up for sale RRP about 3000 GBP when new. Made in UK. I listed this item on no reserve eBay auction: Tag McLaren Calliope monitor speakers high-end RRP about 3000 GBP...
  18. Mr. Mer

    Answered Help please from any of my fellow Tag Mclaren users...

    Greetings to all the Tag Mclaren users that still frequent this forum. I could really do with a few pearls of wisdom from anyone that's got a bit of experience with the TAG bus control system as I'm having a bit of a head scratching session at the moment. I'm currently running an AV32r DP 7.1...
  19. Mr. Mer

    Question fire TV stick 4K - Dolby Digital-Legacy processor conundrum...

    Hello to all... Welcome to my fire TV stick 4K - Dolby Digital-Legacy processor conundrum... Firstly apologies if this post is in the wrong place. I'm not quite sure where the best place to post this question actually is, but seeing as it's arisen due to the recent purchase and installation of...
  20. baden4ever

    DVD32R Drive Change

    Does anyone know, how the change the drive on a DVD32R? I think, I have to unscrew the four silver flat screws. But which tool do I have to use?
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