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tag mclaren

  1. Fallout3

    Tag Mclaren 60i "power mode"?

    So I bought one of these amps recently. It has power amp inputs. IE, you use it as a power amp. However, the instructions say something about needing to disconnect the internal pre amp, your reseller can arrange this for you. Does any one know how to do it? I use an AV32, so I would rather use...
  2. mabu

    Starting an AV32R 7.1 + 3x Multiroom setup, how many power amps?

    Hi, I'm starting a full 7.1 + multiroom setup using my AV32R-DP and 2 of the 100x5R + a Rotel RB-990BX because it still slightly sounds better... How many power amps can be connected to one AV32R pre-out? Looking at the impedance of inputs and outputs that is 47 Ohm pre-Out on the AV32R and 47...
  3. mabu

    DVD32FLR dying laser, replace laser

    Hi, I purchased a DVD32FLR in 2017 from a seller in Greece. I did a short test at that time and didn't have the time to use it until now.. it seems to read CDs fine but no DVDs. The issue seems to be quite common, a dying laser which stops working with DVDs first. The good thing, I got a new...
  4. mabu

    TAG McLaren 100x5R: How to switch modules separately

    Hello, I'm finally going to activate my TMA setup setup that was stored for some years. It's not old at all as it was completely serviced by Kevin in 2017 and not used since then. I hope that all TMA friends still find this thread by watching the tag. There will be some more detailed TMA...
  5. Fallout3

    Wanted Tag Mclaren amp

    Hi all. Looking for a 60 integrated, 60 power amp or 100. I am running an AV32 and need another amp for the centre/sub. Must be black please ! Thanks !
  6. mabu

    TAG McLaren AV32R to HDMI TV

    Hi, how can I get an AV32R connected to a modern HDMI-TV for programming menu? Do I need a analog-HDMI converter or can I get the menu also via the DVD32FLR and TAGtronic Bus out of its DVI interface?
  7. C

    Question Control multiple TagMclaren 250MR individually via TMA-1?

    I'd like to turn on/off my two 250MRs, which are connected to a tagtronic bus shared with a TMA-1, AV32R DP and DVD 32-R via RS-232. They do turn on an off automatically whenever the associated channels are (de-)activated on the AV32R, and I can turn them on and off using infrared RC5 16/111 and...
  8. Karpa1

    tag mclaren av32r display problem

    I changed the front on my tag mclaren av32r. Since then the display remains dark. All other functions work normal. When i put the old one back, the same problem. Anyone a hint?
  9. t-force

    For Sale Onkyo PR-SC886 Processor & TAG McLaren 100x5R power amp

    I've had these two sitting around in their boxes for a while now, so time they finally moved on. Onkyo PR-SC886 processor - sold to @tami : In the original box, with remote, power cable, manual, Audyssey calibration mic & two radio aerials. £200 TAG McLaren 100x5R power amp in black...
  10. M


    TAG MCLAREN PA20R £370 TAG MCLAREN DPA 32R DAB £370 TAG MCLAREN DAC20 £270 TAG MCLAREN 125m £700 TAG MCLAREN CD20R £300 in very good condition
  11. B

    Tag McLaren AV32R

    Evening, Does anyone know the difference between the single processor AV32r and the BP192 version? Is it just an upgraded 24 / 192 DAC? Has anyone had experience of both and see any value in upgrading? Thanks
  12. WillDude

    Up Dating a Tag Mclarin AVR32R possible?

    I still have my beloved AVR32. Not doing any HT these days, just two channel. I have never updated it in all the years I have had it. Is that even possible anymore? If so, how? Never updated a component over the net so if it's even possible for this long discontinued piece of great audio gear...
  13. speed1268

    For Sale Tag McLaren 100x 5r REDUCED

    Hi , Up for sale reluctantly! My brilliant Tag McLaren 100x5r amplifier. Five mono amps producing around 140watts when reviewed, Absolutely fantastic piece of kit, It has a few marks here and there but overall lovely. Got this in around 2012 from Kevin Green it was actually his one at the time...
  14. DistortedVision

    Question Tag McLaren CDT20R vs CD20R

    I will be connecting to a DAC20. Is there a significant difference in audio quality between the CD20R and CD20R in this configuration? The CD20R is more readily available for sale?
  15. DistortedVision

    Recommended speakers for Tag Mclaren System

    I am putting together a Tag McLaren system which will be a hi-fi in one of the bedrooms: T32R Tuner CDT20R CD Transport 60i Amplifier DAC20 DAC What speakers would you recommend? My first choice would be Monitor Audio GS60 but they rarely come up for sale on eBay etc. The alternative would be...
  16. DistortedVision

    Question Tag McLaren T32R and DAC20

    I'm looking to selling my T32R tuner and DAC20. Both are mint with no cosmetic damage. I have the original box for the T32R but not for the DAC20. How much can I reasonably sell these for?
  17. Mr Yakimoto

    Question Tag Mclaren AV32r 192 dp...downsampling?

    Hi, A question for the very few people in the know. If I connect an external DAC to the analogue inputs (I do not have a bypass unit) and feed HiRes files/music...... ie 24/192, 24/352, dsd64 or dsd128, is the tag downsampling to 96? I am aware there is some other nonsense conversion going on...
  18. L

    Remote control for Tag McLaren

    Hi all, It seems the dog has hidden my remote (on the left of the picture). Where can I buy a replacement or a substitute. Obviously, I don't have the remote, so will need one that has a database or is pre-programmed. Thanks. Leigh.
  19. DistortedVision

    Tag McLaren 60i vs 60iRV

    Can someone please tell me the difference between the Tag McLaren 60i and 60iRV? Many thanks!
  20. M

    Tag McLaren DPA32R Remote Codes , Help required

    I have a Tag McLaren DPA32R Pre Amp but haven’t got the original remote for it, I do have a Logitech Ultimate Universal Learning remote, could anyone who has the remote DPA32R and a Logitech remote please upload the missing codes to Logitech’s servers?, the codes that are missing are menu...
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