1. Smallclone

    Question Hard cases for tablet

    Hi, I require 2 x tablets for the kids. Ideally 7 inch ones. However, they need hard rubber cases on them. Like this: Tab A 7.0 Inches Armor Case DWaybox 2in1 Combo Hybrid: Electronics The only rubber cases I can find on amazon and ebay are specifically for kindle fire and...
  2. A

    How to install android 7 on Acer Tablet

    I have an Acer Iconia One tablet, the model number is B3-A20. It is running Android 5.1 currently and I would like to upgrade to Android 7. Is this possible to do manually myself? If possible can someone explain the steps required? I have no problems losing any default Acer apps. Thank you!
  3. philbw

    Question Best Android/Windows tablet for media?

    I've had an iPad for years but can't (obviously) put all my downloaded media on it, so now looking for an Android/Windows based device - but need one that has the following: Takes SD cards (more storage the better, so 128Gb+ SD support would be good) Can play AVI, mp4, MPEG, flash/flv, mkv...
  4. P

    Street Fighter II style games for Windows 10 tablet?

    I'm looking for some games similar to Street Fighter 2 with joypad support (Preferably xBox 360) that run well on a Linx 1020 tablet (1.4ghz CPU, 2GB RAM). I'd particularly be interested in actual classic games (games from years ago, like Street Fighter II) that are easy to buy and will run...
  5. P

    No Bluetooth share tab on Windows 8.1 or 10 tablet?

    I have a Linx 7 with Windows 8.1, and a Linx 1020 with Windows 10 (Latest stable build). I've tried to connect both of them to my Nokia Lumia 640 with Windows Phone 10 using Bluetooth, so that I can wirelessly transfer files when I'm somewhere that has neither 3G or Wifi. Both tablets will...
  6. P

    Best was to transfer data from phone to tablet WITHOUT internet access?

    Does anybody know the best way to transfer data between a Windows 10 phone and a Windows 10 tablet where there is no data or wifi connection at all? For example, taking video on a phone and then moving it to a tablet to edit while camping in the wild. Is there any way to crate a network...
  7. P

    Question No internet access on 2.4ghxz after adding 5ghz tablet to Hub 2?

    I have a Virgin Media Hub 2 modem\router. Up until now, all of my wireless devices have been older model tablets, which only have 2.4ghz wireless. They have all been connecting stably ever since I had the hub installed. Last night I connected a 5ghz device to the hub for the first time (a...
  8. P

    Question Syncing my phone and tablet WITHOUT Internet access

    I'm currently using an SD card to move files between a Windows 10 phone that I'm using as a camera\geotagger, and a Windows 10 tablet that I'm using to edit and catalog the pictures. This isn't always particularly convenient. I've tried using services like Dropbox, and they are OK when I have...
  9. P

    Question Bluetooth joypad for tablet PC?

    Can anybody recommend a joypad with low lag that I can use with a mid range Windows 10 tablet. Preferably Bluetooth, and under £20. I'm mostly going to use it with older\casual games, so I don't need any advanced functions. Just a thumb controller and 4 or so buttons. My main requirement is...
  10. pbb76

    Retro games on TV vs Tablet

    This may just be me, but I'm finding the retro(ish) games I have look awful on the TV, but beautiful on the tablet!? So far, I've tried; Blaster Master Shovel Knight Shock Troopers All look superb on the tablet in handheld, but putting dem pixels on the big screen is just ugly! Anyone else...
  11. S

    Denon x4200 and android tablet.

    Hi Guys, This is my first post so go easy!! My question; How do I connect my Android tablet (using the hmdi mini output) to the Denon X4200W. I want to watch downloaded movies on my Epson projector and have the sound coming out of the floorstanders. Thanks in advance, Al.
  12. J

    Question Tablet LCD HDMI Controller Board

    Hi I've been everywhere on the web for an answer for this, so i really hope that theres someone in here that can help me. I recently got a hold of and old ASUS Tablet, which doesnt work anymore, because of a low quality battery. But the I read about controller boards with power plug and...
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