1. H

    Samsung Tab a 8 inch tablet

    does anyone know if it is possible to play steam games (only pc compatible not Mac) on a Samsung a 8 inch tablet can you buy a game such as “Hell let loose” on an Apple Mac and use Steam link to play it on a Samsung tablet ? many thanks for your help
  2. E

    Best tablet for battey life for Sharptools tiles as wall control

    I want to use Sharptools to display tiles as a control on the wall for my smart home devices. All the lighting, Sonos, devices, smart home monitor etc will be on here. I was going to use and old Ipad 2 but the battery life isn't great and can't easily hide the charger lead where it will be...
  3. ZambieMaster

    Question Need some serious help with my tablet (can't install/ uninstall anything.)

    Okay so I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post, but I need some serious help with my tablet (and I only made this account to ask for help or to be pointed in the right direction of help, i've asked this same post on a few other sites now.) My tablet messed up yesterday really...
  4. geordie_john

    Question Transfer games from iPad to Samsung galaxy tablet?

    Hello my wife has an apple iPad air 16gb with no season slot and because she has so many games on it the iPad is full up,she also has a Samsung galaxy tablet with 16gb but it's got an stand card so she has plenty of room on it,is there any way of transferring some of the games from iPad to...
  5. I

    Question Samsung Tab A6 ( 2016 ) Tablet SMT-280

    The tablet is running low on storage I have fitted a 32gb sd card but cannot get the tablet to use it, loaded apps will not move to it, and would be new downloads tell me I have low storage and wont download. In settings - available storage the sd card is shown available and empty.
  6. Q

    q88 a13 tablet with icecreamsandwich freezes upon startup

    it does not go past the two guys on the broomstick leaving the screen on the right handside. i can not see tablet contents when plugged into laptop. there does not seem to be a reset button, or is there? but where? how to wipe and reset this tablet so it can be used again? it is only a few...
  7. 152bobby

    Basic tablet for CCTV monitor

    I'm looking for a 8 to 10 inch Android tablet to simply watch a WiFi camera in another room in the house using the Safe by Swann app. Simply to do this and nothing else. Are the non branded Android tablets on eBay for about £50 ok for this ? Normally I would not even contemplate this, but as...
  8. Harkon321

    Tablet for 7 year old for Christmas

    My 7 year old (8 in May) could like a tablet for Christmas. He regularly uses mine or my wife's iPad. Uses Minecraft, Pokermon Quest, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. I'm leaning towards an Amazon Fire either the standard edition or the kids addition. (I like the warranty etc with the kids one...
  9. M

    Huawei Tablet - Google Account Issue

    Hi, I purchased a second hand Huawei MediaPad T3 8 (locked to Vodaphone, no sim, only WiFi) and after a short period of inactivity I forgot the screen unlock password. I stupidly (as I realise now) did a hard reset and attempted to start over. I got to the screen that says, ‘This device was...
  10. drhcnip

    Tablet recommendations for 80+yo

    Evening all, long time no post...2017 & 18 were blimming dreadful years but 19 seems to be taking it up a gear...:rotfl: After anyone's experience of buying an appropriate tablet for a parent/oldiwonk in their's been in hospital 7 weeks after a bowel cancer op and mums intending...
  11. Tempest

    Sticking a tablet to a fridge - Magnets?

    I kind of fancy the idea of sticking one of my tablets to the side of my fridge as a music/podcast type control device. Naturally I don't wish to damage either the fridge or the tablet. Likewise, would be nice to remove the tablet is needed. Also ideally no plastic grips/frames/surrounds. And of...
  12. C

    Question Recommend me a tablet

    As per the title - looking for recommendations for a tablet. Not intending to replace my desktop PC at home, or my phone. This will be for holidays/work trips away - mostly used for internet browsing, with occasional games, and watching some TV shows/Films. Most important (in order) - Max...
  13. avdax

    Question 7/8" tablet with connection on long side

    Hello, is there any 7/8" inch tablet with connection (charge and earphone) on the long side?
  14. C

    Help please - Alternative android Auto Set up

    In around 3 weeks I'll be picking up a VW T6 Transporter and was planning to stick a double din android auto head unit in, however I've read on many forums about the glare in the T6 when sunny = invisible screen... no good for sat nav! Essentially my requirements are to have DAB radio and...
  15. Gadgets Mage

    Should I choose this XIDU Philpad as my daily laptop?

    I am a student in high school, I need a laptop with the touchscreen to help me with my daily study, I searched a lot of laptops from Amazon and searched the related Coupon codes from Facebook group. I found this laptop with big discount and coupon codes. Here are the specifics of the laptop...
  16. A

    Fairly basic tablet

    I want an inexpensive tablet that will have/do the following:- Dual band wifi - connect to my home 5G network Have micro SD slot - to take my 200GB micro SD card Use PowerAmp or similar to play my FLAC files Connect to Chromecast Audio Stream from Qobuz Andriod 6 or later 1+ GB ram 8GB internal...
  17. O

    Question Noob Questions

    I am hopefully planning to setup a HIFI setup for my living room. So Basically two speakers, an AMP and a system to play music. Speakers: I was planning to buy two speakers, based on what I red, probably ELAC, B&W, Klipsch or FOCAL, but I will step into an Audio store and ear what they say and...
  18. Noahs Dad

    alternative Switch arcade cabinet display stand

    Has anyone managed to source anything decent that they recommend in similar mould to this sort of thing? Have the original Hori display stand, although I rate Hori, I don't think it was one of their better products and I don't like it. I don't want something where the joycons get embedded...
  19. B

    What Tablet to go for?

    My wife currently owns a Samsung SM-T210 which she knows little about regarding its operating capabilities but then neither do I in that I stick to my desktop computer. My wife returned from a visit to our daughter Saturday voicing praise for the Samsung 10-1 which our son-in-law had just...
  20. chaz

    Question Samsung 8 Plus problem

    Hi I am having a small problem with the Face Recognition The problem is when I set it up and let it recognise my face once done it works fine at first then after a while When I come to use it it stops working saying does not recognise my face. Can anybody on here tell what I am doing wrong
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