1. tele1962

    Amazon UHD Music on Amazon Fire Tablet 8 to Dragonfly Black?

    Me being an numpty regarding all things Digital Audio can anyone help. Using my Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet connected to the dragonfly black to my amp, am I actually getting UHD music from Amazon. When I plug into my MacBook Pro using the Dragonfly Black it turns Magenta when using the tablet it is...
  2. emmielou1107

    Question Help from you clever lot - need an 'in the meantime tablet' Fire HD 10, Lenovo M10, Huawei MediaPad T5 or other??? ...

    Evening all, I need some help choosing a tablet for now. Long term I will be getting a surface pro or a high spec 2in1, but that won't be until next year when I am looking to start the new business. So, for now, I am looking for a budget tablet, with a larger screen, that will do a half...
  3. G

    changing auto correct on my amazon tablet

    Hi all, I'm sure this is a simple fix and I have tried to look in the settings but haven't been able to find the solution. I wish to disable the auto correct on my Amazon hd tablet especially for firefox Amazon and eBay. Kind regards Mark
  4. GreggusMaximus

    Question Tablet for av control

    hey all I need some help, I'm a lighting engineer and we developing our own touch screen control system along the lines of crestron and control 4, part of my plan is to integrate av so old need a remote, our software is android based so il need the following in a tablet. Android 7-9 inch As...
  5. lee1980

    Larger tablet not an ipad

    We have mini ipads and amazon fire 8" tablets. I am after a larger table 12" or minimum 10". Just for browsing internet and magazines etc nothing to intense. Is there anything out there that is cheaper? My Dad has 11" ipad pro whilst amazing its OTT for my needs. Hoping amazon will revise 10"...
  6. O

    Looking for a tablet with a type C port that supports HDMI out

    As the title says, I'm looking for a 10" screen Android tablet that have a type C port with alt mode support so I can use a type C to HDMI cable. I want to connect the tablet to a mini projector and don't want to use chrome cast or any other wifi connection. I have the Lenovo tab m10 TB-X605F...
  7. R

    tablet with hdmi in?

    Do any tabley exist where they have a hdmi input, so could be used as a monitor for another device say dvd player, bd player, media box, pi, av amplifier etc?
  8. C

    Looking for tablet with....

    Hello guys, Can someone please tell what the best tablet there is, I need a tablet which is pretty fast with very good speakers and microphone and preferably good cameras as well. Can someone please give me some advice on what to get.
  9. F

    tablet advice for these addons

    Hi looking for a tablet for these apps netflix , amazon prime , spotify , and raumfield radio/streaming. and youtube thank you ps up to a 150.00 quid
  10. F

    Question Which tablet to get?

    So the ecosystem I use on my PC is Windows 10. And my phone is a OnePlus 6 android. I am in the market for a tablet - not one with a massive screen as I would prefer a smaller one so its easier to hold. However, I am not sure which to get as I feel like if I get an iPad (for example) then I...
  11. M

    Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30F, Upgrade Help

    Hi all So, we have a customer wants to update his Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30F. He was able to get android 5.0 to install on the unit and running. It originally came with 4.4. He says now that he installed to 5.0 sometimes the playstore will not show up. He says he has to restart to get the playstore...
  12. 152bobby

    Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 Tablet to TV

    Will my tablet connect to my TV using the below connector ? I have done some research using good old Google and I'm coming up with conflicting information. I think, as long as I put the tablet in DeX mode, it may work ? Samsung Original DeX USB-C to HDMI 1.5 m Cable for Galaxy Note 9 and Tab...
  13. B

    constant buffering using netflix/youtube app but they work fine on tablet!

    I have an issue with my Samsung UE43RU7100 (2019) HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (43”) which I have had for just one month. Everything was working fine until a week ago. Now I encounter constant buffering when attempting to watch Netflix or YouTube via the apps on the TV. I should point out that the...
  14. M

    Tablet or Ipad With Minimum 120FPS

    Slow motion and frame by frame analysis of tennis strokes is all I will use this device for so I'm seeking a tablet that will fit the bill without breaking the bank. The ipad I currently use renders ball contact as a blur. Not good! Thanks in advance!
  15. JabbaNut

    EE has become the exclusive mobile partner for SVoD service BritBox. EE pay monthly mobile and tablet customers across the UK will receive a free six-

    " EE has become the exclusive mobile partner for SVoD service BritBox. EE pay monthly mobile and tablet customers across the UK will receive a free six-month subscription to BritBox with inclusive mobile data. Launching on March 13th, the offer allows all EE pay monthly mobile and tablet...
  16. G

    tablet recomendations

    Hi, Im looking for anyone to recomend a tablet that could be used for watching tv,netflix and videos. i did see that amazon had the fire 8 hd reduced but the reviews werent particularly brilliant. Any recomendations would be much appreciated Kind regards Mark
  17. DinoKustas

    Android tablet with docking station?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations for tablets with docking stations? Looking for a neat solution to support my home automation apps/CCTV apps. But would like something that sits in a cradle neatly without the need for cables out of the side of the tablet etc. The only thing I've...
  18. jason g

    easy to use tablet.

    im looking to get a large tablet for my mum to use and she cannot do updates or deal with anti virus programmes so im looking for a tablet for her to use which doesn't need to do updates, etc. and it's just for general web browsing so she can look on the sites of shops, most post i see is for a...
  19. Bacus

    Question Streaming from tablet to tv sound issue

    Hi all, I'm after picking your brains as this is baffling mine...... I have an invidia shield tablet that has some stuff from the states that I watch. I stream these to my Sony XE9405 TV, now the picture quality is great but I can't get the sound at all ?? I have been trying to get this...
  20. B

    Anyone have a tablet/Chromebook with HDMI output and could try something please?

    Hi, does anyone have a tablet with a HDMI output and could be kind enough to try the following for me? I'm looking to download shows on iPlayer, Netflix and All 4 and watch them on a small telly in a caravan in a place with no WiFi. Is anyone able to try it with their tablet and let me know if...
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