1. elsmandino

    New 10" tablet for seven year old

    Hi there. My 7 year old is after a new tablet for Christmas and I would be really grateful for some advice on which one to get. He has had a 7" Fire Tablet for many years and whilst he loved it (particularly the battery life), he needs a bit of an upgrade: Things we would like: Preferably...
  2. L

    Best budget tablet to play Roblox and Minecraft

    Hi there I wanted to buy a tablet for my son that he can play Minecraft/Roblox type games, watch Youtube, Netflix etc. I didn't want to risk buying a budget one and then Roblox starts glitching. I am looking for 64GB or over with 3GB Ram at around £150. Is this something anyone has managed or...
  3. W

    Fire HD 10 best tablet for kids under £100?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a tablet that's suitable for a 3 year old and will hopefully still be usable in a couple of years. Mainly for age appropriate learning and games apps, and maybe a bit of kids stuff on Prime Video and Netflix, also something we can set up parental controls on. I've seen...
  4. J

    Basic smart watch to link to tablet not phone

    Hi guys, I’m looking for a basic smart watch for my mum in law that will count steps and perhaps monitor heart rate. Problem is she doesn’t have a smart phone, but she does have a new Lenovo tablet. I think she’ll use it just to count steps and tell the time, so the look is more important than...
  5. Ruffuz

    For Sale HUAWEI MatePad - 10.4 Inch 2K FullView Tablet, Kirin 810, 4gb, 64GB

    HUAWEI MatePad - 10.4 Inch 2K FullView Tablet, Kirin 810, 4gb, 64GB No google store on this one, but apparently very easy to add. Brand new sealed, can forward Currys receipt. Bought end of Sep `21. Decided it's too early to give this to toddler, will keep Tab A for a bit longer.
  6. C

    Should I buy a tablet or laptop?

    Hi My Apple IoS tablet is approaching the end of its life and consequently I am looking to replace it, but I’m not sure if I should get another tablet, or buy a laptop/netbook instead. Ideally I need something with both Word & Excel (or similar applications such as Libre Office), and a...
  7. T

    Wanted Tablet - full HD or higher

    Hi all, Looking for a tablet which I can use as a wall display with home assistant. Ideally something 10” or bigger, battery life isn’t an issue. What’s everyone got? Looking to spend £100ish max
  8. S

    Laptop or tablet.

    Hi, Im researching into buying a new laptop or tablet. I mostly will use my device for watching football netflix and occasional college work (mostly on google drive). I must have a big screen and decent graphics, battery life dosen't really matter all that much its just a bonus. I've been...
  9. bigdavecox90

    Samsung Tablet Upgrade

    Hi guys, My father in law is currently using a Samsung SM-T530 tablet which was purchased several years ago now. Sadly, it’s really starting to get sluggish now. He’s in his seventies so likes to keep things as ‘similar’ as possible without confusing matters too much. As an Apple user, I...
  10. T

    Fire tablet unable to install Google Play Store

    I have been trying to install Play Store using an Android Fire tablet where you need to install four APKs. I downloaded them from APK Mirror, ensuring I have installed the correct version for my tablet, but for some reason it will not work. The problem appears to be with one particular APK file...
  11. A

    Replacement tablet for Google Nexus 10

    Suggestions welcome for a replacement tablet to replace an ancient Google Nexus 10. Use is mainly as a media muncher (streaming, Web browsing, e-mail). Not wanting to spend several hundred. Ideally something with a similar sized screen (or bigger). Physical controls need to be clearly indexed...
  12. M

    Low priced tablet for 24/7/365 days for my security cams?

    I am looking for a good, low priced tablet (preferably android operating system) that I can hang it on the wall and keep it running 27/7/365 to monitor my areas through security cameras. I have 8 security cameras (Lorax) and a DVR. The low-priced tablet should have a capable to receive/send...
  13. Heartstone

    Amazon Fire Tablet, wont copy and paste fully.

    As thread title. Have gone as far as factory reset which which fixed copy and paste for several hours then returns. Very annoying! Example get only this when copying pasting AVForums Instead of full address which I have to complete...
  14. jerryjal

    Best 7" or 8" tablet under £150?

    Looking for advice please. The nursery where my wife works are looking to purchase 5 or 6 tablets. The main requirements are a decent camera, not IOS and storage although I realise that extra storage can normally be added by way of micro sd. The tablets need to be either 7" or 8" in size and the...
  15. Bert Coules

    Replacement for deceased Nexus 7 tablet

    I'd be grateful for recommendations for a replacement for a faithful but now dead Google Nexus 7. This is a 7" Android tablet which I used 95% of the time as an e-reader: its other capabilities were very handy when needed though, and I don't really want to replace it with a straightforward...
  16. w1ldheart

    Partner needs a new Tablet

    Hi all my partner currently has a Huawei MediaPad T5 10 which is now getting a bit long in the tooth so she is looking for a new tablet. Its got to be on 02 because she gets 20% off the call plan if its linked to her phone contract. She used it mainly for everyday stuff bills,videos etc but also...
  17. Scott Wright

    Bargain Fire HD 8 Kid's Tablet Reduced from £139.99 to £69.99. Expires 23/06/21

    Fire HD 8 Kids tablet | for ages 3-7 | 8" HD display, 32 GB | Blue Kid-Proof Case Must have amazon prime to receive this deal. Sign up for 30 days of Amazon Prime for free here - Amazon Prime
  18. T

    Fire tablet not charging

    Hi, just yesterday my kids Fire tablet wouldn't charge for some reason after it charging the night before. I suppose it could be nothing and possible they've broken the USB cable through forcing it in and breaking the pins, though I cannot see anything broke or damaged inside, and I've tried a...
  19. Obsidiack

    Best time to buy a tablet

    Hey guys ive been looking to buy a tablet for when I go off to uni in early october. Im not really in any rush, but ive been given the money to buy said tablet so im currently looking at my options. I will probably go samsung, live in the UK and am probably looking to go used. Ive been looking...
  20. M

    My new tablet

    Last weekend I bought my new tablet. I use it for doing some of my homework, having online classes, and I also playing mobile games with my friends. Besides, I sometimes reading electronic books and searching some materials in the internet. Samsung S5E has a battery of 7040mAh. Moreover it...
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